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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1913

Antioch News1 May 1913
Mrs. Robert Strang has been quite sick the past week.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wedge have the measles.

The last of the course given by the C. E. society will be held May 9.

Mrs. Erma Strang and daughter expect to visit at Champaign this week.

Mrs. Lyburn Stewart and daughter are spending a week with A. Stewart.

Mrs. Clarence Bonner returned home Sunday having spent the week with relatives.

Rev. Safford is attending a Congregational church meeting at Champaign, Ill., this week.

Mrs. Samuel Gerry, whose remains have been in Waukegan vault for 2 months was buried in the Millburn cemetery Sunday.

Antioch News8 May 1913
Action in Circuit Court
by Which New Town Existence is Questioned
A court action started in Circuit court will create intense interest throughout Lake county because a move has been launched to test the legality of the recent special election whereby the new township of Lake Villa was created. Since that time officers have been elected and are now serving as town officers in the new town.
The action was in the nature of an information in a quo warranto proceeding to see whether the town officers hold office legally and was directed against the following town officials:
    Supervisor--John Stratton.
    Clerk--C. W. Talbott.
    Assessor--Eugene Wilton.
    Collector--Percy Dibble.
    Commissioners of Highways--F. M. Hamlin, J. J. Barnstable,
                               George McCredie.
    Constable--Herman Witt.
    Justices--L. B. Congdon, M. S. Miller.
The complainants are shown to be prominent men of the western part of the county, John Strang, John A. Thain, Joseph Hucker and George B. Cable.
The summons was issued and is returnable Monday, May 12, at which time the case will be heard. Messrs. Elam Clark and John Pope appeared for the complainants. It is brought in the name of the state, but State's Attorney Dady has nothing to do with the action.
Under the action the town officers must appear in court and show by what right they are holding offices they are now filling and in this way, the legality of the new town will be decided.
Antioch News8 May 1913
Mr. Bailey of Ottowa, Ill., will speak here Sunday.

The C. E. entertainment will be held Friday night May 9.

Mrs. Erma Strang returned home on Friday from Champaign, Ill.

The Grubb school closed Monday until September with a picnic in the school house.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford and daughter Miss Helen and Miss Foote left Tuesday to spend the week in Wheaton and Chicago.

The Dodge school is closed on account of their teacher, Miss Gilbert having the measles. The children of A. E. Jack, R. Edmonds and Wm. Faulkner have them.

Antioch News22 May 1913
Fred Trotter of Oklahoma is visiting relatives here.

A car load of shrubery has arrived for the Millburn cemetery.

Miss Lulu Thain is very ill at the home of her sister in Waukegan.

Missionary Study class meets with Mrs. George Jamieson, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Larsen are rejoicing over the arrival of a son, May 17.

Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Mathews spent a few days with relatives in Highwood.

John McGuire and son Chase of Antioch transacted business here Friday.

Miss Helen Safford has returned from Wheaton, Ill., where she visited her sister for a week.

A surprise party was given at the home of E. N. Cannon in honor of Mortimer's 21st birthday on Friday.

Antioch News29 May 1913
Listen for the wedding bells.

Mrs. A. K. Bain was a Chicago visitor this week.

C. E. Denman entertained his brother from Montana last week.

Clarence Bock and family of Canada expect to spend the summer in Millburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hook and two children spent the week with friends at Necedah, Wis.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Larsen died Saturday afternoon. Interment Monday in Warren cemetery.

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