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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1919

Antioch News7 August 1919
We are getting some much needed showers this week.

W. J. Anderson and wife of Chicago transacted business here last week.

Mrs. Scott LeVoy spent over Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Fischer in Kenosha, Wis.

Norman Adams and daughter Miss Bae spent the week-end with E. A. Martin.

The Community social will be held Friday evening, August 8, with Miss Vera Miller.

Mrs. J. P Dawson and sister Miss Sand, of Three Oaks, Michigan, are visiting at V. H. Strang's.

Belle Truax and George and Robert Acken of Kenosha, spent the past week with the Acken children.

Rev. George Safford and family of Iowa, are spending their vacations with Rev. and Mrs. Safford here and the Wheatons at Wheaton, Ill.

Rev. A. W. Safford having preached here for over 15 years read his resignation Sunday to take place November 1st, having preached 50 years.

Antioch News14 August 1919
Mrs. Sarah Dodge of Libertyville visited relatives here the past week.

Mrs. C. E. Denman was a Libertyville and Chicago visitor the past week.

Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Safford and children are visiting this week at Wheaton, Ill.

Mrs. L. S. Bonner and son expect to return from the Chicago hospital this week.

The young people of this vicinity held a marshmallow roast at Hastings lake Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kemper and children of Chicago spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman.

Mrs. Geo. Jamieson and Miss Alice Jamieson of Berwyn, Ill., called on old friends and attended the funeral of Mrs. Jamieson's brother, Ed Dodge.

Wm. McGuire, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner, Mrs. John Bonner, Robert and Gordon Bonner attended the funeral of Ed Dodge at Rochester, Wis., ______day.

Ed. P. Dodge, formerly of Millburn, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Helen Buss at Rochester, Wis., Friday Aug. 8. Funeral by auto to Millburn cemetery at 1:00 o'clock, Aug. 11.

Little Mildred Hook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Hook, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strang of Gurnee passed away at the Jane McAllister hospital Tuesday. The funeral was held Wednesday at the Warren Chapel.

Antioch News21 August 1919
Miss Ruth Pollock is sending a few days in Chicago.

Miss Minnie Hoffman is a guest of Mrs. C. E. Denman this week.

Messrs. J. S. Denman and D. M. White transacted business in Chicago the past week.

Miss Runyard of Antioch has been engaged to teach the Hockaday school the coming year.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Denman visited from Saturday until Monday with the former's parents.

Mrs. Newton LeVoy and children and Mrs. Wm. Rose of Belvidere, were callers here Sunday.

Miss Helen Safford left Tuesday to spend part of her vacation with her sister at Wheaton, Ill.

Antioch News28 August 1919
Hockaday school opens Sept. 1, with Miss Ida Runyard of Antioch.

Miss Mable Crockett of Chicago spent the past week with Miss Jessie Cannon.

Miss Ruth Pollock and Schuyler Denman spent Sunday at Libertyville and Wilmette.

Marion Neahaus having spent a few days with her aunt in Chicago returned home Wednesday.

Miss Helen Safford left the first of the week for Sterling, Ill., to attend Teacher's Institute.

Mrs. Majorie Cannon Weise spent several days with the home folks. She returned to Chicago Sunday.

The Sunday School picnic held at Hasting lake was well attended and a enjoyable time was had by everyone.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cleveland announce the marriage of their daughter Maude Lillian Cleveland to Harry Wilbur Lawson on Aug. 15, in Chicago. Congratulations.

from the pages of the Kenosha News 28 August 1919
Annual Event Held at School Thursday
Drew Many of Old-timers
The 18th annual reunion of the Browe School was held Thursday, August 28, 1919, about 400 scholars and friends were present, and all had an enjoyable time.
The following were present who attended the school prior to 1860: John Strock, Joseph Herberger, Joseph Eichenger, F.C. Dietmeyer, Barbara Ames, Sophia Wells, Sara A. Wells, Mary B. Struber, Mary Lux, Mary Hanson, Ceceilia Shea, Julia Browe, James Tucker and F. J. Dietmeyer.
The following were present who attended the school between 1860 and 18?0: Philip Benainger, C. A. Heydecker, William Wells, Clara Short, Sarah E. Browe, Mary N. Browe and James Carney.
After dinner the following program was enjoyed by all.
Remarks were made by Judge P. L. Person, Frank L. Wells, Mary N. Browe, and C. T. Heydecker, songs were sung by the Wells Quartette and one of the features of the day was the singing of a song written by Cora Wells Mellick, which was sung by her sister to the tune of "Nellie Gray."
  There's a little Browe schoolhouse
  Standing on a lonely hill
  Where we've passed many happy hours away
  And often in my memory I'm roaming around it still
  Though our heads long ago have turned to Grey.

    Oh the happy childhood days,
    You are in the far, far away,
    And you'll never come back to us any more.
    But we'll gather at the schoolhouse
    On the glad Reunion Day
    With the friends that we used to know of your.

  Tho some have climbed mountain
  On the way to wealth and fame
  And others still are struggling on the way,
  Our hearts, in love united, will ever be the same
  As when we sang our 'Darling Nellie Gray'.
The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President - C. T. Heydecker of Waukegan, Ill., Vice President - Frank L. Wells. of Kenosha; Executive Committee - F. q. Dietmeyer, Emma Heydecker, Edgar Ames.

Browe School Reunion Held for 21st Time
Vice President Frank L. Wells presented to the five ladies who attended school in the old log school house namely Sophia Wells, Sarah Wells, Adelaide Connors, Bridget Emmerson and Mary Lux, each a $10 gold piece, and to John Strock, Charles Doughtey, C. T. Heydecker and Thomas Strang, each a $5 gold piece.
It must not be forgotten that all who were participants in the prizes given by Frank L. Wells extended to him their heartful thanks for the kind momento and while they cherish him as one of the oldest children if not the oldest child of a parent who attended school before 1860 and the vice president of the association.
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