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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1919

Antioch News2 January 1919
A happy New Year to all.

Belle Truax of Kenosha spent Sunday with home folks.

Mrs. Truax entertained her children from Chicago Christmas.

Dr. and Mrs. Jamieson and daughter were in Chicago Friday.

Mrs. Fred Achen of Kenosha spent Sunday with her sister here.

Miss Belle Watson and Miss Ruth Pollock were in Chicago Saturday.

The Masons and Eastern Star have installation Tuesday evening of this week.

The terrible storm of Tuesday, Dec. 24, caused all entertainments to be postponed.

Rev. Safford and Miss Helen Safford left Monday for Wheaton, Ill. Miss Safford will return to Bloomington, Wis., from Wheaton.

The Millburn Mutual Insurance. Co., meeting will be held at Mason's hall, Saturday, Jan 11, to transact business. Chicken pie dinner will be served by the ladies of the church.

Antioch News16 January 1919
Miss Belle Truax of Kenosha spent a few weeks here.

Mrs. Natham Lamb of Lambs Corners is visiting her nephew H. D. Minto.

Miss Johnson of Kenosha, a nurse at Archie Webb's has pneumonia. Her sister from Kenosha is taking care of her.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reeves, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb and a son to Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Strang. These babies have all been born since Jan. 1.

The Millburn Mutual Insurance Co. held their annual meeting Saturday and the following officers were elected: President, G. B. Stephens; Secretary, J. S. Denman; Treasurer, D. H. Minto; Directors-Mr. Davis, Libertyville; Geo. McCullough, Gurnee; David Pullen, Antioch.

Antioch News23 January 1919
A. E. Jack was a Chicago visitor Friday.

Miss Belle Truax returned to Kenosha Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George White gave a dinner party Saturday.

Several from this vicinity are taking grain and corn to the show at Libertyville.

The Red Cross held a meeting Wednesday at the home of Mrs. D. M. White.

John and Will Morley took their car home Sunday, having been stalled here for two weeks.

V. H. Strang got his car home Saturday from Zion City where it was laid up for repairs.

J. S. Denman, D. M. White and L. S. Bonner were Waukegan and North Chicago business visitors the past week.

Antioch News30 January 1919
Antioch Farmers Take Several Premiums
In looking over the list of premiums awarded for exhibits at the Lake County Corn Show held at Libertyville last week, we notice that a goodly number fell to the lot of the farmers who made enteries from this locality. The names of those in this immediate vicinity who were awarded premiums are as follows:
Ten ears of corn- First, J. G. Bonner, Lake Villa; second, J. H. Bonner, Lake Villa.
Ten ears yellow corn-First, Rouse Brothers, Area; second, G. R. White, Antioch.
Ten ears mixed corn-First, --A. G. Hughes, Antioch.
Fifty ears corn (white) --First, Gordon Bonner, Lake Villa.
Fifty ears yellow corn-First, Rouse Bros, Area; second, G. R. White, Antioch.
Best single ear of corn-First, A. G. Hughes, Antioch
Best bushel spring wheat--Third Wm. Bonner, Lake Villa.
Best bushel winter wheat--First Wm. Bonner, Lake Villa, second, G. R. White, Antioch; third, A. G. Hughes, Antioch
Best bushel early oats--Fourth A. G. Hughes, Antioch
Best bushel late oats--Third, D. H. Minto, Antioch
Best peck timothy seed--Second, H. Minto, Antioch; third, A. G. Hughes, Antioch.
Best exhibit of farm seeds--First, D. H. Minto, Antioch.
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