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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1911

Antioch News7 December 1911
Mrs. Jas. Armour, Sr., is seriously ill with pneumonia.

Wm. Mitchell and sons of Waukegan visited ther mother a few days.

Mrs. Geo Dodge and children returned to Canada last week Monday.

A. H. Stewart spent a few days in Chicago last week.

Miss Lucy Spafford spent a few days in Chicago last week.

Olin Cleveland of Chicago spent over Thanksgiving at his home here.

Wm. Bonner and wife returned from their wedding trip last week Wednesday.

Mrs. Geo. Jamieson returned Monday to Rochester. Mrs. Buss's baby is very poorly.

Miss Mayme Cannon is enjoying month's vacation from her school duties at Mr. Carroll, Ill.

Mrs. Emma Hughes of Chicago is visiting her mother here.

Rev. Chas. Blanchare D. D., President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill., will speak at the Millburn church next Sunday morning and evening.

Rev. Safford officiated at the wedding of Clayton Lucas and Miss Louise Meyer, both of Wadsworth. They were married at the home of the bride on Thanksgiving day. Congratalations.

Pneumonia claims Mrs. Jessie Armour Luiken who passed away Sunday morning. Mrs. Luiken was born in Scotland, Nov. 1880 and died Dec. 2. At the age of 31 years, 1 month and two days. In the year Feb. 21, 1902 she was united in marriage to Nick Luiken.
She came to this country with her parents in June 1887 and resided at Peotone, Ill. In the year 1906 they bought the Wm. Thom farm near Millburn and have since resided there. She is survived by her husband, three children, father and mother, four brothers and three sisters. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the church. Rev. Safford officiating. Burial at Millburn cemetery.

Antioch News14 December 1911
Sunday at the Luken home, Millburn, occured the death of Mrs. James Armour mother of Mrs. Lukens, pneumonia being the cause. It is recalled that Mrs. Lukens died last week and at the time of her death, Mrs. Armour was very sick with the same trouble which claimed Mrs. Lukens.
One of the Lukens children, a girl of 8, was also very sick but is now somewhat improved. The death of the mother of Mrs. Lukens being followed so closely by her mother's, has created a profound wave of sorrow in the vicinity where the two families are well know and prominent.
The funeral of Mrs. Armour was held Tuesday at the home, burial in Millburn cemetery.

Listen for the wedding bells.

Wm. Bonner moved into their new home this week.

Wm. Martin is seen on our streets quite often. We wonder why?

Alfred Spafford spent last week in Chicago.

Mrs. Spafford who was seriously ill is on the gain.

Wm. McGuire spent over Sunday in Waukegan.

On account of bad weather and roads there was a very small attendance out Sunday.

Mrs. R. Wood of Toledo, Ohio, has returned to her home after spending a week with her parents here.

Mrs. Geo Jamieson returned from Rochester, Wis., last Wednesday.

Geo. Jamieson, Robert McCann and W. G. Thom attended the stock show in Chicago.

Emerson Winters will be the entertainer at the Millburn church, Dec. 19. Under the auspices of the C. E. society.

The C. E. society will pack a box of clothing to be sent to Chicago. Any one having clothes they do not want please leave at the home of A. H. Stewart. Miss Vivian Bonner will take charge of them.

Mrs. James Armour died at the home of her son-in-law, Nick Luiken Saturday evening, Dec. 9. of pneumomia, she was seriously ill when her daughter, Mrs. Luiken died on Dec. 3. She leaves to mourn, a husband, 3 sons and 4 daughters. Funeral was held at the home on Tuesday, with burial at Millburn. We extend sympathy.

Antioch News20 December 1911
A. K. Bain was in Chicago Friday.

Wm. Thom and family are visiting at Morgan Park.

Mrs. Tukey left Tuesday for her home in New Jersey.

Wm. Cleveland visited relatives in Chicago this week.

Mrs. Mavor of Chicago visited over Tuesday with her mother here.

Mr. and Mrs. Waller and children of Iowa are visiting relatives here.

Several from here attended the R. N. A. banquet at North Chicago Friday.

Miss Minnie Lux of Antioch will teach the Grubb school. Miss Dawson having resigned.

Several of the Masons of the Antioch lodge met with the Waukegan Masons Tuesday evening.

The Sunday school will give a Xmas entertainment at the church Saturday evening, Dec. 23.

Antioch News28 December 1911
A happy New Year to all.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Webb on Dec. 23, a son.

Miss Ruby Cleveland of Chicago spent Xmas week at home.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Safford spent Xmas at Wheaton, Ill.

Wm. Rielly spent over Sunday with his mother in Waukegan.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago spent over Sunday with her mother.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Berwyn, Ill., spent the holidays with her parents.

Miss Florence Anderson of Lake Forest spent Xmas with relatives here.

Leon Strang will spend his Xmas vacation at home returning to Urbana on January 2.

A. K. Bain and family entertained at number of relatives from Chicago and Evanston over Xmas.

The Millburn Telephone Co., of the south side will old their annual meeting at the Dodge school, January 2.

Miss Carrie Irving of South Dakota accompanied by her neices Helen and Luceile Trotter is visiting the home folks this week.

The Millburn Insurance Meeting will be held in the Mason's hall, Jan. 6. The Ladies of the Church will serve a chicken pie dinner.

John Bonner and wife, Wm. Bonner and wife, Clarence Bonner and wife, Gordon and Robert Bonner spent Xmas at Murrie Bros., at Russell. 15

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