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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1924

Antioch News14 August 1924
Prof. H. D. Hughes, formerly of Lake county now living at Ames, Ia., was visiting friends and relatives in Antioch over the week end. For the past week Prof. Hughes has been giving agricultural lectures from the Sears-Roebuck broadcasting station in Chicago.

W. G. Thom of Chicago formerly of Millburn called on Antioch friends last Friday

from the Kenosha News August 1924
Folks for Miles Around
Gather at School House Grounds for Occasion
The Browe School held its twenty-third annual reunion at the old school house yesterday. There was a large attendance of old and young scholars of the institution, and it seemed to be the most enthusiastic gathering that was had for years, despite the mosquitoes. The pastimes of the day were horse-shoes, tilts, ball games and dancing. Dancing consisted of jigs and old time drills.
Scholars were in attendance from Evanston, Kenosha and many younger scholars than ever have attended before. Edson C. Howard, who taught school there the winter of 1867 and 1868, Miss Mamie Browe, Mrs. Mary Hughes White and C. T. Heydecker, president of the association, made short and interesting talks. The Wells family furnished the musical program. They had brought with them a piano, and a full orchestra, which enlivened the whole afternoon.
Reads Records
The president read extracts from the records of the old Board of Directors, covering sometimes between 1850 and 1866, the records prior to 1850 having been lost or destroyed.
The officers elected for the ensuing year were C. T. Heydecker, president; Frank L. Wells of Kenosha, vice president; F. G. Dietmeyer, Emma Heydecker and Edgar Ames, executive committee. The last Thursday of August, 1925 was designated as reunion day. Pictures were taken of the whole gathering.
A vote of thanks was extended to the orchestra for its entertainment and a vote of thanks was also extended to F. Whitmire for the privilege of enjoying the use of the grove adjacent to the school house. Letters were read from several absent scholars who were unable to be present.
It is expected that next year additional amusements will be added to those which we have had during previous years.
Frank Wells presented the president of the association with a bouquet of gladiolas gathered from his own flower garden at Kenosha to which presentation Mr. Heydecker responded in a few appreciative remarks.
Write Song
One interesting part of the program consisted of a song written by Mrs. Cora Wells Melick, for the occasion, which was sung by the Kenosha quartet, entitled "How Do You Do", as follows:
   How do you do Mr. President, how do you do,
   And the rest of the Heydeckers, how are you,
   With your friends so old and dear
   You have met for many a year;
   And we'll give you a rouhing cheer.
Just for you, you, you. And our Vice President, how do you do. We are glad to see you here with your crew. With your music, dough and song You will jolly us along. How do you do Mr. Wells, How do you do.
And the Dietmeyer family, how do you do. Fid, Josie and the twins, how are you. Barbara, the jigging one, who is full of kicks and fun, How do you do Dietmeyer family, How do you do.
How do you do, Browes and and Ames, how do you do. Joe Harbarger and Jim Tucker, how are you. And our Bridget Dougherty, who was always full of glee; Adeliade Conners and Lou Gaede, How do you do. And the Strock quartette, how do you do. We couldn't have a picnic without you. Then here's to fiddler John, Sophia, Mary, Sarah Ann, How do you do Strock family, how do you do, do, do.
How do you do, everybody, how do you do. Tho this question's seldom answered it is true. Still in the promised land we will grasp each other's hand, With, how do you do, dear old comrades, how do you do, do, do.
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