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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1914

Antioch News10 December 1914
Auto Turns Turtle
Dr. Homer E. Jamieson and wife of Millburn on last Friday afternoon were the victims of an auto accident which fortunately did not result in serious injury to either of the occupants of the car, although their experience was one which they do not care to repeat.
As they were driving along the road at a point about three miles east of Millburn, a dog ran into the road and began barking and jumping at the machine, the doctor tried to avoid running over the animal but it suddenly leaped squarely in the path of the car. As the wheels struck the body the machine swerved from the highway and before the occupants realized their danger it had turned turtle in the ditch.
Both Dr. and Mrs. Jamieson were thrown clear of the car and neither received injuries other than a few bruises. The machine was not damaged to any extent and after it was once more righted the doctor was able to return home with it. At the present time they are congratulating themselves upon the fortunate ending of the affair.
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