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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1929

Antioch News4 April 1929
Former Millburn Boy
To Be Honored Here By Future Farmers
The sixth annual Father and Son banquet, sponsored this year by the newly organized Future Farmers of America, will indeed be a true father and son affair for one of the sons will come home this year to be honored for the splendid services he has rendered to agriculture throughout the United States. E. A. White, Chicago, who has for many years been chairman of the Committee on Electricity and Its Relation to Agriculture, will come home to received honorary recognition from the Agricultural Department of the Antioch High school. He will also be the principal speaker of the evening.
Mr. White is the son of David M. White of Millburn, who was honored last year for his services to this community. That his son should be selected as the one to be honored this year seems most fitting for the occasion.
The banquet is for the boys, who are members of the Antioch Chapter of The Future Farmers of America and their dads.
The banquet will be held Friday, April 12, in the high school cafeteria and will be served by the Home Economics class.
C. L. Kutil, agriculture instructor, will act as toastmaster.

David Van Patten, supervisor in Newport township, decisively defeated Edward A. Martin, who tried a comeback but failed 234 to127. Van Patten won over Martin by 53 votes two years ago when he first gained the office.

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kennedy entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Miss Pearl Hughes, just returned from a five year term of Missionary service in Calcutta, India.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Hughes and family, Antioch; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hughes and family, Lake Villa; Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Kennedy and daughter, Chicago; and Miss Bess Seward, West Chicago.

Mrs. Dalrymple, Lake Villa, spent several days with Mrs. H. E. Jamison.

Miss Alice Bauman returned Monday to her school duties in DeKalb.

Miss Pearl Hughes, who has spent the last five years in China, as a missionary under the Methodist Board of Missions is now home on her furlough and is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Kennedy and brothers, Guy and Carl Hughes.

Miss Doris Jamison returned Monday to Milwaukee Downer college after 10 days of vacation at home.

Edward Anderson, Waukegan, spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. O. Anderson.

Antioch News18 April 1929
Dies This Morning
After being in poor health for some time, Mrs. Ruth Van Patten died this morning at 11 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Van Patten, Park avenue.
Mrs. Van Patten has been making her home at the Catholic rectory in Fox Lake. She is a member of the Antioch Woman's club and the Royal Neighbors of American.

University of Illinois
Recognizes Antioch Farmer With Medal
George White possesses a Holstein cow that through the efforts of good management produced more than 500 pounds of butterfat or 625 pounds of butter in the past year.
Mr. White was awarded a gold medal by H. G. Gilkerson, county farm advisor, who represented the University of Illinois. The presentation was made at the Sixth Annual Father and Son banquet held under the auspices of the Future Farmers of America in the Antioch High school Friday night.
The White herd of Holstein cattle is the best herd in Lake county from the standpoint of production, averaging more than 10,000 pounds of milk per cow.
Mr. White is a member of the Lake County Herd Improvement association.

D. M. White returned home Saturday after spending six months with his daughter, Mrs. Carl Newman, Boulder, Colorado.

Mrs. Robert Bonner and sons visited Mrs. Bonner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Beaumont, Kansasville, Wisconsin, from Thursday until Sunday.

The Misses Catherine and Ruth Minto, Beloit college, are spending 10 days' vacation at home.

Frank Edwards took a business trip to Bedford, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, returning Saturday.

Miss Doris Jamison, Milwaukee Downer college, spent the end of the week at home.

Mrs. Mary White, Waukegan, called on old friends Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Denman and daughters spent Sunday with the Benwell family in McHenry.

Mr. and Mrs. George White and W. M. Bonner attended the national sale of Holsteins in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Wednesday.

Miss Alice Bauman returned to DeKalb Sunday after several days of vacation at home.

L. S. Bonner was elected a member of the board of education of Warren Township High school at Gurnee in the election Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Slocum and sons spent Sunday with relatives in Kenosha.

The Adult Bible class was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Irish Wednesday evening.

At the school election Saturday evening E. A. Martin was elected president for one year, L. J. Slocum and J. S. Denman, directors for three years.

Mrs. Simeon Ames spent Wednesday with her aunt, Mrs. James H. Bonner.

E. A. White, Evanston, visited his brother, George White, Friday.

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