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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1916

Antioch News1 June 1916
A. K. Bain was in Chicago Monday.

W. A. Bonner and relatives motored to Fox Lake Sunday.

Miss Dawson left Tuesday for her home at Three Oaks, Michigan.

Norman Adams and wife of Chicago Lawn spent Sunday with E. A. Martin and wife.

The Hockaday school closed Monday as teacher and 8th grade pupils attended the Gurnee school.

John Bonner and wife left Thursday for Dokato to attend a golden wedding anniversary of a cousin.

It was the Volunteer class that gave the entertainment instead of the C. T. U., class. Proceeds were $20.

Miss Bae Adams, neice of E. A. Martin was operated on last Wednesday for appendicitis and is in the hospital in Chicago.

W. B. Stewart and wife left Wednesday for Gas Kansas, to spend a month with Mrs. Stewart's sister, Mrs. T. Anderson.

Antioch News8 June 1916
John Bonner and wife have returned home from S. D.

Miss Vivian Bonner is entertaining company from Chicago.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago spent Friday and Saturday with her aunts.

The Hockaday school closed Thursday with a picnic. Mrs. Haines of Gurnee attended the picnic.

The June meeting of the Lake County Congregational churches have been postponed until June 22.

John Fulton and family and Mrs. Jas. Pollock of Waukegan spent Sunday with Mrs. Bertha Cory.

Mrs. Leslie Kemper and daughter and Mrs. Sarah Dodge of Chicago are visiting relatives here this week.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their meeting at the home of Mrs. C. E. Denman. Mrs. J. S. Denman and Mrs. C. E. Denman will serve supper.

Antioch News15 June 1916
Mrs. J. Hughes has returned from California, where she spent the winter with her son. She stopped at S. Paul to visit her brother there, but was called home Saturday by the illness of her daughter, Mrs. Strang who had spent the winter in California with her mother but who came on home and was stricken with applexy, but at last report was very slightly improved.

Geo. Miller was in Chicago Monday.

Mrs. Mary Yule is spending a few weeks at her home here.

Miss Clara Foote returned Thursday from Wheaton and Chicago.

Miss Voss of Chicago spent the weekend with Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Miss Vivian Bonners's guests from Chicago returned home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Menzo Webb are the possessors of a new Overland auto.

Leslie Kemper of Chicago is spending a few days of his vacation with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman

Miss Helen Safford has returned from Morrisonville, Ill., to spend her vacation with the home folks.

John Levoy's pony slipped Saturday and threw John and fell on him. No bones were broken but he was considerably bruised.

Mrs. Erma Strang and daughter returned from California last Thursday, having spent the winter there. Friday morning she was stricken with paralysis and Sunday she had another stroke. At this writing she is in a very precarious condition.

Antioch News22 June 1916
Mrs. Erma Strang remains about the same.

Miss Madge Stephens is still very sick.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart returned from Kansas Tuesday.

Jesse. Denman transacted business in Round Lake the past week.

Miss Ruth Pollock entertained company from Chicago the past week.

N. Luiken and T. Garrett transacted business in Minnesota the past week.

Miss Ruth Pollock is spending this week in Chicago with her aunt, Miss Inez Pollock.

Mrs. E. N. Cannon and Elma Cannon leave this week for Kearney, Neb, to visit Mrs. Cannons's parents.

The Grubb school closed Wednesday with a picnic. Miss Baker has returned to her home in Highland Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Wait and daughters of Round Lake spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland. Mrs. Wait will remain for a week.

Antioch News29 June 1916
Mrs. R. L. Strang is no better.

Miss Madge Stephens is very much better.

Dr. Jamieson lost a horse from lock jaw Tuesday.

Mrs. O. Hollenbeck and daughter spend Monday with Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Miss Jessie Cannon is entertaining her friend, Dorothy Cornell of Gurnee.

Andrew White of Nebraska is visiting relatives and renewing old acquaintances here.

Mrs. Olin Cleveland and Warren Cleveland of Chicago spent Sunday with home folks.

Mrs. Ruby Wait and children returned home Sunday, having spent a week with her parents.

H. D. Hughes and daughter of Gurnee, and Mrs. H. Lamb of Lambs Corner attended church here Sunday.

Rev. Safford, D. M. White, Mr. and Mrs. Bonner and others attended the June meeting in Waukegan Tuesday.

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