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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1960

from the pages of the Waukegan Sun 7 July 1960
Twilight For Old District
WADSWORTH - An integral part of the history of education in Lake County was brought to a close Tuesday night, when the County Board of School Trustees voted to annex century old Browe School District 16, to Millburn School District 24.
The move, third of its kind in the past year by the trustees, is part of an overall plan to eliminate many of the small, one and two room school districts and combine them with others to provide a sounder financial basis for operation.
The Browe school on Mill Creek road, northwest of Wadsworth has been in continuous operation (though remodeled from time to time,) since it was built in 1859. A previous school had existed on the same grounds, though farther from the road.
The school was named for William Browe, who donated the land for the school grounds. Its existence for years depended on his niece, Mary N. Browe, who taught for 45 years beginning in 1878, when she was 17.
A previous move to eliminate Browe School District by merging it with Newport Community Consolidated School District 11 was defeated in 1956. That action came after circuit Judge Bernard Decker ordered the trustees to hold hearings on the annexation.
The Trustees then put the matter before the voters who turned it down by a vote of 66 to 48.
The Board's move annexing the Browe district to Millburn came after a joint petition was filed by the two districts about a month and a half ago, seeking such action.
Paul M. Neal, president of the school board of the now extinct Browe district, said 24 students are at Browe school and 60 at Millburn. He said plans are to use both schools for the next year.
However, the Millburn District has an option on land that borders the dividing line between the two districts, and it is planned that a new school will be built on these premises, he added.
He added that the merger will mean an overall lower tax rate for residents of the joint district, and pointed out a school is needed because neither of the present ones have passed fire regulations, and both are using basement classrooms, which is also illegal.
Members of the Millburn School Board included William H. Paulsen, president; Donald Truax, secretary; George DeYoung, Lawrence D. Snell, Roy Bonner, Howard J. Bonner and John Thain, trustees.
County Superintendent of Schools W. C. Petty said yesterday that he expects other such mergers in the near future.
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