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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1913

Antioch News3 April 1913
Jesse Denman will move to Millburn this week.

The C. E. society will repeat their home talent play April 11.

The C. E. Society will give the last of their course on April 29.

J. S. and R. E. Dawson transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Webb on Saturday, March 29 a daughter.

Mrs. Mary Bater entertained relatives from Taylorville Tuesday.

Charles Gallaher won 2nd in the spelling contest at Gurnee, Friday.

Elmer Cannon and family attended the wedding of his oldest son Leslie B. to Miss Mary Panzes at the home of the bride at Norwood Park.

George Safford of Chicago spent the week end with the home folks and also preached for his father Sunday.

Antioch News10 April 1913
Miss C. Bater was a Chicago visitor Tuesday.

A. E. Jack spent over Sunday with his family here.

Wm. Meyer having sold his farm will have a sale this week.

W. J. White and wife have moved into the McGuire house.

The C. E. Society will repeat their home talent play on April 11.

Mrs. Jessie Yule of Somers visited her mother here the past week.

Harry Eusden of Marne, Iowa, spent several days with relatives here.

Newton Levoy had a sale Wednesday and will soon move to Belvidere.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Neihaus are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy, born April 2.

Wm. McGuire having rented his house he has moved his household goods to the farm where he will reside in the future.

Antioch News17 April 1913
The funeral of Rufus Thayer a brother of E. Thayer of [Lake Villa], was held at the church Monday, being brought here from his home in Kansas, with burial in Sand Lake Cemetery.

Albert Jack spent Sunday with his family here.

School meeting at the various schools Saturday, April 19.

Miss Maude Cleveland spent the week end with home folks.

A. H. Stewart is visiting his children in Chicago this week.

Messrs. Bonner and McCredie transacted business in Milwaukee Monday.

Mrs. Safford, A. K. Bain and Leslie Bonner were Chicago visitors the past week.

The C. E. society postponed their entertainment on account of the bad roads.

Roy Hughes of Libertyville visited over Sunday with his wife, who is taking care of her mother, Mrs. Spafford.

Antioch News24 April 1913
Mr. and Mrs. Cremin of Waukegan were callers here Friday.

Miss Laura Olcott of Hickory called on friends here this week.

Ed Wells of Antioch was a Millburn and Waukegan caller Friday.

C. W. Russell of Muscatine, Iowa, visited Wm. Meyers recently.

The Ladies' Aid society will hold their monthly meeting, May 1. Picnic supper will be served.

Miss Florence Anderson and cousin John Anderson of Lake Forest spent Sunday with relatives here.

Daniel Hayes died at the home of Frank Clark. He has no relatives that anyone knows of. The funeral will be from the undertaking establishment of Mr. Schryver with burial at Millburn cemetery.

The C. E. society home talent entertainment will be given Friday evening, April 25. The last of the course will not be given on account of the floods, they could not fill their engagement.

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