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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1924

Antioch News6 November 1924
Lee Strang Is Seriously Hurt In Auto Crash
Chicago Car Hit Local Auto As Owner Changes Tire
Lee Strang, Antioch undertaker, and his wife were seriously injured Sunday evening at Grayslake, where the Strang family had gone to visit for the day. Mr. Strang had parked his car off the road to repair a tire when he was struck by another car containing four Chicagoans, two of whom are under arrest for reckless driving.
The accident occurred about 11:00 o'clock. Mrs. Strang was seated in the front of the car, and the two Strang children were outside the car watching their father.
The Chicago car struck Strang and the Strang car. Mr. Strang received two broken ribs and several cuts about the head and back. Mrs. Strang was also severely cut about the head. The top was torn off the car. The children escape injury.
The Chicagoans in the other car were Robert Kirkland, H. J. Hargraves, Miss Olive Richmond and Miss Olga Bokkan. Miss Richmond received cuts and bruises.
The Chicagoans were driving a Packard, which turned over, the lights and radiator being smashed and one wheel torn off.
Kirkland and Hargraves were arrested and taken to the county jail. Officers who made the arrest claim the Chicago motorists had been dringing.
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