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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1916

Antioch News4 May 1916
Rev. Geo. Mitchell has an auto.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Cannon spent Wednesday in Area.

Mrs. A. K. Bain visited Mrs. Clarence Bonner the past week.

The Ladies' Aid Society served supper Thursday. Seven ladies help serve.

Leslie Bonner returned home Monday from Three Oaks Michigan.

Eugene Strang and son George Strang of Waukegan called on relatives Sunday.

A Reception was held at home of Rev. and Mrs. Safford Friday afternoon to welcome Mrs. Jannette Mathews home.

Antioch News11 May 1916
Rev. Safford was a Chicago visitor Tuesday.

Geo. Mitchell will have a barn raising Tuesday.

Robt. Fulton of Waukegan transacted business here Thursday.

Miss Annie McCredie returned home from Gurnee Friday.

Misses Inez Pollock and ______ Jamieson of Chicago spent the week end with home folks.

Mrs. Stewart of Gurnee is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mina Gilbert.

Fred Spring bought the Bater home last week from Mrs. Huesdan of Iowa, and other heirs.

The Volunteer class of the Sunday School will give and entertainment and winding the May pole at the church on May 17. Admission eleven cents. Refreshments served after the entertainment. Everybody come.

Antioch News18 May 1916
A big moving truck was stalled in Millburn Sunday.

There was no Sunday School Sunday on account of the rain.

Mrs. Nina Gilbert accompanied Mrs. Stewart to Waukesha.

Messrs. C. E. and J. S. Denman were in Libertyville Monday.

LeVerne Denman of DesMoines, Iowa, is visiting his cousins here.

John Bonner and wife and W. A. Bonner spent Sunday at Russell.

Mrs. Murphy of Waukegan is spending several days with her brother, Sam Larsen.

Mrs. Peter Stewart left Friday for Waukesha, where she will remain for some time for her health.

Millburn was visited by a heavy hail storm Sunday doing much damage to fruit trees and shrubbery.

Mrs. Anna Larson, mother of Samuel Larson was buried from his home into the Millburn cemetery Friday.

Antioch News25 May 1916
Victor Strang lost a horse last week.

Mr. Safford and Miss Foote returned home Thursday.

Miss Ruby Strang of Gurnee was a visitor here Wednesday.

Miss Bessie Baker spent the week-end with her parents at Highland Park.

Messrs. Lewis and Bills of Waukegan transacted business here Friday and Saturday.

The C. T. N. class took in $52.11 from their entertainment and supper Wednesday evening.

Thursday afternoon W. A. Bonner caught his finger in a drill and had it amputated to the third joint.

The church will have new floors and redecorating done soon, during that time church will be held in the Masonic hall.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman entertained company from Wilmette, Waukegan, Highland Park and DesMoines, Iowa, Sunday.

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