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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1928

Antioch News5 July 1928
The pleasing announcement is made that Miss Helen Neahous, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Neahous, has won the Lake County University scholarship through her high grade in an examination for this honor. She will take advantage of this scholarship and will attend the University of Illinois the coming year. Mr. and Mrs. Neahous are to be congratulated on this honor which has been won by their daughter.

The Millburn Sunday School picnic will be held in the D. H. Minto grove on Loon Lake on Wednesday, July 18. Every one is very welcome at this picnic. Bring a basket of lunch, and enjoy a day's vacation with games and races for the children.

Reserve Friday evening, July 13, for a "Good Luck" social to be given by the Ladies Aid at the Minto home. There will be a wiener and marshmallow roast, also a bakery sale.

Harold Slocum spent several days the past week with his sister, Mrs. Roy Olson at Rosecrans.

J. S. Denman underwent a serious operation at Victory Memorial hospital last Tuesday morning, and at the present time is doing as well as can be expected.

Miss Alice Bauman and friend of DeKalb spent the week end at home.

Miss Marion Neahous and Thomas Cogmore of Chicago spent the week end at the Neahous home.

Mrs. Helen Barstow Alexander of Hermosa Beach, California, spent the past week at the Gordon Bonner home.

Miss Lucy Dodge of Peoria is visiting this week with her cousins, the brothers.

Ralph McGuire and Vernon Webb returned Friday from the Young Peoples' conference at Tower Hill, Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wheaton, Mrs. Safford, and Miss Foote of Wheaton, Illinois, called on old friends here on Sunday. Miss Foote remained for several weeks at the C. E. Denman home.

William Laurence of Boston, Mass., and brother, John Laurence of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, are spending sometime with their aunt, Mrs. Low, at the Carl Anderson home.

Mr. and Strohal entertained company from Chicago Sunday.

Antioch News12 July 1928
Local Graduate Accepts Job At Lindenhurst
Elmer Barthel, a graduate of the Agricultural Department of the Antioch Township High School, class of 1927, is now in charge of the poultry department at the Lindenhurst farm, Lake Villa. This is the farm of Mr. Lehmann on Grand Avenue.
Mr. Barthel has charge of the following fowls: Chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and pigeons. Considerable improvements are planned at the farm and Mr. Barthel's first job will be the building up of the new flock of Barred Plymouth Rocks.
Many poultryman will remember Elmer's interest in showing exhibition birds, and are glad to know he will continue in our community. Friends extend to him congratulations and wish him great success.

A business meeting and social was held Friday evening at the home of Eric and Philip Anderson. Plans were made for a summer carnival by the Christian Endeavor society. Reports were received from delegates to the Tower Hill Young Peoples' conference at Sawyer, Michigan, and from delegates to the State Christian Endeavor conference at Danville, Ill. A lawn party followed, with games led by William Bauman, assisted by "Artificial Daylight."

The cast has been chosen and rehearsals have begun for "The High Road," a problem play, by Mrs. E. W. Mac Nair. The cast chosen is as follows: Curtis Morgan -- Carl Lambrecht; Marjorie Morgan -- Roberta Hook; June Ashford -- Doris Jamison; Martin Page -- Phillip Anderson; Ed Smith -- William Bauman; Viola Vail -- Bernice Bauman.

The third Open Worship Service of the C. E. society will be given Sunday evening, the fifteenth. It will be planned and conducted by the Danville delegation-Doris Jamison, Roberta Hook, Lillian Strohal, and Mrs. E. W. MacNair. The triple theme of the conference will be followed-Evangelism, World Peace, and Christian Citizenship. The main message will be by Mr. Ray Sowers, general secretary of the Kenosha Y. M. C. A. He will speak from his rich experience on the subject of world peace. Special music will be included in the program.

E. N. Cannnon of Pasadena, Calif., who has been visiting his children here, suffered a paralytic stroke on June 29, while at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Helen Harmer in Waukegan and is now in a Chicago hospital in a serious condition.

Mrs. Stephenson of Ringwood, Ill., spent several days with the Slocum family the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Pessinc and children of Chicago spent Saturday with their uncle, E. A. Martin and family.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain of New York arrived Thursday for a visit with the latter's sister, Mrs. Clarence Bonner and other relatives.

Miss Alice Bauman spent the week end at home.

Mrs. Low returned Monday from a week's visit in Chicago with her niece, Mrs. Mayer.

There will be a Bakery Sale, also wiener and marshmallow roast, and ice cream cones at a social at the D. H. Minto home Friday evening. July 13, under the auspices of the Ladies Aid.

The Sunday School picnic will be held in the D. H. Minto grove on Loon Lake, Wednesday, July 18, with dinner at noon and games and races in the afternoon. Everyone is very welcome at this picnic.

The adult Bible class under the leadership of the Rev. Piersdorf, has begun a study of the life of Paul.

A wiener roast and bakery sale will be held Friday evening at the D. H. Minto home, under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid society. Ice cream will be for sale, to refresh the merry crowd. This is Friday the thirteenth. That means a hot time for the dogs and marshmallows.

Antioch News19 July 1928
About twenty ladies of the Antioch chapter of Eastern Star attended the County Patron's Night held at the Millburn Masonic Temple last Thursday evening. The Millburn chapter entertained over two hundred from all the chapters in the county. Members from the chapters represented took part in the initiatory work. The Antioch chapter felt very much honored to have two of its members fill stations. Miss Elizabeth Webb acted as Ruth and Mr. S. E. Pollock as chaplain. All the visiting officers received a beautiful pair of chiffon hose. The Millburn chapter served a delicious lunch to their guests.

The neighbors of J. S. Denman, who is still in the Victory Memorial hospital gathered at his home Monday, and put his hay in the barn.

The bakery sale and social at the D. H. Minto home last Friday night was well attended and about $22.50 was realized for the society.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Griffin of New York, Mrs. Paul Griffin and children of Waukegan spent Thursday with Mrs. W. M. Bonner.

Mr. and Mrs. Lohman and children of Chicago are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. MacNair.

Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Denman and son of Waukegan spent Sunday at C. E. Denman's.

Mark Edwards of River Forest is visiting his grandparents, the Webb and Edwards families.

Mrs. O. Anderson entertained a number of relatives from Waukegan and Chicago Sunday.

Miss Christina Forsythe and Miss Johnson of Chicago spent Sunday at the Carl Anderson home.

Norman Achen of Kenosha enjoyed a few days vacation with his cousin, Richard Martin.

Miss Grace Holdridge of Waukegan spent the week end at the Lewis Bauman home.

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