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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1913

Antioch News5 June 1913
A. H. Stewart was in Chicago the past week.

Mrs. John White of Michigan is visiting relatives here.

J. C. Slocum of Wisconsin, visited relatives here this week.

Peter McDonald and family of Winnetka spent Sunday here.

Lloyd White of Waukegan called on his parents here recently.

Eugene Strang and family of Waukegan spent Sunday with relatives here.

Children's Day exercises will be given Sunday, June 8, at the morning service.

The Mintos entertained 21 to supper Tuesday evening in honor of Andrew White of Lyons, Neb.

Misses Alice Jamieson and Inez Pollock of Chicago spent the week end with their parents here.

The Ladies Aid society was postponed until June 12. Supper served by Mesdames R. L. Strang and Eva Strang.

Wm. Cremin and family moved to their new home at Grayslake recently. Mrs. Cremin returned from the hospital Monday.

Andrew White of Lyons, Neb., and son George of Portland, Oregon, spent sometime with various White families in this vicinity.

The Misses McDougall's have sold their home to John Martin and have moved to the Eugene Clark home where they will build. John Martin has moved this week into his new home.

Antioch News12 June 1913
Mrs. Mary Bater has not been so well the past week.

A Stag Party was given Wednesday in honor of Victor Strang.

H. Huesden of Marne, Iowa, was a caller here the past week.

Mrs. Paddgett and daughter of Charleston, Ill., are visiting relatives here.

Leon Strang has returned home from Urbana University, for the summer.

Several from this vicinity attended the June meeting at Rockefeller, on Tuesday, June 10.

Elmer Cannon and Miss Emma McDougall were married June 4, at Kearney, Neb. Congratulations.

Antioch News26 June 1913
Miss Pearl Cleveland left Wednesday to visit relatives in Nebraska.

Mrs. R. Pantall is spending a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin.

Diven Kidd will give a party Thursday, June 26, in honor of his 13th birthday.

A. K. Bain, Dr. Jamieson and C. E. Denman transacted business in Chicago this week.

The Volunteers Sunday school class will met Saturday, June 18, with Mrs. Meyers.

Mrs. Mathews will spend some time with relatives in Kenosha. She left Tuesday.

Mrs. William Rose of Rochester, Wis., is visiting her daughter and family Mr. Newton LeVoy.

Miss Cleveland returned home the first of the week from Wheaton to spend part of her vacation.

Miss Cora Dawson and Victor Strang were married at the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dawson, Thursday, June 19, at high noon. They caught the evening train for the west where they will remain two weeks. Congratulations.

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