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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1960

Waukegan News-Sun5 December 1960
Bond Issue
MILLBURN - A school building at the northwest corner of Millburn and Crawford roads a half mile east of this community is proposed in a $190.000 bond issue referendum Saturday.
The Board of Education of the Millburn Community Consolidated School Dist. 24, which comprises three members of the former Browe School Dist. 16, recently annexed to the Millburn district announced the election will be held from noon to 7 p.m. in the Millburn School building.
The board has obtained an option to buy 14.1 acres of land belonging to Mrs. Beatrice Anderson at $1,000 an acre.
On this site the district would build a school with six classrooms, an office, and an all-purpose room.
The new building would house 89 pupils now attending Millburn and Browe schools and take care of a reasonable future growth.
The state fire marshal said the two-room Browe school is not fit for use as a part of new construction and the board believes it would be more advantageous financially to erect a new building than to add to the present two-room Millburn school.
A survey made before the consolidation of the Millburn and Browe districts recommended the consolidation and the abandonment of buildings with basement classrooms, to be replaced by a new building on a site between the two small buildings and located on a "hard road."
The survey drew the conclusions that the population of the two school districts will be stable five to 10 years, the present school sites are too small and inadequately developed; the classrooms are too small and have heating and ventilation deficiencies and do not have the facilities to provide a modern elementary program; the students' health is endangered by dirty and unsafe conditions; the Millburn school is overcrowded, whereas the Browe school is too small to insure groups of adequate size at each grade level; the burden of teaching four separate grades is too great for a teacher; and the cost of renovating existing physical facilities would be prohibitive.
A letter by the School Board informs residents of the district that both schools have been issued conditional certificates by the State.
"In most instances, the issuance of conditional certificates is the forerunner of removing the schools from accredited positions and unless some immediate action is taken we will have no alternative but to allow our schools to be absorbed by other districts," the letter said.
Chalmers Associates of Grayslake has been hired to draw plans, a sketch of which was included in the letter.
The Board announced that a savings in the 1961 budget already has been effected, placing the tax rate at 55 cents on each $100 assessed valuation.
If bonds are sold in the amount of $190,000 on a 15-year retirement plan, the additional cost to the taxpayer will be about 28 cents per $100 assessed valuation.
"This will constitute an approximate increase in taxes of 4.9 to 5.9 per $100 assessed valuation based on the old rate for Millburn for 79.9 and that of Browe which was 78.1," the letter said. "This means our tax rate for 1961 would run about 56 cents for operation and 28 cents for the building bonds, or a total of 84 cents on the $100 assessed valuation."
This is in comparison with $1.17 in Lake Villa district; Gurnee $1.607, and Woodland $1.31 where the district might be absorbed.
LaVerne A. Dixon, attorney for the School Board, said that Millburn School District 24 now has a bonding power of approximately $225,000 and that since neither it nor the former Browe district had any bonded indebtedness, the proposed bond issue of $190,000 to finance the purchase of the land and erect the building is well within the bonding limit.
Members of the Board of Education are William H. Paulsen, president; Donald Truax, secretary; George DeYoung, Lawrence D. Snell, Paul M. Neal, former president of the Browe district; Mrs. Erna N. Vanderspool, former clerk of Browe; and Louis V. Cook, Browe Member.
Withdrawing to make room for the Browe three-member board, were Roy and Howard J. Bonner, and John Thain. Under the new law the board does not need to propose the terms of the bond issue, but may, if the issue is approved, seek the best terms.
"The Lake County Civic League will be consulted on this matter," Dixon said.
Waukegan News-Sun12 December 1960
Bond Issue Wins, 149-17
MILLBURN - Millburn School District voters passed by a wide margin a $190.000 bond issue Saturday for school construction. The vote was 149 in favor and 17 opposed with five spoiled ballots.
The number of persons going to the polls was a good representation considering the size of the district, LaVerne Dixon, attorney for the Board of Education, said. The bond issue was sought to purchase 14.1 acres of land at the northwest intersection of Wadsworth and Crawford roads from Mrs. Beatrice Anderson and erect a school building with six classrooms, an all-purpose room, office and storage rooms.
Next step of the board will be to instruct the architect, Hal Chalmers, Grayslake, to complete plans and specifications on which bids will be sought.
"We will have to sell the bonds soon so that we can purchase the land," said Dixon. The option calls for a payment of $1,000 an acre.
Dixon said that the board will seek the advice of the Lake County Civic League on the sale of the bonds.
"We don't have too much of a problem, because the district has no bonded indebtedness," he said.
Millburn Consolidated School District 24 comprises the former Browe School District 16, both with one-room buildings and basement.
The voters chose to erect their own building rather than annex to surrounding districts whose tax rates are higher.
It has been estimated that if 15 years are taken for the retirement of this issue, the increased cost to the taxpayer will be 28 cents on each $100 assessed valuation.
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