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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1918

Antioch News7 March 1918
The Ladies Aid society met with Mrs. A. K. Bain this week.

A family from Lake Villa have moved into Mrs. Mary Yule's house.

Oscar Neahous had his sale today selling stock, horses and implements.

Mr. Caddock and family of Lake Villa moved today to the J. A. Strang farm.

Mr. Deppie of Chicago moved last week into the house vacated by ______ Webb.

Antioch News14 March 1918
Schools in this vicinity will be closed Thursday and Friday as the teachers will attend Teacher's Institute.

Miss Helen Cannon having been sick the past week was taken Sunday to the Jane McAlister hospital for an operation for apendicitis.

Antioch News21 March 1918
M. J. Cannon has returned from Waukesha, Wis.

Miss McLin spent Wednesday in Chicago with her mother and sister.

Mrs. Florence Achen of Kenosha, spent Sunday with her sister and family.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young moved on Tuesday to their future home on the Shaw farm.

Herbert Shea of Wadsworth, got the nomination for Road Commissioner for Newport township.

W. B. Stewart and wife returned home on Saturday from St. Petersburg, Florida, where they spent the winter.

John Stewart of St. Paul, Minn., having spent some time at St. Petersburg, Florida, will spend some time with relatives here.

The Red Cross meeting will be held Wednesday March 27, at the parsonage. On account of the storm there was no meeting last Wednesday.

Antioch News28 March 1918
300 Acre Farm for Sale Cheap
To close an estate we will receive offers for the purchase of a 311-acre farm between Millburn and Wadsworth, Lake County, Illinois, containing both pasture land and tillable land. Most of the tillable land is tilled and drained. A creek, fed by springs, running through the pasture land makes it especially desirable for stock or dairy purposes.
The buildings include a ten-room house with running hot and cold water and other modern improvements; two cow barns, one of which will stable 60 head; two forty foot cement silos; a large hog house with loft above; two large double corn houses with enclosed driveway; tool and machinery house; one large barn for stock; several small buildings and sheds. These structures alone could not be replaced today short of $20,000. Sale will be subject to $16,000 mortgage bearing 5% interest.
We shall be glad to send you a more complete description of the property if you are interested.
Harris Trust and Savings Bank
Organized as N. W. Harris & Co., 1882
Incorporated 1907

Mr. and Mrs. Cannon have a Ford.

Rev. Safford spent several days in Chicago the past week.

Clarence Bonner, wife and daughter were Millburn visitors Sunday.

Miss Margaret Gilbert of Dekalb is spending this week with her mother.

Miss Bertha White is in the German American hospital for an operation.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Hook moved from Waukegan to his fathers farm west of Millburn.

J. S. Denman is taking a weeks treatment at the German American hospital in Chicago.

Miss Helen Cannon having spent two weeks in McAlister hospital returned home Tuesday.

S. Denman and Miss Ruth Pollock spent Saturday evening with Miss Jennie Willett at Antioch.

A. K. Bain sold his stock of groceries and dry goods at public auction Friday and Saturday and are packing their goods for shipment this week.

A farewell part will be held Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart in honor of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain, who soon leave for their future home in New York.

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