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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1921

Antioch News3 March 1921
Death of Mrs. James Pollock at Waukegan
On Thursday of last week at the home of her daughter in Waukegan occurred the death of Mrs. James Pollock, a well known pioneer of this county.
Mrs. Pollock had reached the age of seventy-eight years and her death was due to an attack of bronichiel pheumonia.
For many years the Pollock family was one of the most prominent families in the vicinity of Millburn, and it was there that they lived at the time of Mr. Pollock's death eleven years ago.
Mrs. Pollock is surrived by one son Henry of Omaha, Neb., and two daughters Bertha P. Cary of Denver, Col., and Addie B. Fulton of Waukegan. The funeral services were held last Saturday and the remains were laid at rest in the Millburn cemetery.

Prominent G. A. R. Man Dies Last Saturday
Attorney James M. Taylor, who served in Company C, 69th. Illinois, the famous infantry regiment, died at his home at Taylorville, Ill. on Saturday of last week.
Atty. Taylor was well known in this community, having enlisted from Millburn, where company C was recruited, and he is also prominently known throughout the state. He was a candidate for the position of Department Commander of the Department of Ill. G. A. R. for this year. He served under Captain John Pollock in the war of the Rebellion. He was known by practically every G. A. R. member in Lake County.

Fire of Unknown Origin Destroys Farm Barn
A fire of unknown origin totally destroyed the barn on the H. Edwards farm a short distance east of Millburn on Saturday morning of last week. The tenant on the farm, Frank Hauser, had moved there only about a month ago.
The fire not only consumed the barn but all the hay, grain, etc., that was stored therein. Mr. Hauser succeeded in saving the cattle and horses from the burning stoucture.
Being left with the stock and no feed Mr. Hauser decided to hold an auction sale on Saturday of this week, at which time he will sell fourteen cows and two horses as well as some of his farm machinery.
Antioch News31 March 1921
"Always in Trouble" is the name of a three act comedy given by the choir of the Millburn Congregational church Friday evening, April 1, beginning at 7:45 o'clock. Admission adults 35 cents. Children under twelve 15 cents.
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