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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1929

Antioch News1 August 1929
The Ladies' Aid society will hold a bazaar at the church on the evening of August 6. There will be several Prairie Farmer reels shown, including "Eternal Summertime" and several comedies. Admission is 25 and 15 cents. There will be fancy work, bakery goods, vegetables, ice cream, sandwiches and lemonade sold. Any donations of fancy work and bakery goods will be gratefully accepted.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting will be held at the home of Lewis Bauman on Friday evening, August 1.

Glenn and Lloyd Strang, Waukegan, spent Tuesday and Wednesday at L. S. Bonner's.

Robert Jamison returned to his home in Detroit Friday.

George W. Dodge spent the weekend at Clarence Bonner's.

David Dodge returned to his home in Oak Park Friday, after spending several weeks at the J. S. Denman home.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bonner and children drove to Three Oaks, Mich., Tuesday, where Mrs. Bonner and children will spend a week with her mother, Mrs. J. P. Dawson.

Antioch News8 August 1929
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin and son, Richard, returned Tuesday from a week's auto trip through Wisconsin and Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman and children visited Washington park, Milwaukee, last Friday.

Mrs. A. K. Bain spent the past week at the home of Dr. Jamison.

Rev. and Mrs. Wilson and children, Richland Center, Wis., were guests of the latter's brother, A. H. Pierstorff, Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Annie and Ella McCredie spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Douglas at their summer home on Sand Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner and sons spent Sunday at George Beaumont's Kansasville, Wis.

Kenneth Denman, with other Antioch High school boys and C. L. Kutil drove to Champaign Sunday and returned Tuesday.

Arthur Clark and Mrs. Bessie Bracken were married last Wednesday at McHenry.

L. S. Bonner drove to Three Oaks, Mich., Tuesday, and Mrs. Bonner and children returned with him after a week's visit with her relatives.

Antioch Lodge to Conduct Funeral Rites Friday Afternoon
Attorney Edward J. Heydecker, pioneer member of the Lake County Bar association, and former master in chancery, died Tuesday night at his home in Waukegan where he had been on the verge of death for many weeks. He had been a practicing attorney in Lake county for the last 27 years.
During his residence in Waukegan he served as assistant state's attorney under his brother; the late Christian T. Heydecker, and later was appointed master in chancery by Circuit Judge Charles Whitney.
Last of Four Brothers
Edward Heydecker was the last of four brothers, the three who preceded him in death were: Christian T., Waukegan; Charles, Waukegan; and Adolph, Wadsworth. The family home was in Newport township, where the deceased was born in 1855.
Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 o'clock at the Christ Church chapel, Rev. Howard E. Ganster, officiating. Burial is to be in Millburn cemetery. The Antioch lodge, No. 127, A. F. & M., is to be in charge.
Members of the Bar association are planning to attend the services in a body.
The Heydeckers, since 1844, have been prominent in county, social and political life. Dating from the arrival of the father, who was among the first to settle in Newport township, the name has been associated with progress in the county since that time.
Antioch News15 August 1929
There will be a lawn social at the home of Lewis Bauman on Friday evening. It will be sponsored by the Christian Endeavor society.

Mrs. J. S. Denman has been ill the past week.

Mrs. Harvey, Grayslake, spent several days at the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards.

Kenneth Denman, Robert Hughes, and Roy and Howard Bonner are attending the fair at Aurora, where they have 4-H club calves entered.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyburn Stewart and daughter, Grace, and Miss Margaret McFarland, Chicago, were guests at the J. H. Bonner home Sunday. The Misses Stewart and McFarland remained for a week with their cousins.

Bert Trotter, Texas, came Thursday for a few days visit with his sister, Mrs. Clarence Bonner. Mr. Trotter and Mrs. A. K. Bain left Tuesday for Manlius, New York, to visit Mrs. Bain's daughter.

Miss Tynne Alanko, a Beloit college classmate of Miss Catherine Minto, visited several days at the Minto home.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kidd, Libertyville, were dinner guests at Clarence Bonner's on Sunday.

John LeVoy, Oak Park, is spending a week with his father. S. J. LeVoy.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Rose, Belvidere, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Rose, Jr., and children, Evanston, called on old friends at Millburn Sunday.

"The Search for Light" was the subject of the address which attracted about 90 women from Antioch and vicinity to the Methodist church last Sunday night. It was delivered by Miss Pearl Hughes, a former resident of Antioch, who recently returned to this city on an extended furlough from India.
Miss Hughes is a very interesting as well as instructive lecturer. She held her audience in what might almost be termed a spell as she related in a very unique manner the story of the power which the "unknown God" had in leading a native Indian from the superstitious background of the Indian religion to a realization of the "true light", the theme of her talk.
In addition to the lecture, a very fine musical program was rendered. A ladies' chorus of 15 members, under the direction of S. E. Pollock, offered several numbers, Mrs. H. B. Gaston sang a solo, and Mmes. Rex Bonser and Chas. Lux sang a duet. Mrs. Bohi presided at the meeting.

Kenneth Denman, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman, Millburn, and a student of the Antioch High School Agricultural department, will broadcast over WJJD Mooseheart station sometime between 12:30 and 2:00 o'clock Friday afternoon on the subject of "Painting Farm Buildings'. Kenneth is spending the week with 14 other Lake county boys at the Central States fair at Aurora.
Antioch News22 August 1929
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edwards, River Forest, and Mr. and Mrs. Ashton, Chicago, spent Sunday at D. B. Webb's.

Mr. and Mrs. Giles Harris, Rockford, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harris, Evanston, spent Wednesday at John Chope's.

Miss Doris Jamison returned on Friday after several days visit with friends in Mukwonago.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradley and children of Franksville and Mr. and Mrs. Holloway, Paris Corners, were dinner guests at D. H. Minto's on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyburn Stewart and Bert Bailey, Morgan Park, spent Sunday with the former's aunt, Mrs. J. H. Bonner. Grace Stewart and Margaret McFraland returned home with them after a week's visit at Morgan Park.

Miss Jean Bonner is spending several days with the Stowe family in Park Ridge.

Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Webb spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. David Pullen, Antioch.

Mrs. Victor Strang and sons, Waukegan, spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Leslie Bonner.

Robert Jamieson, Detroit, Mich., John Roberts, and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Roberts, Chicago, are spending the week here, disposing of the household furniture and carpenter tools, which was the property of the late George Jamieson.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller Saturday, August 17.

John LeVoy returned to Oak Park Sunday after spending a week at S. J. LeVoy's.

Antioch News29 August 1929
Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Jamison and daughter, Doris, and Mr. and Mrs. George White and sons left Saturday for a ten days' visit with relatives in Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hook and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb started Sunday on a week's auto trip around Lake Michigan.

Mrs. W. A. Bonner and Ralph and Ethel McGuire drove to the Dells of Wisconsin Wednesday and returned Thursday.

Mrs. Madalyn Sheehan, accompanied by Miss Waterman, county school nurse, started Friday on a trip through Wisconsin.

Messers. Hal and Ira Stephens are taking a two week's auto trip through Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Roy Hughes, Peru, Illinois, spent several days with his relatives here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Bonner and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner and children spent Sunday at R. G. Murrie's at Russell.

Mrs. Althans, North Chicago, is staying with her daughter, Viola, during the absence of the Jamison family.

The Edwards families attended the family reunion at the home of Bert Edwards Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Caddock and daughter, Helen, New Jersey, visited at Wm. McCarthy's Thursday.

Miss Catherine Minto leaves this week for Davis, Wisconsin, where she has accepted a position as a high school teacher.

Mrs. Pierstorff and daughters visited her mother, Mrs. Beck, Evanston, from Thursday until Saturday. Mrs. Beck returned with them for a week.

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