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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1911

Antioch News3 August 1911
J. A. Strang transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Many attended the Missionary Thank Offering Wednesday.

Miss E. Cunningham of Chicago is the guest of O. A. Nelsons.

Miss Una Minto entertained company from Wisconsin the past week.

Rain, rain, a most welcome rain visited this vicinity Monday night.

Mrs. Harry Gail of Highland Park, visited her sister Mrs. M. Webb.

Freddie Humpfner of Chicago is visiting S. Denman for a few weeks.

Mr. Finch of Joliet spent Wednesday and Thursday with W. G. Thom.

Relatives of Mrs. R. H. Edmonds returned to their home in Chicago Monday.

Mrs. Tukey and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson left Monday to visit Mrs. Helen Buss of Rochester, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Tukey and daughter of Berwyn, Ill., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson.

Alex Thom and daughter Mable of Nebraska visited several days with the former's nephew W. G. Thom.

Many from here attended the Antioch Township Sunday School Convention held at Lake Villa Sunday.

Mrs. A. K . Bain and daughter Miss Dorothy and Miss Carrie Irving left on Tuesday for Madison, South Dakota to visit John Trotter and family.

Antioch News10 August 1911
Born to Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy a son.

Miss Bater is at Evanston for a week.

Miss Lewis is visiting Mrs. Bater this week.

Wm. Thom visited his parents at Libertyville Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Safford visited friends and relatives at Oak Park.

Mrs. Laura Brigham is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Richard Pantall.

Mrs. Tillotson is visiting relatives at Champaign, Ill., and LaGrange.

Mrs. Sam Larson is seriously ill at the home of her parents, R. Edmonds.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and children of Waukegan spent over Sunday at Spafford's.

The Millburn Sunday School will give a picnic this month. Watch for date and place next week.

The C. E. business meeting will be held Friday evening at the home of Miss Bertha Crawford.

The Millburn church people will paint the church this fall. All who wish to donate to the cause will be thankfully received.

Antioch News17 August 1911
Miss Ruby Gillings of Millburn was the winner in th Waukegan Gazette's big voting contest which closed Tuesday evening, the prize being a Schiller piano. Miss Gillings was the leader of district number two with a total of 2,463,270 votes, outdistancing Miss Arends of Waukegan, leader of district number one, by 62,440 votes. Miss Arends who totaled 2,400,830 also received a Schiller piano, while the five next highest in each district each received an Elgin watch. In district number one the watches were awarded to Mrs. Moxey, Miss Hyde, Miss Dayton, Miss Cook, and Miss Weyhe all of Waukegan. In district number two the fortunate ones are Miss Nellie Rockefeller, of Zion City. Miss Sadie Adams Waukega R. D. 1, Miss Goldie Mapes, of Waukegan, R. D. 1, Miss Ida Strang Antioch, and Mrs. Wilbur Hunter also of Antioch.

George Odett, of Gurnee, died at the Elgin state hospital, where he had been confined since March 24, Friday. Death was due to tuberculosis of the lungs. Interment at Millburn. Odett was committed to the hospital after having been confined in a private room especially constructed for him at his home at Gurnee. Shortly after being admitted to the hospital he was attacked by another patient; his condition was critical for a time, but with careful nursing he recovered from the effects. Odett's insanity was due to an electrical shock sustained while attending a county fair in Lake county when a young man.

Earl White of Madison, Wis., is home for a vacation.

Mrs. Turkey returned here on Friday from Rochester, Wis.

Mrs. Bertha Larson is recovering from her serious illness.

Miss Maud Cleveland spent a few days in Chicago this week.

Misses Alice and Vinnie Jamieson are visiting their parents this week.

Miss Margaret White is spending this week with Miss Effie Frost at Rochester, Wis.

Chas. Ames is in a Chicago hospital where he had an operation last week. He is getting along nicely.

A few friends of Harris Thom surprised him on his eleventh birthday, on Saturday by taking supper with him.

Antioch News24 August 1911
Forty There Who Attended School About Fifty Years Ago.
There were forty people, men and women, present at the Browe school reunion on the school grounds near Wadsworth Thursday who were pupils at the school fifty years ago, and nearly as many who attended forty years ago.
This is believed to be the most remarkable record of school loyalty to be found in the entire country and possibly in the world, as the Browe school is a plain, unornamented frame one- roomed country school house, the building, the grounds, nothing like these creating the loyalty, but simply the ancient neighborly spirit in its purest form.
The picnic held Thursday with all the old settlers attending and enjoying the old fashioned picnic, round of speechmaking; and general good time, is the nearest thing to an old settlers' reunion that this country ever has or has ever had, and all the old timers flock out to the school grounds to participate in the merriment.
Besides the old fashioned songs, dances and violin tunes, County Judge Persons, Attorney Peter Jorgenson, Corporation Counsel Arthur Bulkley, and Attorney C. T. Heydecker were speakers.
One of the big features of the occasion was the presence of Christian Schlund, now of Oak Park, whose father owned the ground on which the Browe school is built, and who has not been back in Newport town or on the old school grounds for sixty-five years.
Attorney Heydecker located him at Oak Park and prevailed upon him to come to the picnic and bring his daughter with him. He was overjoyed to meet all the old timers and make a short address.
Among old timers attending were Roderick Ames, Rosecrans who taught the old school in 1858, and is the oldest living teacher, dating from before the War of the Rebellion, Isaac Winters, school director for over forty years, and who came to the county in 1842, the same year as Mr. Ames and Samuel Miller, who came to the county in 1834, and is the oldest settler who came here an adult. Of this group of old men all are of Wrr of the Revolution stock and Winter and Ames are of Mayflower families, Ames being descended from Jonathan Carver, colonial governor of Massachusetts and Winter from the same Mayflower family of Winters.

A. K. Bain visited friends in Waukegan Sunday.

Chas. Ames returned home from Chicago Wednesday.

J. H. Bonner and family entertained friends from Chicago last week.

Wm. Marsells, who spent the summer at Wm. Thom's has left for Portland, Oregon.

Misses Josephine and Annie Dodge and friend Miss Brenton will leave for Peoria, Ill.

Miss Ruby Gillings won the piano and Miss Ida Strang the watch in the voting contest for the Gazette.

Antioch News31 August 1911
The several schools of this vicinity will open Sept. 11.

Freddie and Elsie Heumffner returned to their home in Chicago.

Many from this vicinity attended teacher's institute this week.

Mrs. Edmund Gerry has moved back to her old home from Gary, Ind.

Dr. Jamison and Miss Vida transacted business in Chicago Thursday.

Mrs. Horace Gerry and son of Waukegan, was a Millburn visitor last week.

Miss Pearl Cleveland spent several days with friends at Ingleside and Fox Lake.

Rev. Balcoff of Columbus Junction visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Dawson and family.

Mrs. Geo. Jameson and Miss Alice spent a few days with Mrs. John Russ at Rochester, Wis.

Mrs. C. E. Denman and son Schuyler visited from Saturday until Wednesday with friends in Chicago.

Messrs. Geo. Miller, Elmer Pollock and Nick Lukin made a business trip to Peoria, Illinois, Thursday.

Mrs. Eugene Clark and the Misses Nellie and Emma McDougall are visiting their brother at Highland Park.

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