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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1916

Antioch News3 February 1916
Ira Stephens, son of Geo. Stephens of Millburn, has so far recovered from his recent operation as to leave the Wesley hospital last Tuesday. At present he is staying in Waukegan.

A temperance speaker will occupy the pulpit Sunday Morning.

Miss Hazel Thain White is in the Presbyterian hospital for an operation.

Several from the vicinity attended the auto show in Chicago the past week.

J. S. Denman transacted business in Waukegan and North Chicago Friday.

The entertainment that was to be held here Feb. 10, has been postponed until Feb. 14.

Mr. and Mrs. Melrose are helping Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain to sell their stock of goods.

J. A. Strang shipped a car load of cows and hogs and two cars of baled straw the last week.

Ira Stephens son of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Stephens is in the Wesly hospital in Chicago for a operation for appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. Safford left for Chicago Friday. Mrs. Safford is spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Wheaton, at Wheaton, Ill.

Miss Christianson, sister of Mrs. Jeppe Jepson went Saturday to Waukegan to the Jane McAlister hospital for an operation for appendicitis.

Miss Helen Safford, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Safford went St. Luke's hospital Saturday for an operation and is getting along nicely.

We are sorry to write the fact that Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain have decided to sell their stock of merchandise at cost and will leave as soon as they can get ready.

Antioch News10 February 1916
Rev. Ward of Gibson City, Ill, was the temperance speaker here Sunday and was very interesting.

The Hockaday school is closed for a month. Miss Stella Haines and Cashmore children have the measles.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner, Mrs. T. Kidd and Mrs. W. Bonner have been sick the past week with the grip.

Ernest White of Montana, arrived the past week to be with Mrs. White when she has a very serious operation at the Presbyterian hospital in Chicago.

An entertainment will be given at the church Monday evening, Feb. 14. Mr. Mande, the famous magician and Mr. Staples the noted cartoonist will entertain you.

The Farmers Institute will be held at the church Thursday, Feb. 17. Mrs. McMurray will have a special demonstration for the ladies in another room. Dinner will be sold by the ladies of the church.

The Keystone class invited the Volunteer class and C. T. U. class to a party given Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller as a housewarming Friday evening. A very pleasant time was had.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett of Millburn will soon be moving to their new home at Hickory on the Olsen farm.

Antioch News17 February 1916
On Tuesday of this week Mr. John Stephens and Miss Agnes Armour both of the town of Newport were united in marriage in the city of Waukegan. Immediately after the ceremony the happy couple departed for a short honeymoon trip, and upon their return will make their future home on the Mathews farm near Millburn.
Both of these young people are widely and favorably known in the vicinity of Millburn and both have hosts of friends who unite in wishing them a life of joy and prosperity.

Auction Sale
Having sold the farm known as the Henry Shepard farm, 4 miles, north- west of Gurnee, 1 1-2 miles north of Lamb's Corners, and 2 miles east of Millburn, the undersigned will sell at Public Auction on
Wednesday, Feb. 23
Starting at 10:00 o'clock
108 Head of Gurnsey Cattle
15 Head of Horses and Colts
Some Machinery
Free Lunch. Usual Terms, 6 mos.
GEO. VOGEL, Auctioneer.
Shepard & Martin, Props.

Helen Young has the measles.

Leon Strang returned from Urbana recently.

Ernest White spent over Sunday at Millburn.

Bert Trotter of Chicago visited relatives here Sunday.

Miss Foote is spending a few weeks with friends at Wheaton, Ill.

Miss Dorothy Baker was a week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Marsels.

It is reported that Oscar Nehaus has rented the J. A. Strang farm.

Mr. Garret will this week move to Hickory and Mr. Duncan will move into the house vacated by Mr. Garret.

W. J. White, Dave Young and wife, J. S. Denman and W. S. Denman transacted business in Waukegan the past week.

Miss Baker entertained her pupils of Grubb school on a Valentine party Saturday at the school house. They had a very pleasant time making valentines, toasting marshmellows and dancing.

Antioch News24 February 1916
Having sold his farm the undersigned will sell at public auction 5 miles south of Antioch and 5 miles north-east of Lake Villa, 2 1/2 miles north-west of Millburn, on
Tuesday, Feb. 29
Commencing at 1 o'clock sharp the following described property to wit:
40 head of live stock-14 milk cows, some with calves by side, some springers. 5 yearling heifers. 4 spring heifers. Full blood Holstein bull. Gray mare, 15 yrs. old, wt 1250, in foal; brown horse, 11 yrs, wt 1400; bay mare, 7 yrs, wt 1200; brown colt, 4 yrs; brown colt, 3 yrs; driving horse 7 yrs. wt 1200; 2 sucking colts, brown mare, 11 yrs old; 2 broodsows.
2 sets of work harness, Deering corn binder, McCormick grain binder, Deering mower, Deering rake, 2 riding corn cultivators, John Deere hay loader, new last year, side deliver; grain drill, riding plow, stubble plow, 2 sod plows, set of drags, 3-in truck wagon, silo wagon, 2 horse milk wagon, surrey, bob sleigh, set 3000 pound wagon spring, stone boat, 600 lb scales, corn sheller, 3 hives of bees bag of clover seed, 3 horse disc harrow.
Usual Terms
John F. Martin, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer.
Geo. Bartlett, Clerk

The undersigned will sell at public auction on his farm in Millburn 4 miles west of Wadsworth and 7 miles south of Antioch, on

Thursday, March 2
Commencing at 10 sharp, the following described property:
90 head of live stock-Brown team, 10 years, wt 3000; brown horse 8 yrs, wt 1600; bay mare, 8 years, wt 1500; gray Gelding, 6 years wt 1300; Chestnut team 5 and 6 years, wt 2100; sorrel Gelding, 8 yrs, wt 1100; brown Gelding 6 yrs old, wt 1200; bay Gelding 3 yrs, wt 1000; saddle pony 8 years. 55 head of milkers and springers, 10 Holstein yearling bulls, 4 shorthorn bulls 7 yearling heifers.
800 bu seed oats, 350 bu barley, 25 tons alfalfa hay, 20 tons clover hay, 5 tons wild hay, 75 bu early potatoes, 20 bu late potatoes, 25 cords of stove wood, 8 stacks corn.
Machinery-Deering corn binder, Deering grain binder, McCormick mower, Deering hay loader, side delivery rake, 2 horse rake, gang plow, manure spreader, sod plow, stubble plow, drill, sod crusher, 2 pulverizers, 3-sec drag, 3 riding cultivators, walking cultivator, check-row corn planter, 2 truck wagons, 2 milk wagons, top buggy, road cart, braking cart, trap, cutter, 2 sets bob sleighs, 2 cattle feeders, 4 sets double harness, 2 single harness, grindstone, fanning mill, 2 corn shellers, stoneboat caldon kettle, 2 hay racks, new wagon box, 2 sets fly nets, horse blankets and robes, safe, some household furniture and many other articles too numerous to mention.
Free lunch at noon.
Usual terms.
John A. Strang, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer.
J. E. Brook, Clerk

Jack Cory spent the past week in Chicago on business.

The Hockaday school opened Monday having been closed a month.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Chicago spent the week-end with her parents here.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago visited her aunts the Misses Watson last week.

Mrs. McMurray, the domestic science instructor of Lincoln, Ill., was very interesting.

Misses Helen and Jessie Cannon and Mortimer Cannon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cannon.

Invitation announcing the wedding of Miss Nomine Christensen of Millburn to Lawrence Haines of Gurnee.

Ray Melrose and wife returned to Minneapolis Sunday after spending several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain.

The wedding of Miss Agnes Armour, daughter of Jas Armour to John Stephens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Stephens took place at Waukegan, Feb 15. They will make their home on the Mathews farm.

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