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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1926

from the Kenosha News 26 August 1926
On Thursday, August 26, the 25th annual reunion of pupils and teachers of the Browe School took place in the grove north of and adjoining the school grounds.
The weather was all that could be desired and the scores of old friends and schoolmates, with many interested visitors, who are always welcome, were ably and pleasantly taken care of by Mr. Frank Wells, vice president, and his helpers, the "Wells Family" as usual, charmed their audience with music and the sweet songs of long ago as well as those of more modern date.
A dancing platform had been laid and "Past and Present" were illustrated by old time quadriles and jigs, followed by the Charleston executed by a tiny boy who was loudly applauded.
Short talks were given by Mary Browe, former teacher and Judge Persons, former pupil and "Josie" Dietmeyer sent his listeners into fits of laughter with his time honored poem, "My Grandfather Was a Wonderful Man".
The following pupils who attended school in the late fifties and the early fifties were present: Sophia Wells, Sarah Wells, Bridget Emerson, Mary Hansis, Mary E. Stuber, Adelaide Connors, Kate Yocum, Fidalia Dietmeyer, John Strock, Thomas Strang, Joseph Dietmeyer, Joseph Herberger, John Eichinger, Louis Gaede, Bradford Owen and Sara Browe.
The cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Evanston, Waukegan, Kenosha as well as the surrounding towns and villages Gurnee, Lake Villa, Wadsworth, Russell etc., were well represented by former pupils or their descendants. It was a great joy to all her friends to have Miss Emma Heydecker present after long illness. Iowa sent as a pleasant surprise Bradford Owen to shake hands with his old friends on this, his first visit to the reunion. This was also true of H. S. Winter, Wis.
In all things, Mr. C. T. Heydecker, our honored president for twenty-four years, was greatly missed and much regretted. But it was his dearest wish that the reunion should continue and his family and friends are determined to "carry on", as he would have them do.
Mr. Frank Wells, having declined the office of president, Mary Browe was elected to that office for the ensuing year.
Vice President - Frank Wells, Committee - Emma Heydecker, F. G. Dietmeyer, Edgar Ames.
The singing of "Home Sweet Home" closed the program and with good-byes, all departed looking to meeting again on the last Thursday in August, 1927.
   There's a little Browe School house,
   Standing lonely on a hill
   Where we passed many happy hours away.
   And often in my memory I am roaming `round it still,
   Where we sang "My Darling Nellie Grey"

   Oh, those happy childhood days,
   You are in the far away,
   And you'll never come back to us any more
   But we'll gather at the school house
   On this glad reunion day,
   With the friends that we used to know of you.

   Though some have climbed the mountain
   On the road to wealth or fame,
   While others still are toiling on the way.
   Our hearts with love united, will ever be the same,
   As when we sang "Our Darling Nellie Grey"

   Oh, those happy days in school,
   When we learned the Golden Rule,
   You will never come back to us any more.
   But we'll gather at the school house
   On this glad reunion day,
   With the friends that we used to know of yore.
Words by Cora Wells Melick
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