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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1930

Antioch News1 May 1930
Approximately 135 boys and girls attended the first annual meeting of the Antioch 4-H club at the Antioch Township High school last Thursday.
After a brief review of the principles of 4-H club work given by Mr. Herman, assistant 4-H club leader, Lloyd Atwell, past president of the organization, called the business meeting to order and the annual election took place. The following were elected:
Harold Kennedy - President.
Julius Richmond - Vice-President.
Homer Edwards - Secretary.
Kenneth Denman - Treasurer.
Robert Hughes - Cheer Leader.
Lloyd Atwell - Reporter.
A chairman and a secretary of each division of the club was also selected as follows:
Dairy Division: (Lewis Barthel, Assistant Leader).
Lloyd Barnstable - Chairman.
Jack Neahouse - Secretary.
Sheep and Pig Division: (Bert Edwards, Assistant Leader).
Fred Griffin - Chairman.
Gilbert Reed - Secretary.
Poultry Division: (Elmer Barthel, Assistant Leader).
Homer Edwards - Chairman.
Harry Johnson - Secretary.
Garden and Corn Division: ( D. H. Minto and Chas. Paddock, Assistant Leaders).
Ward Edwards - Chairman.
Bertrand Galiger - Secretary.
Sewing Division: (Margaret McCormack and Mary Herman, Club Leaders).
Agnes Christensen - President.
Helen Strang - Vice-President.
Jean Van Patten - Secretary and Treasurer.
Dorothy Ferris - Club Reporter.
C. L. Kutil, head of the Department of Vocational Agriculture of the Antioch High school, is the leader of the club, which is considered one of the largest in the state of Illinois.
Antioch News8 May 1930
LOSS IS $10,000
Twelve Room House on Thaine Farm
Burned to Ground
Damage estimated at $10,000 was sustained when the 12 room residence on the John A. Thain estate, now owned by C. Rodman, Lake Forest, was burned to the ground at three o'clock Sunday mornin.
The fire was discovered by Clarence Bock, tenant on the farm which is adjacent to the Onwentsia hunt club a mile north of Millburn, when he got up at three o'clock to take care of some poultry. Electric lights failed when Bock turned on the current, and shortly afterwards flames were seen eating up toward the roof at the rear of the house.
Antioch Firemen Called
Almost at once flames burst out along one whole side of the house as Bock ran in to the telephone to call for help. His first call roused Frank Edwards at Millburn, who immediately called other neighbors and they rushed to the burning house to battle the flames with a bucket brigade. In the meantime the Antioch fire department was called, and while firemen and neighbors saved some of the furnishings from the house, the place was burned to the ground together with a small chicken coop near the kitchen door in which a brooder with 1,000 baby chicks is kept.
The fire fighters were able to prevent the spread of the flames to the barn where fire broke out occasionally from flying embers, and a bucket brigade was busy for several hours drenching the side of the bar.

Clarence and Andrew Mayer returned to their home in Chicago on Sunday after a week's vacation at the Carl Anderson home.

Forty-two pupils from Millburn and Hickory schools with their teachers, Misses Sheehan and Drom, also Miss Alice Bauman, went by bus to Milwaukee and visited the museum and Washington Park.

Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Waukegan on Saturday for Miss Mabel Anderson, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anderson, Waukegan. Burial was in Millburn cemetery.

Mrs. Thomas Kidd passed away at her home in Libertyville on Sunday, May 4. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday at 2 p.m., with burial in Millburn cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Kidd and family are former Millburn residents.

Monday morning at two o'clock fire destroyed the John Thain house, now owned by Mr. Rodman of Lake Forest, and occupied by his manager, Clarence Bock and family. Some furniture was saved, but otherwise it was a complete loss. 1500 baby chicks were destroyed in the fire.

Mr. and Mrs. Gulliford Bock, Mrs. Hazel Bratney and Vera Bock, of Oak Park, spent Monday with their parents.

The Adult Bible class will hold their May party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George White on Friday evening, May 9.

Parents day will be observed next Sunday in the Sunday school and church services.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting was held at the home of Vernon Webb Friday evening.

Antioch News15 May 1930
Sounding Auto Horn
Gives Alarm of Fire
The continued blowing of the horn on a new model Ford car which aroused horsemen sleeping in the rooms above probably prevented a disastrous fire at the Onwentsia hunt club near Millburn Sunday morning.
Horsemen sleeping in rooms above the garage in which the two Fords were stalled were awakened about 4:30 o'clock by the prolonged blast of the motor horn. Fire had shortened its electrical connections and set it going. Investigation showed that the garage was in flames and that one of the cars was quite badly damaged
The Antioch fire department was called immediately and made a run to the fire, but found it extinguished upon their arrival. The fire-fighting brigade of the attendants of the hunt club were praised for their effective work by the Antioch fire- fighters.
Damage was heaviest to one of the cars, which was practically ruined, while the one that sounded the alarm was damaged to the extent of $150 or so. A hole was burned through the ceiling of the garage and into the sleeping rooms above, causing a damaged of about equal extent.
The Ford which sounded the alarm that probably averted a heavier damage, has passed through a previous fire. Evidently the experience was not a pleasant one for it, judging by its howls for relief when threatened Sunday morning.
Antioch News22 May 1930
The girls of Millburn, Hickory, Bean Hill, and West Newport schools met at the home of Mrs. W. A. Bonner Saturday and organized their 4-H club, and have named it "The New Bean-Mill Hicks." Their officers are: President, Margaret Wolz, Hickory; vice-president, Ruth Wells, Bean Hill; secretary and treasurer, Ruth Johnson, West Newport; reporter, Helen Bauman, Millburn; Cheer leader, Mariellen King, West Newport. Mrs. W. A. Bonner and Mrs. Emmett King are the leaders of the club.

E. A. Martin spent Monday in Chicago.

Mrs. Slocum, Sr., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. G. Murrie at Russell.

Miss Imogene Killey, Round Lake, spent Sunday with Alice Bauman.

Mrs. Gladys Ames, Gurnee, spent Friday with her cousin, Mrs. Gordon Bonner.

Mrs. And Mrs. Oscar Neahous and Helen and Jack Neahous were entertained at the Matt Christensen home at Kansasville, Wis., Sunday.

The girls of Oakland school met at the home of their leader, Mrs. Pierstorff and organized their club, choosing the name "Progressive Oakland".

Mrs. Kate Mayer and daughter, Chicago, spent the past week with her cousin, Mrs. Carl Anderson.

Practice for Children's day services at the church, Saturday afternoon.

Preparations are being made for Memorial services to be held at the cemetery on Friday afternoon, May 30.

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