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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1911

Antioch News1 June 1911
Mrs. Cook returned to Chicago Tuesday.

Listen for the wedding bells in this vicinity.

June 3rd is tag day. You will surely get a call.

The Warren society will meet June 7th with Mrs. Mary Lewis.

Mr. Wait of Fort Hill, was a guest at William Cleveland's Sunday.

Earnest Garrett visited friends in Waukegan and Racine Sunday.

Miss Ruby Cleveland of Chicago, spent Sunday with her parents.

Mr. Starkweather of Rockford, transacted business for a few days in this vicinity.

Miss Ethel McGuire spent several days with her aunt, Mrs. Ed. Druce, at Grayslake.

Miss Annie McCredie of Waukegan spent Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner and Miss Dodge visited Sunday with Mrs. L. M. Bonner at Russell.

Miss Florence Anderson of Lake Forest, spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. W. B. Stewart.

Miss Mildred and Everet Eddy of Taylor's Grove, attended the picnic held in Dawson's woods last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Jamieson and Mrs. Pickins visited from Saturday until Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. John Buss at Rochester, Wis.

Mr. Fredrick Dippe died May 25 in Chicago. Mr. Dippe was well known in this vicinity. He was the father of Lillian Oddette and Mrs. Emmy Gerity.

Antioch News8 June 1911
Walter Palmer visited relatives at Lake Geneva for a few days.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews left Tuesday to visit friends in Kenosha, Wis.

Miss McGinty and lady friends visited the former's sister, Mrs. F. Foster.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Humphries of Waukegan were out over Decoration Day.

Mr. Hammond of Wheaton, Ill., transacted business in this vicinity Thursday.

Mrs. Frank Yule of Somers, Wis., visited her mother Thursday and Friday of the past week.

The Misses Belle and Jennie Irving left Thursday for New Mexico where they will visit a sister.

Mrs. Mary Yule returned home from South Dakota where she spent the winter with her daughter, Alice.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonner of Chicago, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pantall are spending a few weeks with their daughter, Mrs. Norman Adams, of Chicago Lawn.

Mrs. Lizzie Stewart of Gurnee visited at Pikeville last Saturday with her daughter, Mrs. Simeon Ames, and other relatives.

A surprise party was given on the Misses Irving by their many friends Friday evening. A very pleasant evening was spent.

Miss Maud Cleveland graduated Thursday from Rochester Academy, Rochester, Wis. Mrs. Cleveland, Pearl and Warren Cleveland attended the commencement exercises.

Antioch News15 June 1911
Miss Maud Cleveland returned home from Rochester, Wis.

Mission study class met with Mrs. Geo. Jamiesion Thursday.

Miss Grace White of Lyons, Nebraska is visiting her cousin, Una Minto.

Miss Jessie Jamieson is visiting her sister, Mrs. Paddgett of Charleston, Ill.

Miss Irene Bain of Racine visited her grandmother the later part of the week.

John A. Strang lost a valuable horse last week. Dr. Wilson of Waukegan was called.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thom spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom of Libertyville.

Mrs. Mary Bater is entertaining her brother James Taylor and neice of Taylorville, Ill., this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kamper of Chicago visited their cousins the Missess Whites Saturday and Sunday.

Many from this vicinity attended the June meeting of the congregational churches in Waukegan Tuesday.

Antioch News22 June 1911
Miss Kittie L. Smith, of Millburn, and Waukegan,
Died Tuesday.
Miss Kitty L. Smith, after several months' illness, passed away Sunday morning at 8:30 o'clock at the home, 420 Cory avenue Waukegan. Miss Smith's health had not been good for six years and since the first of the year her condition grew worse; it was discovered that she was suffering from an incurable disease which was the cause of her death. The diseased had spent nearly all her life in Lake county; she was born in Chicago, Aug. 1, 1851. When she was a small child the family moved to Millburn, Lake county, where she lived until about seven years ago when she moved to Waukegan, where she has since lived. For many years she conducted a store at Millburn and became well known throughout the county.
Miss Smith was nearly 60 years old; at her death she leaves a mother nearly 85 years old and one sister, Mrs. Chauncey Cummings, to mourn her departure.
A large number of friends in Waukegan and Millburn will be sorry to learn of her death.
Miss Smith was a woman of beautiful character, lovable in disposition, kind to every one and thoughtful of others' interests and needs. She loved the flowers, the good and beautiful in God's world. These beautiful qualities of life endeared her to all who knew her. Her departure will be a personal loss to many. The funeral service was held at the home, in Waukegan on Tuesday, burial at Millburn.

Wm. Thorn of Libertyville was a Millburn caller Monday.

Miss Maud Cleveland returned to Rochester, Wis., Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart visited friends in Waukegan Sunday.

Lyburn Stewart and family are visiting his father, A. H. Stewart.

J. A. Thain transacted business at Polo, Ill., the latter part of last week.

Earl White of Urbana is taking a week's vacation at home before going to Madison, Wis.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting at J. H. Bonner's was well attended Friday evening.

Mrs. Mina Gillbert and daughter, Lura, of Fort Hill, visited at the Wm. Bonner home for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Feezer and daughters of Grange Hall, visited Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman Sunday.

Antioch News29 June 1911
Dr. Jamieson was a Chicago visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. John Bonner spent Tuesday at Russell, Ill.

Lyburn Stewart and family have returned to their home in Chicago.

Chas. Haubaugh took a party of friends to St. Charles in his auto last Friday.

Miss Ruby Gillings spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Jenkins at Waukegan.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White of Antioch, spent Tuesday with friends in Millburn.

Mrs. C. E. Denman is entertaining her sister and Clayton Denman of Highland Park.

Geo. White and sister, Miss Grace, returned Monday to their home in Lyons, Neb.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy James and daughter of Chicago, spent Sunday with H. B. Tower and family.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McGuire, a son, June 22. Mother and baby getting along fine.

Wm. Sage of Warren had a raising of his large barn Tuesday afternoon. Many from this vicinity attended.

Wm. Anderson and family and John Anderson and family of Lake Forest, spent Sunday and Monday with friends and relatives in this vicinity.

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