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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1911

Antioch News6 April 1911
David Young transacted business in Chicago Monday.

George Anderson of Lake Forest was a business caller here Friday.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago visited Saturday and Sunday with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. John Buss and son Jas. of Burlington, Wis., visited several days with the latter's aunt, Mrs. George Jamieson.

Miss Helen Safford returned Tuesday to Wheaton college, Wheaton, Ill. Rev. A. W. Safford accompanied her as far as Chicago.

M. F. Phelps of Chicago, in the interest of the local option movement, had charge of the church services here Sunday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wells spent Sunday with Mrs. Wells' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patch, at Russell.

Rev. George Mitchell of St. Joseph, Mo., spent Thursday here looking after his farm and calling on friends.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Chicago visited Saturday and Sunday with her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. George Jamieson.

The C. E. society will hold a business meeting at the home of A. H. Stewart, Friday evening, April 7. Everyone interested, come.

The party given by the young ladies class at A. K. Bain's Friday evening, was well attended and a fine time reported by all.

Antioch News13 April 1911
Mrs. Emma Strang and son Victor spent Wednesday in Antioch.

Mrs. C. E. Denman entertained the Warren society last Wednesday.

Miss Effie Frost of Rochester, Wis., is the guest of Miss Margaret White this week.

Messrs. Webster and Denman of Highland Park called Sunday on their uncle, C. E. Denman.

Mrs. Julia Adams of Chicago Lawn visited several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Pantall.

Scott LeVoy has bought the house on the Jensen place from J. A. Thain and will move it soon to his farm.

Olin Cleveland is in the hospital in Chicago with measles and rheumatism. At last accounts he was getting along nicely.

W. G. Thom spent several days at Joliet where he purchased a new horse. Mr. Soule of Antioch and Mr. Marselis will work for him this summer.

The C. E. society elected officers at their last meeting: President, George White; Vice President, J. S. Denman; Secretary, Miss Vivien Bonner; Treasurer, Miss Lucy Spafford.

Antioch News20 April 1911
There will be no Ladies Aid society for April.

Mission study class met with Mrs. Geo Jamieson Thursday.

Miss Josephine Eddy spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Clark moved to the farm known as the Park farm.

Mr. Asa Patch of Russell visited his sister Mrs. Earnest Wells Sunday.

Miss Lewis of Waukegan visited Miss C. E. Bater Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Wm. Thom of Libertyville spent a few days with his son W. G. Thom.

Miss Annie McCredie visited the home folks from Thursday until Sunday.

The C. E. Society will give a box social in the Church parlor Friday evening April 21.

Olin Cleveland of Chicago was home for several days and returned Friday very much better.

Mrs. A. W. Safford left Tuesday for Chicago and Wheaton to spend a week with her children.

School meeting, at the Hockaday school Saturday elected Dr. H. E. Jamieson, as school dirictor.

Mrs. Wm. White of Antioch spent Sunday in this vicinity and attended the Easter services.

Antioch News27 April 1911
Wm. Strang has gone to Kansas for a week or ten days.

Miss Alcott of Hickory spent Sunday with Miss Ethel McGuire.

George Anderson of Lake Forest transacted business here Thursday.

Miss Mamie Trotter of Evanston visited her sister from Friday until Sunday.

A. W. Safford officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Christians at Grayslake, Monday.

The Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Mary Bater Friday afternoon of this week.

Miss Florence Anderson of Lake Forest visited her aunt, Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Sunday.

Miss Clara Foote left Monday to spend a few days with relatives in Wheaton, Ill.

Mrs. Cook of Chicago is taking care of Mrs. Elmer Cannon, who is not so well at present.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews and aunt returned home Monday from Florida, where they have spent the winter.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular monthly meeting in the church parlor, Thursday afternoon, May 4th. Picnic supper will be served.

A. H. Stewart visited his children in Chicago a few days, returning home Monday. He also attended the wedding of his niece, Miss Swart.

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