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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1913

Antioch News4 September 1913
James Thom of Bristol spent Sunday here.

J. S. Denman transacted business at Round Lake Tuesday.

Mrs. Alex Hughes is entertaining her sister from Urbana, Ill.

Fred Heddle of Somers, Wis., is working in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Strang spent Wednesday at Ravina Park.

Earl White of Madison, is spending a few days with his parents here.

Mrs. Edith Clark entertained Warren Cemetery society on Tuesday of this week.

Mrs. John Fulton and James Pollock of Waukegan spent Sunday with Millburn relatives.

Robert Bonner has returned to Chicago after having spent a week with the home folks.

The Ladie's Aid society will hold their regular meeting at the church on Thursday, Sept. 11. Picnic supper.

Messrs. Bonner and Dawson and the Misses Faye Dawson and Ethel Sprague were Ravina Park and Chicago vistors Wednesday.

Antioch News11 September 1913
A. K. Bain was in Chicago Tuesday.

Many from here attended the county fair.

Dwen Kidd went Tuesday to the Wesley hospital for an operation.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Chicago is enjoying a week's vacation at home.

Mrs. Shepardson has been the guest of Mrs. Denman for the past few days.

Rev. Safford and Rev. Miller of Grayslake will exchange pulpits Sunday morning.

Miss Maud Cleveland is home for a few days before going to college at Wheaton, Ill.

W. B. Stewart and wife and J. H. Bonner attended the wedding of Miss Bater at Evanston, Wednesday.

Miss C. Bater and Harry Eusden of Iowa, were married Wednesday, Sept. 10, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wright at Evanston. Rev. Safford officiated. Congratulations.

Antioch News18 September 1913
A. E. Jack is transacting business here.

Earl Cutler of Zion City visited here Monday.

Miss Laura Olcott of Hickory spent a few days here.

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Milwaukee.

Mrs. James Pollock and daughter of Waukegan are visiting here this week.

Chase McGuire and wife of Antioch spent Sunday with Millburn relatives.

A. H. Stewart will spend a week with his children in Chicago and daughter Edna at Amhurst, Ohio.

Nick Luiken and wife, Elmer Pollock and wife, Miss Bessie Garrett, J. H. Bonner and Ralph Miller attended the Milwaukee fair Thursday.

The Misses McDougall Lakeside Rest Cottage will entertain the Missionary Thank Offering at their home Wednesday, Sept. 24. Everybody invited.

Antioch News25 September 1913
Silo filling is the order of the day in this vicinity.

Smith Hughes visited his brother, Alex the past week.

Missionary Tea at the Misses McDougall was well attended.

Mrs. Menzo Webb visited her sister in Highland Park over Sunday.

Miss Alice Jamieson returned to Chicago Sunday having spent a two weeks vacation with the home folks.

Mrs. Martha Gail of Highland Park attended the funeral of Mr. Colegrove and visited other relatives last week.

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