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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1914

Antioch News5 February 1914
Grandpa Tower is on the gain.

Everybody go to church next Sunday.

Mrs. Will Bonner entertained company Sunday.

John Thain attended the auto show on Wednesday.

Mrs. Dave Young was a Zion City caller Monday.

Sol LaPlant of Antioch has been doing some work in this vicinity.

A number from here attended the card party at Gurnee Friday night.

Mrs. Ernest Wells spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Patch of Russell.

Miss Madge Stephens entertained a few of her friends at her home Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Kate Neahaus returned Sunday from Chicago, where she has been visiting relatives.

Antioch News12 February 1914
A. Trux spent Thursday in Chicago.

Earl Crawford attended the Farmer's Institute Thursday.

Will McCarthy and wife were Waukegan visitors Friday.

Frank Crawford and wife of Russell spent Sunday at J. Chopes'.

Miss Jean Armour returned home Friday from Round Lake.

Ray Bocken of Chicago visited several days with his mother.

Harriet Williams, reader, will be at Millburn church, Monday evening, February, 16.

Antioch News19 February 1914
Grandma Tower is gradually failing.

Mrs. Kate Neahaus is on the sick list.

Mr. Christensen lost a horse this week.

Jim Gallagher was in Waukegan on Wednesday.

Will Reilly made a business trip to Antioch Friday.

Leslie Bonner made a business trip to Grayslake Saturday.

Ralph Miller took a sleigh load from here to Hickory last Tuesday.

Mrs. Wm. Cremin is not getting along as well as was expected.

Ernest Wells and Scott Levoy were Chicago visitors one day last week.

Mrs. Thain entertained Mr. and Mrs. Stephens and Mr. and Mrs. J. Bonner, at dinner Saturday.

A basket social was held at the Hockaday school Friday evening. They took in $23.50. They intend to buy an organ.

Antioch News26 February 1914
Mrs. Alfred Bain spent the past week in Grayslake.

Warren Hook and wife were Waukegan visitors Thursday.

Wm. Cremin of Grayslake called on friends here Sunday.

Nick Luiken shipped a car load of cattle Sunday night.

Horace Tower Jr., bought a team of horses in Chicago Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pembo of Iowa, are visiting relatives here.

The basket social held at the Grubb school Thursday was a success.

R. Edmonds moves onto the Sears farm at Gages Lake this week.

Mrs. Cremin came home from the hospital Monday much improved.

Miss Vera Miller of Waukegan spent the week end with the home folks.

Clarence Bock returned to his home in Canada Thursday, after a visit here.

Dan Chope, son of John Chope fell off a chair last Monday and broke his arm.

Mrs. Florence Tower of Chicago visited at the home of H. B. Tower last week.

Misses Margaret Gilbert, Pearl Cleveland and Mary McCann attended the teachers meeting at Lake Forest last Friday.

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