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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1927

Antioch News5 May 1927
Mrs. Carl Wimann and children of Chicago spent several days with the Gunderson family the past week.

Mrs. Frazier Hollenbeck and daughter Charlotte spent the past week with her brother, L. E. Gilling's family.

Mr. and Mrs. Strohal and daughter, Lillian, spent Sunday at Highland Park.

Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Murrie, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Murrie and Robert and Doris Murrie of Russell spent Sunday afternoon visiting the Bonner families.

Miss Tessie Cunningham and her cousin of Chicago spent the week end with their cousin, Miss Mary McCann.

Miss Holdridge of Waukegan visited at her uncle's, Lewis Bauman.

Several from this community attended the funeral of Charles Tucker at Warren chapel last Thursday afternoon.

The basket social which was given Saturday night by the Parent-Teacher association for the benefit of Improvements at Millburn school was largely attended. A fine program was given. About $75 was raised.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Reilly are now settled in their new home which they purchased.

Everyone is cordially invited to the church next Sunday. The will be special music for Mother's Day.

Antioch News12 May 1927
Mrs. Fred Achen of Kenosha visited last Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. Thomas Peterson of Racine visited her daughter, Mrs. Carl Bruckner, last week.

Mrs. C. E. Denman spent last Friday with her son, Edwin Denman at Gurnee, and attended the Mother and Daughter banquet at the Gurnee church.

Mrs. Charles Edwards and Mrs. Nina Cutler of Russell called on George Edwards last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schwicht of Chicago spent several days with the Schwicht and Chope families the past week.

Miss Genevieve Boss, of Cicero, Ill., spent Saturday and Sunday at the Anderson home.

Mrs. And Mrs. Shrohal and Lillian visited friends at Algonquin Sunday.

Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Slocum and Mrs. Bonner attended the parent- Teacher's meeting at Gurnee Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorge Beaumont and son of Kansasville, Wis., spent Sunday at Robert Bonner's.

Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Webb entertained Mr. and Mrs. Barter for dinner Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Thain and son spent Sunday at Swan Christiansen's at Pikeville.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Crawford and daughter of Waukegan spent Sunday at the home of J. T. Crawford.

At the parent-teachers meeting Tuesday evening, the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. A. G. Torfin; vice president, Mrs. Gordon Bonner; secretary, Mrs. J. S. Denman; treasurer, Mrs. W. M. Bonner.

Much damage was done north and west of Millburn in the storm Monday afternoon. All the buildings on the Depke farm except the house were wrecked. A large number of neighbors gathered Tuesday morning, and did their best to help Mr. Agricola get a place to keep his stock.

Antioch News19 May 1927
Mr. and Mrs. Kaluf of Druce Lake spent Sunday at F. G. Edwards.

Earl Slocum of Marengo spent Sunday at L. J. Slocum's.

Mr. and Mrs Leon Strang and children of Chicago visited at J. S. Denman's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garby of Chicago spent Sunday at Robert Bonner's.

Our school was closed last Friday when Miss Sheehan went with nine eighth grade pupils to Gurnee where the students wrote the examination, which they all passed in a very creditable manner.

Miss Alice Brya has the mumps.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Will Anderson of Lake Forest called at J. H. Bonner's last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCarthy visited at the home of their daughter, Mrs. McLain, at North Chicago.

Word was received Monday of the death of William Depke at his home on Belvidere road near Wilson.

Antioch News26 May 1927
Owen Christensen fell from a fence last Tuesday and broke his arm at the elbow.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Denman and daughters of Gurnee were Sunday callers at C. E. Denman's.

Mr. and Mrs. George Beaumont and son of Kansasville, Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Adams of Racine spent Sunday at Robert Bonner's.

The Visco club of the Millburn chapter of O. E. S. gave a five hundred party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Lamb on Tuesday evening.

There will be special Memorial services at the church next Sunday morning at 11:30 o'clock to which all G. A. R. and World War veterans of the community are especially invited.

Memorial services will be held at the cemetery on Monday afternoon at two o'clock. P. L. Persons, who was engaged to make the address, has been obliged to decline on account of sickness, but Mr. Sanderson will speak.

Millburn school closed on Tuesday after a very successful year with Miss Madalyn Sheehan as teacher. We are glad to announce that she has been engaged for the coming year. The school picnic will be on Wednesday and graduation exercises of the eighth grade will be held on Friday evening.

Contractors are busy working on the road between Millburn and Grand avenue at Wedge's corner, which will be cemeted in the near future.

Lewis Bauman had a bee to haul his cement stave silo from Lake Villa on Thursday.

The many friends of Miss Una Minto, who has spent the past five years as a missionary in Africa, will be interested to know she is on her way home for a furlough, and expected to sail from England Saturday, May 21.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorham of Waukegan were Sunday callers at the Bonner home.

An offering of $30 was sent from Millburn church through the Red Cross in Waukegan for the flood sufferers.

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