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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1912

Antioch News4 July 1912
Wm. Strang returned from the north Friday.

Mrs. Kidd and daughter were Chicago visitors last week.

Jesse Denman and wife spent the past week in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs Stiles of Chicago spent the week end at J. A. Bonner's.

Miss Geer of Bowmanville returned home Monday after a visit here.

Mr. Findley returned to his home in Chicago after a few weeks vacation here.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Gerrity of Virgil, Ill., are spending their vacation here.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular meeting in the church, Thursday, July 11. Supper served.

Antioch News11 July 1912
Work on the cemetery commenced this week.

Miss May Dodge of Peoria, is visiting at the Bonner home.

Wm. Bonner is having an addition added to his home.

Thos. and Mable Anderson of Kansas, are visitng relative here.

Mrs. Julia Adams and daughter of Chicago are visiting the home folks.

Mrs. Wineckie and daughter Frieda of Sycamore, are visiting relatives here.

Richard Thain of Oak Park visited at the home of J. A. Thain Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Pearl Hughes of Libertyville is the guest of her brother Guy, and Miss Vera Miller.

Wm. McGuire received a shock from lightning during a storm Monday and is still feeling the effects of the shock.

Antioch News18 July 1912
J. A. Strang lost a horse this week.

Miss Vinnie Jamison is visitng her parents.

James Low of Evanston spent Sunday here.

Mrs. Iva Waters of Waukegan is visiting here.

David Young is entertaining a cousin from Buffalo, New York.

Geo. Gerrity and wife of Virgil visited here this week.

The Missionary Study Class met with Mrs. Geo. Jamieson Thursday.

Miss Josephine Eddy of Zion City visited here the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd White of Waukegan were Millburn callers Sunday.

Miss Helen Safford has returned from Wheaton, where she has been visiting since her graduation.

Missionary Society will hold their annual Missionary Tea, Wednesday, July 31, a good program is being prepared.

Antioch News25 July 1912
Wes Grey of Gurnee was here Saturday.

Mrs. Denman of Highland Park, is visiting her sister here.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Preston on Tuesday, July 6, a son.

Mrs. Lyburn Stewart and daughter of Chicago are visiting here.

Miss Vinnie Jamieson of Kenosha, is spending her vacation at home.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Chicago spent the week end with her parents.

Clarence Bonner and wife of Evanston spent a few days with here.

Mr. Luiken of Peotone, Ill., returned to his home this week after visiting relatives here.

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