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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1914

Antioch News7 May 1914
Dies at His Home Near Russell
Archibald McCredie, one of the oldest and best known residents of Millburn, died at his home early Saturday morning, May 2, his death being due to advanced age for, he was within a few months of being nighty.
Mr. McCredie had lived in Lake county close to sixty years, in fact, his relatives declare they believe it was just sixty years ago May 1, that he came to Lake county and had continued to be a resident ever since.
The McCredie family is one of the best known in the county, especially in the northwest portion.
The wife of the aged man died some four years ago. These children survive: Mrs. J. S. Murrie, Grayslake; Mrs. D. M. White, and Mrs. Wm. Miller, Lake Villa; Mrs. D. O. Douglas, Waukegan; George and John of Lake Villa.
The funeral services were held on Monday.
Antioch News28 May 1914
Guy McGuire Died Saturday
Guy McGuire, aged 31, a resident of Millburn, and a farmer there for several years, passed away at the Jane McAlister hospital at Waukegan Saturday morning after he had been suffering for sometime from a complication of diseases.
The deceased was taken to the hospital from his home in Millburn last Wednesday and the same day underwent an operation for appendicitis. His weakened condition at that time is thought to have failed to give him the strength necessary to overcome the effects of the operation and he rapidly declined.
Mr. McGuire is survived by a widow and two children, the oldest of which is three years. The funeral was held at his late home Monday afternoon, with interment in the Millburn cemetery.

Because the steamship Titanic struck an iceberg rather than another British ship, the supreme court at Washington on Monday held that the owner, the Oceanic Steam Navigation company, was entitled to have the liability for loss of life and property, including baggage in suits brought in American courts limited in accordance with American courts, including Mrs. James Elsbury of Gurnee, will get virtually nothing, the law limiting liability to the salvage from the wreck, and the passenger and freight money collected from the voyage-about $91,000 in all.
The total claim against the company, including the $10,000 suit started in New York by Mrs. Elsbury, have reached $13,000,000.
In rendering the decision the court held that the claims against the steamship company are limited by the Amercan limited liability law of 1851. The decision in no way affects suits brought against the owner in other countries.
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