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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1911

Antioch News2 February 1911
Wanton Slocum has pneumonia.

There are many sick in this vicinity with colds.

Miss Fern Miller left Tuesday to attend school in Chicago.

Mr. Oscar Neahause transacted business in Chicago Saturday.

J. L. Denman and Leslie Bonner returned Saturday from Urbana.

Mrs. John Neahause will soon leave for a visit with her daughter in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Holmes will soon leave for their new home east of Wadsworth.

Mrs. Edmund Gerry and children of Gary, Ind., are visiting relatives at her old home.

Mrs. Wm. Cremins has been very sick for sometime but at present writing is improving.

Mrs. Cora Anderson returned from Lake Forest to remain awhile with her sister, Mrs. W. B. Stewart.

Miss Mary Eichinger is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gerrity at Virgil, Ill., and will also visit relatives in Chicago.

The following ladies served a dinner Thursday, Feb. 2. Mrs. A. K. Bain, Mrs. C. E. Dennman and Miss Vivian Bonner.

Doris Jamison had an operation performed on her ear last Friday by Dr. Foley of Waukegan. She is getting along nicely.

Mrs. A. W. Safford returned from Chicago Friday. Mrs. Geo Safford will soon be able to return home from the hospital.

Last Thursday night in a heavy fog, while Dr. Jamison and Chas. Ames were driving near Millburn bridge, some one ran into them upsetting their buggy. Dr. Jamison was bruised some while Mr. Ames sustained a broken rib.

Antioch News9 February 1911
Leslie Cannon is visiting his parents.

Mr. Dawson's wife and daughters arrived from Iowa last week.

Wm. Beck, who has been very sick with pneumonia, is much better.

Mrs. Gerry and children leave for their home in Gary, Ind., this week.

The young men in Mr. Stafford's class will give an entertainment February 21..

Farmers' Institute will be held at Antioch Tuesday and Wednesday, February 14 and 15.

The Ladies' Aid Society gave a Victrola entertainment at the church Thursday evening.

Mrs. Guy Hughes entertained at a supper for a party of young folks in honor of Earnest White of Montana.

Mr. Chas. Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Holmes, will move his family to Minneapolis, Minn., the first of the week.

A daughter was born Wednesday, February 1st. to Mr. and Mrs. David Young. Mother and baby both doing well.

Mrs. Henry Edmonds, Charlie Gallagher, four of Warren Hook's children and several of the Slocum children have been suffering with lagrippe.

Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Spafford and baby, left Wednesday after a month's visit with their mother. They will visit Arthur Spafford at Topeka, Kas., before returning home.

Antioch News16 February 1911
Prayer meeting at Mrs. Mary Bater's Wednesday.

Mission study class will meet with Mrs. Geo. Jamison this week.

Mrs. Cora Anderson left Thursday for her home in Iola, Kansas.

Wm. Cleveland and Chas. Gallagher are seriously ill with pneumonia.

Mr. Garrett of Antioch has moved on the farm vacated by I. L. Holmes.

Mrs. Henry Edmonds is able to be around again after an attack of tonsilitis.

Rev. A. W. Safford attended the local option convention at Springfield Tuesday.

Miss Laura Alcott of Hickory spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Ethel McGuire.

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Holmes moved last Monday to their future home near Wadsworth.

Mrs. Geo. Holmes and children left Sunday for their new home in Minneapolis, Minn.

Leslie Bonner is on the sick list and unable to attend the Farmers' Institute at Antioch as secretary.

Eugene Clark has rented W. J. White's farm and a tenant will live there. Listen for wedding bells in the near future.

L. J. Slocum and family moved Monday to Wisconsin where they will make their home. They were accompanied by Arthur VanAlstine.

Rev. James S. Ainslie of Chicago will lecture on Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the Millburn church, assisted by the male quartet.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corey of Waukegan celebrated their wedding anniversary Feb. 14 with a dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark.

Antioch News23 February 1911
Saturday night of last week at eleven o'clock occurred the death of Mrs. George Miller of Millburn. The deceased had been in poor health for a long time, a goiter being the cause of her illness. For the past month or so she has been confined to her bed and has been steadily growing weaker, although on the day before her death she appeared to be somewhat improved.
She was about 49 years of age and is survived by her husband, one son, Ralph, and one daughter, Vera. Besides her own immediate family she is mourned by these brothers and sisters; John and George McCredie, Mrs. A. S. Murrie, Grayslake; Mrs. David White, Antioch; Mrs. W. H. Miller, Lake Villa; Mrs. W. O. Douglas, Waukegan.
The funeral services were held at the home at 10:30 Wednesday with interment in Millburn Cemetery.

Friends in this county will be sorry to learn of the death in Elgin, February 14, of William Dodge Stedman, formerly a resident of Millburn. His death was due to heart failure, through he had been in poor health for many months.
He was born at Millburn July 29, 1848, grew to manhood in that community, married and lived there until about 1881, when he moved with his family to Elgin, Ill., where he had ever since resided. His wife was formerly Ella Smith, a sister of Mrs. D. J. Minto of Loon Lake, and Mrs. Nahum Lamb of Gurnee. Since his wife's death in December of 1908, Mr. Stedman has made his home with his son Ben. He is survived by six children, three sons, Vernon, of Wichita, Kans.; Frank and Ben of Elgin, and three daughters, Mrs. Bert Jardine, of Rockford; Mrs. Ezra Cary and Miss Madge of Elgin.

The undersigned will sell at public auction at his farm in Millburn on

Wednesday, March 8
commencing at 10:00 o'clock a. m. the following property towit: 1 gray gelding 6 years old, weight 1700; 1 black gelding 7 years old, weight 1550; 1 brown gelding 8 years old, weight 1600; 1 brown gelding 5 years old, weight 1600; 1 gray mare, with foal, 6 years old, weight 1500; 1 brown driving mare 8 years old, 1 sorrel driving mare 9 years old, 1 sorrel mare 2 years old, l gray gelding 2 years old, 1 brown gelding 2 years old, 1 bay gelding 1 year old, 1 black gelding 1 year old, 26 choice dairy cows (tuberculin tested) 2 full blood Holstein bulls 1 year old, 2 gray Durham bulls 1 year old, 2 yearling heifers, 6 brood sows, 1 I. O. C. boar, 7 shoats, 500 bu. of oats, 40 bu. of barley, 20 tons of hay, 4 stacks of corn fodder, 1 surrey, 1 road wagon, 1 seeder, 1 sulkey plow, 1 cauldron kettle, 1 walking plow, and 5 dozen chickens.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer
John Thain, Clerk

Clara Edmonds has been on the sick list with lagrippe.

Mr. Cleveland is on the gain and will soon be able to be out.

Charlie Gallagher, who has been ill, is reported much better.

Mrs. A. K. Bain and Mrs. Mary Bater are among the sick.

The lecture by Rev. James S. Ainlie of Chicago, has been postponed.

Mrs. Clarence Bonner of Edgewater, is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Russell and family, leave Saturday for their future home at Muscatine, Iowa.

Mrs. Annie Eusden, nee Bonner, of Iowa, is seriously ill at a hospital in Omaha, Neb. Mrs. Eusden is a sister of J. H. and Wm. Bonner.

The Ladies Aid Society will meet in the church parlor Thursday, March 2. Dinner will be served by Miss Clara Foote, Mrs. A. W. Safford and Mrs. Jane Jamieson.

L. S. Bonner, on account of sickness, was unable to attend the State Farmer's Institute at Ottawa. He was a delegate. O. G. Hawkins of Gurnee went in his stead.

Mr. Wm. Steadman, formerly of this place, died at his home in Elgin on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Mr. Steadman was a brother-in-law of Mrs. D. J. Minto and Mrs. Nahum Lamb.

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