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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1931

Antioch News17 December 1931
There will be a cantata and play at the church on Sunday evening, December 20, and on Wednesday evening there will be a program by the children with the usual Christmas tree and treat for all. Everyone in the community is invited to attend these programs.

Kenneth Denman and Vernon Webb drove to Sycamore on Saturday. The former gave a report of his trip to the Future Farmers' Convention at Kansas City, Missouri, to the boys who were attending the grain judging contest there.

Mrs. Ernest Garrett and son, of Zion, called at the Theodore Garrett home Monday afternoon.

Earl Bauman and Roy Bonner, with other students from Warren High school, took part in the grain judging contest at Sycamore.

Mrs. E. A. Martin and Mrs. Florence Achen spent Wednesday in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edwards and son, Webb, of River Forest, were guests for dinner at the D. B. Webb home on Sunday.

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