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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1930

Antioch News2 January 1930
Joint installation of Masons and Eastern Star members was held Friday evening, Dec. 27th, with a fine roast chicken supper at 6:30 o'clock. The following officers were installed: W. M., Carl Hughes; S. W., Spencer Crawford; J. W., Dan Cutler; Treasurer, Clarence Bonner; Secretary, Henry Patch; Chaplain, William Weber; S. D., Albert Torfin; J. D., Emmet King; Marshal, Mr. Zenner; S. S., Morris Nelson; J. S., Thomas Dobbin; Tyler, George Connell. Installing officer, Homer E. Jamison. Installing Marshall, Edward Martin.
The O. E. S. officers for 1930 are: Matron, Lillian Hooper; Patron, Wm. Weber; Associate Matron, Martha Madson; Conductress, Laura Ferry; Associate Conductress, Blanche Miller; Secretary, Agnes Dobbin; Treasurer, Louise Johnson; Chaplain, Vallie Weber; Marshall, Sophrona Murrie; Organist, Eva Martin; Ada, Floy Scott; Ruth, Pearl Reinbach; Esther, Georgia Avery; Martha, Lillian Nelson; Electa, Thekla Maier; Warder, Agnes Thomson; Sentinel, Thomas Dobbin. Vivien Scott, Past Worth Grand Matron was installing officer and Mabel Griggs, Grand Marshall; Grand Chaplain, Louise Johnson, and Grand Organist Vida White.

The following pupils of Millburn school are on the honor roll with an average of 90 or over: John Vernon Edwards, Harold Dehne, Howard Bonner, Verne Denfan, Phyllis Torfin, Mildred Bauman, Robert Denman, Harold Bonner, Alta Denman, Clarence Hauser, Rose Mary Larson, Lois Bonner and Laura Denman.

Former Hastings Lake Man
Dies in California
Failing to rally after an attack of typhoid-pneumonia, Eugene F. Clark, a former resident of Hastings lake, died at a hospital in Clearwater, Florida, Thursday. Mr. Clark left his home in Grayslake a short time ago for Dunedin, Florida, where he expected to spend the winter and where he was taken ill.
The deceased lived for many years on a farm near Hastings lake prior to his taking up residence at Grayslake three years ago. On February 14, 1900, he was married to Miss Agnes McDougal, who survives. There are also three brothers, Arthur of Lake Villa; John of Millburn; and Herbert of McBride, Michigan; and Mrs. Laura Cole of Mundelein.
Funeral services were held Monday, at 2 p.m. at Clearwater, and the remains were placed in a vault in Palm cemetery, St. Petersburg. They will be brought north in the spring and interred in the Jones cemetery, Loon lake. Mr. Clark's mother died last winter and his father the previous year.
Antioch News9 January 1930
The women of the church will serve their annual chicken pie dinner at the Masonic hall Saturday, January 11, at noon.

The annual meeting of the Millburn Insurance company will be held in the church Saturday, Jan. 11.

Mrs. R. G. Murrie, Robert and Doris Murrie, Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Olson and son, and Wesley, Arthur, and Earl Slocum spent New Year's at L. J. Slocum's.

Mrs. McCann and Miss Mary McCann returned to Milwaukee Sunday, after spending two weeks with her son, Robert McCann, and daughter, Mrs. John Smith, of Chicago.

The Misses Vivien and Geraldine Bonner visited their cousins, the Lyburn Stewart family from Chicago, from Thursday until Sunday.

Miss Doris Jamison returned to Milwaukee Downer college on Sunday, after spending two weeks vacation at home.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Slocum and sons were Sunday callers at the Joe Walker home at Woodworth, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner, and the Misses Vivien Bonner and Annie McCredie spent Tuesday with the former's sister, Mrs. Mina Gilbert, Waukegan.

William Bauman is in the Victory Memorial hospital, where he underwent a major operation last Monday.

Mrs. Lizzie Stewart, Gurnee, spent Tuesday with her cousin, Mrs. Jessie Low.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin and Richard spent Monday in Chicago.

Successful Company is Owned
and Controlled by Farmers
The 75th annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance company held at Millburn last Saturday, was occasion for celebration of the company's diamond jubilee and the recalling of events that resulted in the founding of the Lake county company three quarters of a century ago.
Re-election of all officers of the Company occurred at the business session. These included Leslie S. Bonner, president; J. S. Denman, secretary, who was first elected to that office 14 years ago; and Carl Hughes, treasurer. Directors are John G. Wirtz, C. J. Wright and Frank Kennedy.
A banquet was served at noon by the ladies of Millburn.
Has Interesting History
The Millburn Mutual has an interesting history. It was more than 75 years ago, that a house belonging to George Strang, Millburn, was burned to the ground, and it was found that the company in which he carried insurance was insolvent and the property was a total loss. This incident set the people thinking, and Father Dodge was the prime mover in forming the company that is now recognized as one of the strongest mutual companies in Illinois.
_________________ on March ____th, 1855. Captain Robert Pollock was elected temporary chairman. W. T. Buffham was elected temporary secretary.
It was moved by Mr. Buffham and seconded by Rev. W. B. Dodge that the operations of this company be confined to within about four miles of the meeting house at Millburn.
Six articles were then adopted, after which it was moved by Rev. Dodge and seconded by Robert Strang that a committee be appointed to prepare a series of By-Laws, also form of bond and note to be adopted at a future meeting.
A second meeting of organization was held on March 12th, 1855. At this meeting the By-Laws were adopted, the form of bond and note were adopted and the first officers were elected as follows: President, Robt. Pollock; Treasurer, Andrew White; Trustees, George Strang, George H. Webb and N. Vose; Secretary, Wm. T. Buffham.
For several years all the first meetings were held in Hughes hall at Millburn.
The first annual meeting was held March 8, 1856. The report of trustees and treasurer was read and adopted. The report showed that during the first year fifty-nine policies were issued, insuring property to the amount of $31,610.00. They received for these policies a total of $34.99. Their expenses for the year were $17.39, leaving a balance in the hands of the treasurer at the end of the that year of $17.41. At this meeting it was moved that the bonds of the company be extended on the north to the State line at the requests of the inhabitants of that section. The same officers were re-elected.
At the annual meeting on March 2,1858, the bounds of the company were extended to Antioch, Newport, Avon, and Warren, with the exception of the incorporations of Antioch and Hainesville.
The third extension was at the annual meeting of June 1, 1861. This extension added the town of Goodale or Goodet. In looking up the history of the county, we find that Grant township was formerly called Goodale. This was named after a man named Goodale, who promised to give a site for a town hall. This he never did, and a few years afterwards he moved entirely out of the county. In 1867 the name of the township was changed to Grant, in honor of General U. S. Grant.
The fourth extension of territory of the Millburn Insurance company was made on June 3rd, 1865, at the annual meeting of the company, when the bounds were extended to coincide with the County lines, except in incorporated villages and towns.
The charter was received on February 16, 1865, and was signed by Governor R. I. Oglesby, Allen C. Fuller, Speaker of the House of Representatives and William Bross, Speaker of the Senate.
The first printed policy was issued on August 1, 1865, to G. P. Rose in Warren, for a coverage of $850.00. This property is located where Elmer Rose now lives. The policy was signed by R. W. Minto, Secretary and H. Whitney, President, Henry W. Boyce was the agent. The limit for one risk at that time was $1,200.00 and the buildings had to be within 50 feet of each other. The limit today is $15,000.00 to one risk and the buildings can be 100 feet apart.
On December 10th, 1870, it was voted to hold all annual meetings at Millburn on the first Saturday after the first Monday in January of each year.
During this early period the officers and directors were allowed two dollars per day. On January 8th, 1876, it was voted to allow the officers $1.00 extra when necessary to use a horse and buggy.
The company has six and one-half million dollars' worth of insurance in force with about eighteen hundred policy holders.
The Millburn Mutual Insurance company never has had a law suit. All losses have always been settled satisfactorily and promptly.
On January 9, 1892, John Thain was elected secretary and served for 24 years, or until 1916. In 1922 he was elected president and served until his death in March 1928. Mr. Thain gave over thirty years of his life in serving his company. After his death Leslie Bonner was elected president and is still serving in that capacity.
After Mr. Thain had served twenty-four years as secretary, J. S. Denman was elected secretary in 1916 and he has served continuously since then.
It might be interesting to know who has served as officers for the last twenty-five years;
1903 to 1906, Wm. J. White.
1906 to 1911, Geo. H. Kennedy.
1911 to 1916, John Bonner.
1916 to 1922, Geo. B. Stephens.
1922 to 1928, John A. Thain.
1928 to present time, Leslie S. Bonner.
1892 to 1916, John A. Thain
1916 to present time, J. S. Denman.
1892 to 1907, R. L. Strang.
1907 to 1910, James. H. Bonner.
1910 to 1912, L. S. Bonner.
1912 to 1916, H. H. Grimm.
1916 to 1920, Harold Minto.
1920 to 1925, C. J. Wright.
1925 to 1929, J. S. Denman.
1929 to present, Carl Hughes.
Directors From 1905 to Present Time
John Pollock, David White, George Edwards, David Pullen, George Kapple, L. W. Wakefield, John McClure, W. F. Clow, Geo. McCullough, F. G. Wirtz, Ernest Davis, C. J. Wright, Frank Kennedy.
Some of the agents who have served during the latter years are: T. A. Hoffman was appointed agent on January 17, 1890, and was agent for 26 years; when he died, Charles F. Richards was appointed agent in January 1906 and has been agent up to the present time, covering a period of twenty-two years. John E. Ballar was agent in 1884 and was agent until 1926, over a period of thirty-six years. James A. Bonner succeeded T. A. Hoffman as agent for Warren and Waukegan. L. G. Lobdell was agent for two years.
The present agents are: Arthur Lang, who has Grant, Avon, Warren, Waukegan, Benton, Newport and Lake Villa townships. George M. Trant has Fremont, Libertyville and Ela townships. Arthur Powers has Wauconda and Cuba townships. W. L. Woodin has Vernon and Deerfield townships.
The Millburn Insurance company is one of the strongest Mutual Insurance companies in the State of Illinois. This has been accomplished through the able and honest leadership of the men who had its guidance in their hands and the true and loyal support of its members.
It has often been said that farmers cannot stick together in any co-operative movement. This organization spoke for itself, when it gathered together last Saturday and celebrated the 75th year of this great organization, owned and controlled by farmers.
Antioch News16 January 1930
The 75th Annual meeting of the Millburn Mutual Insurance company was held at the church Saturday, January 11, with a large attendance. The afternoon was given over to special entertainment. The following officers were elected:
President - L. S. Bonner.
Secretary - J. S. Denman.
Treasurer - Carl Hughes.
Directors - F. B. Kennedy, John Wirtz, and Charles Wright.
There were about 125 present.

At the regular meeting of the Parent-Teachers' association last Tuesday a fine program was given after the business session. The theme of the evening was "Recreation", led by Beatrice Anderson.
The program consisted of:
Violin Solo and Piano Accompaniment, Mrs. E. A. Martin, Richard Martin.
Recreation in Schools in By-gone Days, Vivien Bonner.
Recreation in the Schools Today, Alice Bauman.
Solo, School Days, Beryl Bonner.
Recreation in the Home, E. A. Martin.
Supervised School Recreation, L. S. Bonner.
Piano Duet, Marion Edwards, Mrs. F. G. Edwards.
Community Recreation, Eunice Denman.

William Bauman returned home on Monday from the Victory Memorial hospital.

At the annual meeting of the Millburn Cemetery association on Monday, W. A. Bonner was elected president; Ira Stephens, secretary and treasurer; and R. G. Hughes, J. G. Bonner, and Erwin Fuller, directors.

Norman Achen, Kenosha, entered school here Monday. He is staying with his aunt, Mrs. E. A. Martin, while his parents are in Arizona.

Mrs. Kaluf spent Saturday with her daughter, Mrs. F. G. Edwards.

Mrs. George Edwards has returned home after spending several weeks with her granddaughters, Violet and Betty Edwards, who were under quarantine for scarlet fever.

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