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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1921

Antioch News1 December 1921
After Lingering Illness,
Mrs. Jacob Savage Dies at age of 81 Years
Helen Louise Webb was born in Ithica, New York, November 25, 1840, and left this world for the better land at Antioch, Illinois, on her eight-first birthday, Nov. 25, 1921.
When Helen was a young girl, the Webb family pulled up from their old home in "York state" and went away out west to try their fortunes on the prairies of Illinois. They settled on a farm in the Hickory neighborhood, in Lake county, and did their full share of the hard and heavy toil required to tame the wild lands and create the great prosperity which has come in more recent years, not the lest of their services being their faithful and earnest Christian life and efficient work in the church. The family became numerous and have filled a very large place in the development of all this part of the county.
Helen was converted when a young woman and united with the Methodist Episcopal church at the little brown church which stood a mile and a half east of the site of the present Hickory church and has continued a member of the Methodist church through all the years. Fifty-two years ago the tenth of October at Haynesville, she was united in marriage with Jacob Savage and spent twenty-six years more in the strenuous life of the farm, living still in the Hickory community, where they were active in helping to build the present Hickory Methodist church.
At the end of these twenty-six years, they moved into Antioch, and have lived all the twenty-five years since on the same corner where they present home is.
During most of the time since they came to town, Mrs. Savage's health has been very poor which fact has prevented her mingling very extensively in the social and public religious life of the community. But we are assured that her faith in Christ was always clear and strong, she was fond of reading her Bible and sincerely tried to live by its teachings and those who knew her best testify that she succeeded.
The husband survives, quite ill for several weeks past. Of her three sisters and two brothers, there survives only one brother, Almond Webb, living in Highland Park. She leaves on daughter, Mrs. Jeannette Wells, and three sons, Austin, Mortimore and Lee Webb, all of Antioch. In addition to these more immediate relatives she is survived by eleven grand children and eight great-grandchildren, besides a very large number of nephews and neices and other relatives.
During her recent illness, in moments of semi-consciousness, she would sometimes say, "I am going to my Father," and again she would look up, reach out her arms and say, "There is Mother!" At last on Friday, a little after noon, she did go home to meet both her earthly Father and her Heavenly Father and to be with her Mother in the Heavenly Country.
The funeral services were held at the home Monday, Nov. 28, at 10:30 by Rev. Mumford, pastor of the Methodist church and the body was laid to rest in Union cemetery.
Antioch News8 December 1921
Auction Sales
The sale to held by Mr. Pope on the Peter Fahrney farm, 1 mile east of Millburn and 3 miles southwest of Wadsworth, on Friday, December 9, is expected to draw a large crowd. L. J. Slocum is the auctioneer and James G. Welch the clerk.
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