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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1927

Antioch News3 February 1927
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman and Mrs. C. E. Denman spent Saturday in Waukegan.

Messers James H., Wm., A., and Leslie Bonner attended the funeral of their cousin George Findlay in Lake Forest on Wednesday.

Mrs. John Trotter has returned to her home in Madison, S. Dakota, being called here by the illness and death of her father, John Irving.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newall, of Waukegan, spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner.

The Christian Endeavor Society held their monthly social at the Mason's hall on Friday evening. A very pleasant evening was spent with F. G. Edwards in charge of the affair.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner entertained their children and grandchildren at dinner on Saturday in honor of Mr. Bonner's 77th birthday.

The Parent-Teacher Association of Millburn school will meet on Tuesday evening of this week.

Mrs. Strohal who has been spending the past week in Englewood returned home Tuesday.

Miss Madalyn Sheehan, accompanied her 45 pupils from the Millburn school to Gurnee on Thursday morning, where they heard a talk from Cho-Cho, the health clown, also saw some moving pictures.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at the home of Doris Jamison, on Friday evening, Feb. 4.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Denman, of Waukegan, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Antioch News10 February 1927
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb attended the funeral of his uncle, James Gerred, in Waukegan last Saturday.

Mr. Geo. Edwards is slowly recovering from his recent sickness.

Miss Rubie Gillings is spending a few weeks with her brother, L. E. Gillings.

Several from this vicinity attended the Farmers' Institute at Antioch, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Beaumont, of Kansasville, Wis.

Miss Lillian Strohal is spending a few weeks in Chicago visiting relatives.

Mrs. F. G. Edwards has been spending the week with her mother, Mrs. Kaluf, of Druce's Lake, who has an operation on her eye last Tuesday.

Mr. Earl Slocum, of Marengo, spent Sunday with his parents here.

Col. Slocum is on the sick list.

F. G. Edwards moved Elmer Jack's household goods to Chicago by truck on Saturday.

There will be a social meeting of the men of the church and community at the parsonage on Friday evening, Feb. 11, 1927.

The Ladies' Aid will serve dinner at the church, Feb. 10. There will be sewing for the afternoon.

Antioch News17 February 1927
Early action and co-operation in boosting for state highway No. 173 was urged by more than forty boosters for the road in a meeting held at Roscrans church Wednesday afternoon. Edward Martin, of Millburn was elected chairman and John L. Horan, secretary for the organization to be known as "Route 173 Boosters Association."
George Bairstow, chairman of the county board of supervisors, made an interesting address regarding the securing of right-of- way, and the county engineer, Mr. Lobdell, gave some interesting information regarding highways from the engineering angle.
A committee was appointed to attend the hearing on route 61 at McHenry today, and in accordance with the motion of Supervisor Bairstow, Attorney Bishop, Frank R. King, John L. Horan and as many others as can, are attending the McHenry meeting today to bring back whatever information may be of interest or value to the association.

The Christian Endeavor Social was well attended at the Masonic Hall last Friday evening. Mr. Toifin and Louis Christiansen were in charge of the affair.

Miss Madalyn Sheehan gave a Valentine party for her pupils at school on Monday afternoon. Games were played and refreshments served, so all had a good time.

Several from this vicinity attended the funeral of Mrs. W. O. Cleveland at Warren Chapel on Monday afternoon.

Mr. John Eichinger spent the week end with Mrs. Gerrity and family, of Mukwonago, Wis.

Mrs. Dan Webb is quite ill with the flu.

Mrs. Earl Edwards and son, Mark, of Forest Park, spent the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Webb.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garby and daughter, of Oak Park, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Waite, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ekstrand, of Chicago, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Thain spent last Thursday in Waukegan.

Mrs. Mary White, Mrs. William Mitchell, Mrs. Thomas Anderson and Lloyd White, of Waukegan, called of Millburn friends last Thursday and attended the Ladies' Aid dinner.

We are sorry to report that Mrs. Gormer Anderson who lives west of Millburn, had an operation at the Victory Memorial Hospital last Friday. At present writing she is doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Denman and son, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at C. E. Denman's.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark have moved to the home of their son, Arthur Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. John Clark, of Lake Villa, called at Arthur Clark's, Sunday. They brought a box of oranges from Florida, sent by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark, who with the McDougall sisters are spending the winter in Dunedin, Florida.

Little Carl Bruckner, who has been very sick with pneumonia, is now on the gain.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Edward have rented the Frank Clark house.

Mrs. Nellie Chittenden Cleveland, of Chicago, who had always made her home in the vicinity of Millburn until five years ago, died in a Chicago hospital Thursday night, following an operation for goitre. She is survived by three sons and three daughters, Olin of Chicago, Warren, of Pontiac, Ill., Orin of Lake Villa, Mrs. Pearl Steve and Mrs. Maude Lawsen, of Chicago, and Mrs. Ruby Waite, of Round Lake, also four grand children and one sister, Mrs. E. J. Heydecker, of Waukegan, two brothers, Ralph Chittenden of Gurnee and Warren Chittenden, of Nebraska. Funeral services were held at Warren Chapel on Monday afternoon at two o'clock.

Antioch News24 February 1927
Miss Rubie Gillings spent several days with Mrs. C. E. Denman last week.

Mrs. D. B. Webb is slowly gaining from an attack of the flu, but is still confined to her bed. Her daughter, Mrs. Earl Edwards is taking care of her.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott LeVoy and son James attended the funeral of Mr. August Wienecke, at Barrington, on Sunday.

Miss Chase, of Indiana, visited from Friday until Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Bartler, while enroute to Pennsylvania.

The epidemic of chicken-pox in our school is nearly over, but it is being succeeded by measles. Marion Edwards and Roy Bonner have the measles.

The community was shocked on Saturday morning to hear of the death of Elmer Murrie, of Libertyville, who was very well known in this community. Funeral services were held from his home in Libertyville at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon with burial at Millburn.

Archie Webb is working in Waukegan.

The funeral services of George Strang, of Marshfield, Wisconsin, were held in Millburn Church, Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. Bartter officiating. Mr. Strang is survived by his widow, and one son Frank, of Amarillo, Texas, and one brother and two sisters, Eugene Strang, of California, Mrs. W. B. Stewart, of Waukegan, but now in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Mrs. Thomas Anderson, of Waukegan.

The entertainment consisting of readings, violin solos, limerics and Hawaiian Steel Guitar music given at the church on Monday night was well attended and much enjoyed by all. The musicians were classmates of Mr. Bartter at the Seminary, and were giving their services in behalf of the Christian Endeavor Society.

Miss Grace Slocum, of Waukegan, spent Sunday at home.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Fuller, spent Sunday in Millburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gould, of Lake Villa, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Olson, of Waukegan, attended the entertainment at the church Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bruckner attended the funeral of her brother, Peter Petersen, at Burlington on Tuesday.

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