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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1929

Antioch News7 November 1929
Millburn church is planning for its second Annual Home-coming, to be held November 17, at 10:30 o'clock. Invitations have been sent to former residents and there will be three minute talks from many of these on "Memories of Millburn". There will be special music, and flowers will be given to the twelve oldest persons attending. Let every family in the community plan to be there and bring a guest with him.

The following pupils had an average of 100 per cent for the month of October in Spelling: John Vernon Edwards, Carl Bruckner, Mildren Bauman, Robert Denman, Harold Bonner, Rose Mary Larsen, Clarence Hauser. Average 90 per cent and over in History: Harold Slocum, Helen Bauman, Howard Bonner, Lyman Bonner, John Vernon Edwards, Edwin Johannesen, Harold Dehne, Earl Bauman, and Phyllis Torfin.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wetzel and children, Chicago, attended the bazaar and remained over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson.

Mrs. Mary Harvey, Grayslake, visited her brother, Geo. Edwards, last Friday.

Mrs. Jessie Lowe, who has spent the summer in Scotland, returned to her home this week.

The Millburn young people attended a masquerade party at York House Saturday night.

The annual bazaar held Nov. 1, was a great success, and $300 was realized for the church treasury.

The P. T. A. met at the schoolhouse Tuesday evening.

Mrs. S. W. Ames, Gurnee, spent Tuesday with Mrs. R. J. Bonner.

Rev. and Mrs. Fred Galiger, Waukegan, gave an interesting talk Sunday evening, about Hawaii; his illustrations were taken from stereopticon pictures and curios.

Antioch News14 November 1929
Conklin Farm Is Purchased by Winnetka Pair
Proposing to make extensive improvements in the spring in accordance with architect's plans already in their possession, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Ferry, of Winnetka, have purchased the Conklin farm of 223 acres and four additional tracts of land located in Section 24, Antioch township and Section 19, Newport township, on the cement highway, one mile north of Millburn.
The four tracts are as follows: John Spofford, 13 acres; John White, 10 acres; Willliam Reda, 10 acres; and Henry Taylor, 8 acres.
Mill creek runs one-half of a mile through this property. Choice timber covers about 100 acres. This land adjoins the Ontwensia Hunt club and is one of the most beautiful tracts in the hunt region.
All crops and live stock were included in the purchase. Mr. and Mrs. Ferry will operate the farm as it has been in the past.

The second annual homecoming of Millburn church will be held Nov. 17, at 10:30 o'clock. Flowers will be given to the twelve oldest persons attending and there will be short talks by former residents of Millburn and special music is also being prepared.

The Ladies' Aid society will have a special sewing meeting on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Robert Bonner.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting was held at the home of Ethel and Ralph McGuire last Friday evening.

Mrs. C. L. VanPatten suffered a stroke of paralysis last Tuesday. She is slowly improving.

Mr. and Mrs. John Clark closed their home here last Monday and have gone to Chicago for the winter.

John Edwards had his collar bone broken Friday afternoon, while playing football at school.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Everett and daughter, Mavis, Kenosha, spent Sunday at R. J. Bonner's.

Messrs. Robert Bennett and Robert Hansen, Chicago, spent the week-end at C. E. Bonner's.

Antioch News21 November 1929
The second annual homecoming service was held Sunday and the church was well filled. Short talks by former residents, A. T. White and Miss Cora White, Grayslake; and Miss Alice Jamison, Racine, were given. Many letters were read from other friends who could not be present. Special music was rendered by the choir, under the direction of Mrs. H. E. Jamieson.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman, Gurnee, and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Denman and sons, Waukegan were entertained at the W. A. Bonner home after the home-coming service.

Mrs. E. A. Martin spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Fred Achen, Kenosha.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bock and children, Downers Grove, Ill., moved to the Thain farm last Monday. Mr. Bock will be the manager of this farm, which is now owned by Mr. Rodman, Lake Forest.

Mrs. George Edwards entertained her brother from Eagle River, Wis., last week.

Margaret and Donald Irish have scarlet fever, and the family is under quarantine.

Miss Alice Jamison, Racine, Wis., Mrs. Pearl Steve, Chicago, and Mrs. Levi Waite, Round Lake, attended the homecoming on Sunday, and were dinner guests at the Gordon Bonner home.

Mrs. Dairymple, Lake Villa, spent the week-end at the home of Dr. H. E. Jamison.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner and sons spent Sunday afternoon with their aunt, Mrs. Laura Corris, at Long Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Denman spent Friday at Harvard, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Strang and daughters, Evanston, were entertained at the J. S. Denman home after the homecoming service.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner and sons spent Sunday with Mrs. Bonner's parents at Kansasville, Wis.

Miss Mary Dunbar was a week-end guest at E. A. Martin's

Miss Miller, Marengo, is visiting at L. J. Slocum's.

Mr. and Mrs. James Kerr, Mrs. Mina Gilbert, and Mrs. Horace Culver attended the home-coming service on Sunday.

Antioch News28 November 1929
D. H. Minto Named Head of Organization for Third Time
Election of officers was the outstanding feature of the sixth annual poultry meeting held at the Antioch High school Monday night.
D. H. Minto was re-elected president for the third time: George Mecklenberg of Fox Lake was chosen vice president to succeed Clyde Wentworth; C. L. Kutil, instructor of vocational agricultural at the local high school was re-elected secretary and treasurer of the association; and Bert Edwards and Harry Tillotson were returned to office as the additional directors. The latter will act as superintendent of this year's show which will be held on December 19, 20, and 21, at the high school auditorium.
Halbach to Judge
William Halbach, nationally known White Rock breeder and an American Poultry association judge, who operates a poultry farm at Waterford, Wis., will award the ribbons this year.
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