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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1946

Antioch News26 June 1946
An exhibit of antiques and a historical program were part of the 101st anniversary celebration of Millburn Ladies Aid society held in the Millburn church parlors yesterday afternoon and evening.
The Rev. L. H. Messersmith, portraying Father Dodge, a minister of 100 years ago, introduced the program. A short skit dramatizing the second annual meeting of the society in 1847 and titled "Century Musings" was presented. Written and directed by Richard Pantall Martin the participants included several direct descendants of members of the Millburn Sewing Circle as their names appeared in the treasurer's book of 1846-47.
The role of Mercy L. Smith was taken by her great-granddaughter, Miss Ruth Minto and Mrs. Mary A. Kennedy was portrayed by her granddaughter, Mrs. E. A. Martin. Cast as Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart was her granddaughter, Mrs. Gordon Bonner. Secretary of the meeting was Miss Vivian Bonner, also a descendant of Mrs. Stewart.
Mrs. D. H. Minto took the part of Helen Trotter Strang, Mrs. J. S. Denman the part of Mrs. James Dodge and Mrs. A. G. Hughes portrayed Mrs. Mary Thayer, all names prominent in the early history of Millburn.
Historical matter taken from the records of the secretaries of the last 100 years was read by Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mrs. Eric Anderson and Mrs. C. P. Weber.
Mrs. E. W. King and Mrs. Ray Boller sang "Long, Long Ago" and Mrs. Edward Kidera sang "Old Memories." Accompanist was Mrs. E. A. Martin. Costumes from yester-year added much to the setting.
Nine past presidents of the society were honored with corsages and Mrs. Carl Anderson, current president, received a gift as well as a corsage. Three non-resident past presidents, Mrs. E. N. Cannon of Pasadena, Calif., Mrs. Carl Newman, Boulder, Colo., and Mrs. Stephen Fooks, Denver Colo., were mentioned.
The refreshment committee, headed by Mrs. Frank Edwards, served.
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