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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1912

Antioch News1 August 1912
Oat harvesting has begun here.

W. B. Stewart is on the sick list.

Rob McDougall is quite sick with paralysis.

Mrs. Bain and daughter are visiting at Evanston.

Miss Pearl Cleveland visited at Fox Lake the past week.

Mrs. John Hughes of Lake Villa, is visiting relatives here.

F. Snyder of Wheaton, spent a few days with Rev. Safford.

Mrs. Erma Strang attended the bazaar at Lake Villa Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Safford and son will spend a week at the parsonage.

The Ladies Aid society held a social Thursday evening on the church lawn.

The Missionary Tea has been postponed indefinitely on account of the illness of Mr. McDougall.

Mrs. John Stewart of Minnesota, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Leroy also Mrs. Hardy and Lulu Thain of Waukegan spent several days with her.

Antioch News8 August 1912
Mrs. John Hughes has returned to her home in Lake Villa.

Paul Griffin spent Sunday with his parents in Waukegan.

Misses Hucker of Lake Villa spent Thursday calling on friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark of Michigan are visiting their son Arthur Clark.

Mrs. Helen Russ and son of Rochester, spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson.

Lyburn Stewart of Chicago spent Sunday here. His wife and daughter returned home with him.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Thain expect to go soon to Montana to visit with their daughter, Mrs. Hazel White.

A. K. Bain spent Sunday at Evanston. Mrs. Bain and daughter returned home with him after a week's visit with her sister.

David Minto recently had eleven sheep killed by dogs. The total loss to the flock amounted to $105.

Antioch News15 August 1912
Mrs. E. Tower is visiting Mrs. Mary Bater this week.

The Missionary Study class met with Mrs. Geo. Jamieson Thursday.

Miss Vivian Bonner spent the week end with Mrs. Helen Buss of Rochester.

The Millburn Congregational Sunday school will hold their annual picnic August 28.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Wheaton and son of Wheaton, Ill., are visiting at the parsonage.

Mr. and Mrs. Thom, Rev. and Mrs. Harris spent Tuesday with Wm. Thom and wife at Libertyville.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thain and son left Friday for a visit with their daughter, Mrs. Ernest White at Summers, Mont., will also visit other relatives at St. Anthony Falls, Minnesota.

The ladies of the Millburn Missionary society intend to hold their Thanks Offering and Missionary Tea Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 21, at the Millburn church and extend to their friends a hearty invitation to come and help them enjoy a good time. Missionary speaker from Chicago will address the meeting and a good Millburn supper will be served.

Antioch News22 August 1912
John McDougall of Longmont, Col., who has been visiting with his brother Robert at Millburn was calling on Antioch friends the first of the week.

Doris Bain of Waukegan is visiting here.

Geo. Findley of Chicago spent Sunday here.

Miss Mabel Bonner is spending this week in Chicago.

Mrs. Ross of Minneapolis is visiting her mother here.

Miss Florence Anderson of Lake Villa spent Sunday here.

James Kerr and family of Lake Villa spent Sunday here.

The new barn of Scott Levoy was struck by lightning Sunday night.

Messrs. R. Wheaton and F. Snyder of Wheaton spent a few days at the parsonage.

Mrs. Sarah Dodge spent the week here before leaving for her home in Canada.

Antioch News29 August 1912
Miss Fay Dauson is visiting relatives in Iowa.

Wm. McGuire visited in Waukegan over Sunday.

Mrs. Ross returned to her home in Texas Tuesday.

Alex Thain of Canton, preached here Sunday for Rev. Safford.

Mrs. D. Knox and daughter of North Dakota, are visiting here.

C. E. Denman is entertaining his brother and family from Wilmette.

Several from here attended the Royal Neighbors meeting at Lake Villa Tuesday.

Mrs. George Gerrity of Virgil, Ill., is visiting here for a few days. James and Louise will return home with her.

from the Kenosha News August 1912
Pupils and Teachers of Half Century Ago
Recall Old Times at Reunion
Teachers and pupils of fifty years ago of the old Browe School in Lake County, erected before the civil war, held their eleventh annual picnic and reunion there yesterday.
The mask of fifty years dropped from the faces of gray-haired men and women, and they saw themselves boys and girls once more.
Memories that had been buried by old Father Time were again brought to light as pupil met teacher and former schoolmate.
It was as though there had been no years of separation, no whitened hairs, no wrinkled faces.
School Stands Unchanged
There stood the little white familiar school, the same as it stood when first erected in 1860 on the property of William Browe, one mile from Wadsworth, Ill.
There lay the same old granite bowlder in the little knoll near the school; the same as it had lain for centuries. The old forests had been thinned out, though, and there were barb wire fences where in the olden days they had never been dreamed of.
There shone the same old eyes, however, that sparkled greeting and friendship and camaraderie, there was the school day smile, the play fellow laugh.
It was just the same, and yet somehow time had left its mark. Time had changed the young urchin who played ball - and hookey, too - with his oldtime chums.
Many are Missing
And then there were playmates who had gone, friends who had been loyal and true, and a half sadness mingled with the gayety when their names were mentioned - Judge Moran, Johnny Benzinger, who had died in Libby prison with Charlie McClelland and Hugo Rodenbarger; Pat Tucker and many of the old school.
They arrived early at the dear old schoolhouse grounds, these oldtimers, who taught before the war - these pupils of before the `70's - and they brought their daughters and their sons, and their grandchildren - all Browe scholars.
Some Come in Autos
They came in buggies and in light topped surreys, with here and there an automobile, according as they had prospered in life. They brought the oldtime luncheon - none of your newfangled foods for them. Nothing but the plain old wholesome country "grub".
They built the camp fire in the old spot where they used to heap the logs in the winter time and watch the coffee boiling over blazing branches of the old trees.
Josie Dietmeyer - the worst boy in school - Josie the fiddler, now old and bent with years, but still merry, still the fiddler, played for the dancers in the schoolroom, and called out, too.
And when he was tired, Johnny Strock, "Fiddlin' John", tucked the old fiddle under his beard and made it laugh. And yet it seemed to some there was half a sob in its quavering - something that didn't quite belong to this happy reunion.
Old-Time Dance
"Balance all", he shouted. "Swing your partners - ladies right, gents left - up and down the center - do si do".
The dance is on.
"Get into the wing of it - shake your legs - hit it up, you Jim and Joe and Nancy and Mary. Go to it, Towny, old boy. There ain't anybody can show us old fellows how to do a hoedown."
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