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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1921

Antioch News4 August 1921

A hearing on the course of route 21 was held in the Tiger room of the Sherman hotel, Chicago, Friday, July 29, and was attended by many prominent men of this section of the state.

Representatives of the different sections of the state were allowed a period of 15 minutes in which to present their arguments as to the course this route should take. John A. Thain, a farmer from Wadsworth, was the first to be called on. Mr. Thain put up a creditable argument for the routing of the highway via the Libertyville, Fremont and Millburn road to Antioch. R. W. Churchill, of Grayslake, followed shortly after him with a very strong plea for the Grayslake-Lake Villa route.

F. W. Hamlin, president of the village of Lake Villa, was then called on and he presented the village's attorney, Mr. Welch, of Waukegan, to plead their cause and he presented data which rumor has since proved that appears to be the logical and most economical routing of this road. This rumor shows the most likely routing as follows: Belvidere road, then north on the east side of the Soo Line to present road to Grayslake to Lake Villa road and thence northeast and north to Antioch. This road will eliminate two grade crossings and one school at Grayslake. The grade crossing at Lake Villa will be eliminated by a natural elevation lying 600 feet north of the present grade.
Frank R. King, president of the village of Antioch, was one of the men to be called on. He stated that the citizens of his own appeared to be evenly split on the route to Antioch and therefor expressed himself as being neutral, but asserted that what he would like to see was "some cement."

Among some of those who attended the meeting were Frank T. Fowler, of Lake Villa; Nason Sibley, Earnest Brook, Herbert Vos and Butch Rothers, all of Antioch.

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