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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1910

Antioch News1 December 1910
A. H. Stewart will return from Ohio this week.

Miss Bae Adams visited her grandparents the past week.

Mrs. T. Anderson of Kansas is visiting Mrs. Geo. Strang and other relatives.

Misses Maude and Ruby Cleveland and Olin visited their parents here the past week.

Miss Hannah Patch of Russell and Ernest Wells were married Saturday, November 26.

Mrs. R. L. Strang's sister, Mrs. Douglas returned to her home in Lake Villa Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner and family spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. R. G. Murrie of Russell.

A. K. Bain and family spent Thanksgiving at Evanston. Mrs. Bain and Dorathy remained until Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman entertained Mr. and Mrs. F. Denman and son of Highland Park last week.

Antioch News8 December 1910
Geo. Jamieson and Arthur VanAlstine were in attendance at the stock show.

Mrs. J. L. Holmes and Miss Bater transacted business in Chicago Thursday.

A. W. Safford, J. A. Thain and daughter Hazel were Chicago visitors Friday.

Victor Strang, Leslie Bonner, and Geo. White attended the stock show the past week.

Mrs. Miller, and daughter Fern and C. W. Russell were Chicago business callers Saturday.

Ralph Miller and Harold Winker left Saturday for Madison, Wis., to attend Agricultural College.

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. James Armour gave them a surprise last Wednesday evening. Cards were indulged in.

Messrs. Newton and Scot LeVoy were summoned to the bedside of their aged father at Marengo, Ill, last Thursday.

Word has reached here of the death of Mr. John LeVoy at the home of his son William at Marengo. Mr. LeVoy lived with his daughter Mrs. Etta Winecke of this place for many years. He was eighty-nine years of age.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 8 December 1910
C. W. Russell, Miss C. ___ Bater, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Miller and daughter Fern, Mr. J. A. Thain, Miss Thain, were Chicago visitors the past week.

Mr. Scott and Newton LeVoy attended the funeral of their father at Marengo, Ill., Saturday. John LeVoy died at the home of his son, William. He was ___ years old. Mr. LeVoy formerly lived here with his daughter Mrs. Wineke

Antioch News15 December 1910
A Christmas program and tree will be held at the church Christmas eve.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Russell and John spent Saturday in Chicago.

Mr. and Miss McGuire spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Hook of Grange Hall.

Messers. A. W. Safford, A. K. Bain and A. E. Martin transacted business in Chicago the past week.

Mr. George Jamison and Arthur VanAlstine spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Garrity of Virgil, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Homer invited several little friends of their grandson Alden Homes as a surprise to help Alden celebrate his seventh birthday on Saturday.

Little Lois Stewart, daughter of Lyman Stewart while coughing ruptured a blood vessel in her head. A. H. Stewart left Sunday morning for Chicago.

Antioch News22 December 1910
Merry Xmas to all.

Lister for Wedding Bells.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hughes were Libertyville visitors the fore part of the week.

The Dodge and Hockaday Schools close Friday with a program and a weeks vacation.

Miss Helen Safford returns from Wheaton this week to spend the holiday with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner visited Mrs. Annie Hughes of Lake Villa the past week also, A. H. Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Russell and daughter Florence were Christmas shoppers in Chicago the past week.

The Milburn church will hold Christmas entertainment and Christmas tree Saturday evening. Dec. 24 every one welcome. 8 o'clock.

The little daughter of Lyburn Stewart and Granddaughter of A. H. Stewart died Dec. 14 in Chicago. Lois Stewart was 2 yrs., and 7 months. Burial in Chicago.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 25 December 1910
A surprise party was given Alden Holmes by his grand parents Saturday, Dec. 3, in honor of his 7th birthday.

A. H. Stewart was called to Chicago Sunday by the serious illness of his grand daughter, Lois Stewart.

The Sunday school will give a Christmas entertainment Christmas eve. Everybody welcome.

Messrs. Martin and Bain transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Wm. McGuire and Miss Ethel visited in Grange Hall and vicinity the past week.

Antioch News29 December 1910
The undersigned having bought a farm in Wisconsin, will sell at public auction on the W. J. White farm 1/4 mile north of Millburn on Tuesday, Jan., 3, 1911, commencing at one o'clock sharp, the following property to-wit:
9 choice young cows, some fresh; 2 spring calves, 1 black horse, wt. 1300; 1 black mare, in foal, wt 1300, 1 brown mare, in foal wt. 1200; 1 bay mare, in foal, wt. 1100; 1 2-year old standard bred pacing filly, 1 sucking colt, Robert S., pacer 2:21 1/4, bay gelding; 9 years old wt., 1100, best driver in the country, can pace 1/2 mile in 1:08, 3 brood sows, 6 pigs, 1 full blood Poland China boar, 40 chickens, 30 tons clover and alfalfa, 9 tons timothy, 5 stacks corn, Case sulkey plow, new; Case walking plow, new wooden beam, lever, drag new; riding cultivator, new; McCormic mower; new, pulverizer, wide tire wagon, narrow tire, low wheel wagon, hay rack, double box, hog crate, hard rubber tire cart, road cart, top buggy, runabout, cut under surry, buggy pole, 600 lb. scales, 20 ft. ladder, wheel barrow, cutter, gravel planks, 2 anchor posts, 10 milk cans, churn, washing machine, scythe, double driving harness, nearly new; work harness, single harness, saddle. In case of storm plenty of barn room will be provided. Usual terms.
Leroy Slocum, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, auctioneer.

L. J. Slocum has purchased a farm, completely stocked, near Necedah, Wis., and will have an auction sale on the W. J. White farm north of Millburn on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1911. He expects leave for his new home about Jan. 15.

Happy New Year.

Miss Helen Safford of Wheaton College is home for the Holidays.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago spent Sunday and Monday with her mother.

Misses Anderson and Shaw of Lake Forest spent Christmas with Mrs. Geo. Strang.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Berwyn spent Xmas with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo Jamieson.

The Misses Margaret and Bertha White and Geo. White spent Monday at the home of the Denmans'.

Mr. and Mrs. Thom and children ate Christmas dinner with the home folks of Libertyville.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner and family spent Christmas with relatives in Russell.

Mrs. Ralph Wheaton and son of Wheaton Ill., is spending the holidays with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Safford.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mitchell and children of Waukegan spent Xmas with the home folk, also Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hughes of Chicago.

Mrs. Julia M. Way of Chicago in the interest of the Illinois children's home and aid society called on children in this vicinity the past week.

Clarence Wedge had his gasoline engine smashed while sawing wood, a defective rod the cause. He will get a new engine and soon be ready for work.

Miss Maud Cleveland of Rochester Acadeny is spending her vacation at home. Miss Pearl Cleveland who teaches at Big Hollow is also home for her vacation.

Mr. Simeon Ames and Miss Gladys Stewart will be married Tuesday evening Dec. 27, at the home of the brides mother Mrs. Pete Stewart at Gurnee. Mr. Ames is one of Milburn's best young men, son of Charles Ames. We all join in wishing them much joy.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 29 December 1910
Come to the Christmas tree exercises at the church Saturday, December 24.

Mrs. Clarence Bonner is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. K. Bain, this week.

The Ladies Missionary meeting will be held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Mary Bater Wednesday, December 28.

A. H. Stewart attended the funeral of his grand daughter, Lois E. Stewart, daughter of Lyburn Stewart Thursday, in Chicago.

Miss Eddy, teacher of the Hockaday school, will have a program and Christmas tree Friday afternoon. School will close for one week.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Emonds visited Miss Tess and Ed Cunningham of Genesee Monday evening.

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