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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1933

Antioch News5 January 1933
Mrs. Joe Smith Dies Wednesday
Funeral Arranged For Tomorrow.
Will B Held in Home
Mrs. Joe Smith, 33 years old, died at her home southeast of town Wednesday morning after an illness of more than a year. She is survived by her husband and two small children, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Savage.
Funeral services will be held tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 1:30 at the home with the Rev. Philip T. Bohl conducting the services. Interment will be at Hickory.
Irene Savage Smith was the only child of the Austin Savages. Her marriage to Joe Smith occurred in 1928. During the time that church was active she was a member of Hickory Methodist Church. Her death was due to cancer.

Strang Plans Opening Of Funeral Home
L. G. Strang, undertaker, plans to open a funeral home at 1055 S. Main Street within the next two weeks according to a statement he made this morning.
Mr. Strang's present undertaking parlor is located at 887 Main St. The change will be made as soon as necessary furnishings for the new funeral home have been purchased, Mr. Strang states. The new location is the house formerly occupied by the Robert C. Abt family.

The large barn on the farm known as the Alfred Meade farm but now the property of John F. Jelke, was completely destroyed by fire Sunday evening
There was no stock in the barn but about 60 tens of hay, belonging to Carl and Eric Anderson and Mr. Jelke was burned.

The women of the church will serve their annual chicken pie dinner at the church Saturday at 12 o'clock.
This dinner is served in connection with the annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Company, which will be held in the Masonic Hall on the same day.

School was resumed on Tuesday after the holidays. Miss Koertge returned on Monday from her home in southern Illinois. The children are enjoying the hot lunch which is being served again this year by Mrs. L. J. Slocum.

Mr. and Mrs. George White and Mrs. H. E. Jamison drove to Castano Iowa, on Thursday, where they attended the funeral of the latter's nephew, Benjamin Davis, Jr., Friday, returning home Saturday evening.

George Edwards has been ill the past week with influenza.

John Edwards and Harold Slocum had their tonsils taken out on Tuesday at the County Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonner and daughter, Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner and sons were entertained for dinner at the W. M. Bonner home on New Year's Day.

Mrs. Charles Peters entertained her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hefner and her sister's family, Mr. and Mrs. Eberlein and son from Glencoe, on Monday.

Mrs. R. C. Finlay has been ill with flu the past week.

Mrs. Laura Corris of Russell spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner.

Norma and Phyllis Torfin spent their christmas vacation working in their caramel-corn shop in Park Ridge.

Mrs. Emma Beck of Evanston spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

Mr. and Mrs. George Larsen of Waukegan spent Monday with their daughter, Mrs. Lewis Bauman.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cincosky of Milwaukee spent Wednesday with Mrs. E. A. Martin.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaluf of Grange Hall were dinner guests at the F. G. Edwards home on New Year's Day.

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Edwards returned on Tuesday to their home in River Forest, after spending several days at the D. B. Webb home.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bonner, Ralph McGuire spent Sunday at the C. E. Denman home at Gurnee.

Antioch News12 January 1933
There was a good attendance at the annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance Co., on Saturday at the Masonic Hall. All the officers were re-elected.

At the annual meeting of the Millburn Cemetery Association Monday afternoon the following officers were elected: W. A. Bonner, president; J. G. Bonner, secretary and treasurer; R. G. Hughes, Erwin Fuller and Ernest Well, directors.

Miss Ruth Edwards, who is in training at Garfield Park Community Hospital, enjoyed a three day vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting for January will be held at the home of Lloyd Atwell on Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Murrie at Russell.

Mrs. Mina Gilbert, Miss Margaret Gilbert of Waukegan, Mrs. Lizzie Stewart and Mrs. Simeon Ames of Gurnee were dinner guests at the W. A. Bonner home on Friday.

Mrs. Laura Corris of Russell spent Sunday evening at the R. J. Bonner home.

Mrs. Florence Achen of Kenosha spent Friday afternoon and evening with her sister, Mrs. E. A. Martin.

There was no school Monday and Tuesday on account of the illness of the teacher, Miss Koertge.

Mrs. Alice Fenlon of Grays Lake visited her brother, George Edwards, Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards and family were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaluf at Grange Hall.

Funeral services for Mrs. Edward Faulkner were held at the church last Wednesday afternoon with Rev. A. H. Pierstorff officiating.

Antioch News19 January 1933
All Officials and Agents to Serve Another Term
Leslie Bonner, president of Millburn Mutual Fire Insurance Company for the past five years, was chosen to head the company for the sixth consecutive year at the annual meeting held Saturday, Jan. 7, at Millburn.
J. S. Denman, entering his eighteenth year as treasurer of the company, and Carl D. Hughes, treasurer for the fourth year, with the three directors, were also re-elected, Frank Kennedy, northern director, and John G. Wirtz, southern director, have served for a number of years while this will be the second year W. J. Sawyer has served as central director.
Agent Re-appointed
No changes were made in the personnel of the agents of the company who were reappointed as follows; Arthur Leng, Warren, Newport, Benton, Waukegan, Avon and Grant; C. F. Richards, Antioch; G. M. Traut, Libertyville, Shields, Fremont, and Ela; Arthur Powers, Wauconda and Cuba; W. L. Woodin, Vernon and Deerfield.
Financial Condition Satisfactory
The financial condition of the company was pronounced sound and satisfactory by J. S. Denman, treasurer, and other officials, following the reading of the annual report during the meeting.
A clause was inserted in the policy exempting the company from liability for the case of damage from the current of any electrical apparatus unless fire ensues. Other minor changes were made in the policy.
The Millburn Mutual Insurance Company was established seventy- eight years ago. It is one of the oldest companies in Illinois and is rated as one of the strongest mutual companies in the middle west with 1500 policy holders carrying more than $5,000,000.

At a special meeting of the church and society on Sunday, a call was extended to the Rev. Samuel Holden of Chicago to become pastor of Millburn Church.

Mrs. L. J. Slocum, Mrs. Clarence Bonner, Miss Jean Bonner, Mrs. W. M. Bonner, Mrs. Robert Bonner, and Mrs. Gordon Bonner attended a meeting of the Mount Rest Cemetery Association at the home of Mrs. R. G. Murrie at Russell on Wednesday. Pot luck dinner was enjoyed at noon by about 40 members and guests.

George Edwards, who has been ill for several weeks with influenza, is slowly improving.

Mrs. H. E. Jamison, Doris Jamison and Mrs. E. A. Martin motored to Milwaukee Tuesday evening.

Misses Belle and Martha Hughes of Waukegan were callers at the Bonner homes on Sunday afternoon.

The Book Club met at the home of Doris Jamison Monday evening.

Richard Martin of Lake Forest College spent the week-end with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderson of Lake Forest and their daughter, Mrs. Jeffrey Carqueville, of Liberty______________________

__________________________were callers at the J. H. Bonner home on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. E. A. Martin and Mrs. Florence Achen spent Wednesday afternoon in Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwards and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erwin of Waukegan and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Edwards and family were callers at the George Edwards home Sunday afternoon.

Misses Annie McCredie and May Dodge were guests for dinner at the C. E. Bonner home on Sunday.

Irene Savage Smith, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Savage, was born August 9, 1899, and passed away from the home of her parents, the place of her birth on January 4, 1933. It was in this community that she grew through childhood to young womanhood, and where she received her education. On November 30, 1923, she was united in marriage to Mr. Joseph Smith. To their union two children were born, Albert and Milton. Those left to mourn her passing on are her husband and two sons, her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Savage, one grandmother, Mrs. Mann, other relatives, and many many friends. Mrs. Smith had a wide circle of friends who will greatly miss her. The illness which caused her death was less than two years of duration, during which time she suffered much and bore it all in a most beautifully patient manner,. To her friends and loved ones she always radiated an atmosphere of optimism, hopefulness and good cheer. All was done that hands of love could do, but in vain. The dreadful malady caused the setting of her evening star years before the allotted span of life.
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