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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1914

Antioch News8 October 1914
Mrs. Murrie of Gurnee is Victim of Mysterious Shot
While Riding in Auto
The Fact That Three Boys Were Hunting in Vicinity With Rifle is Belief They Fired Shot
While driving their auto along one of the principal roads near Wadsworth on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. James Murrie of Gurnee, truck gardeners there, were victims of an accident which might have cost one or the other their life. It was due to a stray bullet fired by a careless hunter from a rifle in some nearby woods or from a rifle aimed maliciously at the occupants of the car by one of the three boys.
The bullet struck Mrs. Murrie in the elbow of her left arm, imbedding itself in such a manner that even the x-ray machine was used to locate it.
Mrs. Murrie, formerly Miss Worth daughter of Fred Worth of Waukegan, was sitting beside her husband on the seat of their garden auto truck. A shot from a rifle rang out and a moment later Mrs. Murrie almost leaped from the seat as she exclaimed: "Something hit me." It did not take long to determine that a bullet had struck Mrs. Murrie in the arm. Mr. and Mrs. Murrie hastened to the home of Dr. Jamieson where he endeavored to locate the bullet but was unable to do so the victim was rushed to Waukegan where Dr. Bellows put the x-ray machine to work and located the piece of lead, firmly imbedded in the elbow.
It is not known whether the bullet was a stray one, from a hunter or whether it was fired by one of three boys who were sitting on the bank of the highway as the auto passed. With Mr. and Mrs. Murrie at the time were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ames of Gurnee. The party saw three boys as they passed a certain spot. One held a rifle over his legs as they sat watching the car.
A moment later the bullet struck Mrs. Murrie. As quickly as possible Mr. Ames rushed back to where the boys had been, being of the belief that they fired the shot. They had disappeared very suddenly and this caused the conclusion that it was one of them who fired the shot and seeing the bullet had taken effect when they heard the victim scream, they had hurried off into the woods. Not a trace of the trio could be found and the Murries are of the belief that the boy fired the shot rather than thinking it was accidental.
Antioch News15 October 1914
Death of Robert Wield Minto
Robert Wield Minto, the third son of David and Jane Johnson Minto was born near Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Feb. 28, 1839. The following year he came with his parents and two older brothers, John and William to America, and in 1843 the family settled upon a farm near Antioch, Ill. In 1867 Robert Minto west to California, making his home at Eagleville, in Surprise Valley and here he has ever since resided until his death on the morning of Sept. 30, 1914. Two brothers survive him, Wm. Of Berkeley, Cal., and David, who lives on the old homestead near Antioch. He also leaves two daughters Mrs. George Hudspeth and Edith and two sons, Robert and Elmer all of whom reside at Eagleville.
Antioch News29 October 1914
Dies of Choler Infantum
On Friday of last week Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith of Millburn were called upon to part with their two and a half years old daughter Ruth, who on that day succumbed to a severe attack of choler infantum after an illness covering a period of nine days.
The funeral was held at St. Peter's church Sunday afternoon at two o'clock and the remains were laid at rest in Mt. Carmel cemetery.
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