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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1911

Antioch News7 September 1911
Roy James and wife of Chicago, visited here Sunday.

Sidney Hook and wife of Grayslake, visited over Sunday here.

Misses Cleveland entertained company from Fox Lake Tuesday.

Miss Adams and Miss Smith of Lake Forest visited here Sunday.

Mrs. C. E. Denman entertained company from Chicago over Sunday.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago, spent a few days with her mother here.

Rev. Safford exchanged pulpits with Rev. Moon of Grayslake, Sunday.

Misses Mable and Bae Adams of Chicago, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. Tower gave a party in honor of Lousie and James Gerrity of Virgil, Ill.

Mrs. A. K. Bain and Dorothy having spent a month in the West has returned.

Miss Mable Hughes leaves next week for Mt. Carroll where she will attend school the coming year.

Miss Ruby Hughes will leave this week to resume her duties as teacher, near Ft. Wayne, Ind.

The Ladies Aid society will meet in the church parlor Thursday. Supper will be served. Come early and be prepared to work.

Mrs. Harold Minto, Mrs. H. D. Hughes and Mrs. Nahum Lamb gave a box shower for Miss Margaret White at the Minto home last Thursday. About twenty guests were present and the afternoon was spent in making paper furniture for the prospective new home. About five o'clock a dainty luncheon was served. Misses Ruby and Mable Hughes and Miss Una Minto doing the honors. A thimble, a dime and a ring hidden in the cake was the source of much amusement and every one present spent a very pleasant afternoon. When the boxes were opened they were found to contain many beautiful as well as useful gifts.

Antioch News14 September 1911
R. Pantall returned to Chicago lawn Wednesday.

Thomas Finley of Lake Forest spent several days here.

A. K. Bain transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonner of Edgewater spent Sunday here.

Rev. Safford left Monday for Michigan for a three weeks' vacation.

Those who did not attend the concert given by home talent missed a treat.

The Hockaday school opened Monday with Miss Lenore Dawson as teacher.

Miss Helen Safford left Monday for Wheaton, Ill., where she will attend college.

The Grubb school will open Monday Sept. 18, with Miss Fae Dawson as teacher.

Mr. Nukirk and two children of Morgan Park spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. Thom.

Eugene Strang brought Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Cumming out in his auto recently to visit the Millburn cemetery and called on old friends.

Antioch News21 September 1911
Chas. Mathen of Kenosha is visiting relatives here.

Several from here attended the Milwaukee fair last week.

Alfred Meade expects to come back to the farm this October.

Miss Bidwell of Gurnee is the guest of Mrs. Denman this week.

Miss Christopher of Urbana, Ill., is visiting friends at Loon lake.

Mrs. James Pollock of Waukegan, spent a few days at the old home.

Mr. Perrine of Chicago preached in Rev. Safford's place last Sunday.

The Missionary Study class will meet with Miss Agnes Bonner Thursday.

A. H. Stewart is visiting his daughter Mrs. Edna Pember, of Hampton, Ohio, for a week.

The Missionary social to be held at the Oaks, on Wednesday, September 27. When the Misses McDougalls will gladly welcome their friends. There will be a short and enjoyable program, after which refreshments will be served, and a social time enjoyed by everybody. Come and have a good time.

Antioch News28 September 1911
Smith Heirs to Erect Fine Tribute
to the Memory of His Mother
According to information from Millburn, heirs of the late William Henry (Silent) Smith are to erect a magnificent memorial to his mother, the late Mrs. George Smith, at the Millburn cemetery, the memorial to take the form of an immense, artistic granite entrance to the cemetery, together with a solid granite hedge.
Fred L. Trotter of Evanston, of Kimball & Trotter, agents for the Smith estate in this part of the country, admitted that he had been directed by Wm. S. Mason of Evanston and George Mason of New York to look into the matter of providing an ornamental entrance to the Millburn cemetery, but stated that this is as far as the matter has developed.
Neverthe less it is gossiped at Millburn that Wm. Stewart whose land adjoins the cemetery has been offered a good price for a small amount of acreage which will be used for the new entrance to the God's acre in which, the mother of the late multi-milllonaire lies buried.
In case the deal goes through the present entrance, abutting on the Millburn road and even with the cemetery will be replaced with a granite hedge and the entrance placed in the erstwhile Stewart tract, a diagonally placed entrance dignified with granite and enobled with the best exemplifications of modern art.
It is also probable that the quiet country cemetery will be relandscaped and improved into one of the most beautiful rural burial plots in the country as the strong desire of the Smith heirs is to do all in their power to make the memorial an everlasting one.

Mrs. Denman of Highland Park is visiting her sister here.

John Bonner and wife entertained Mr. Perrine of Chicago Sunday.

Wm. Thom and wife of Libertyville visited their son here last week.

Leon Strang is attending the State university at Champaigne, Illinois.

Mr. and Mrs. Menzo Webb are visiting relatives at Kansasville, Wis.

Peter Duncan and family have moved to Wisconsin where they have bought a farm.

Mrs. Norman Adams of Chicago Lawn visited at the Pantall home Saturday and Sunday.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular monthly meeting at the church, Oct. 5. Picnic dinner will be served. Note change of time.

Mr. Albert Trotter and Miss Florence Drury of Chicago were married Sept. 23, at the home of Mrs. Coles 4043 Elli ave., Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Bonner and Fred Trotter attended the wedding. Their many friends and relatives were surprised. Accept congratulations.

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