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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1910

Antioch News4 August 1910
Having sold out my business to E. A. Martin, I wish all those indebted to me would call and settle. Thanking you for past favors and hoping my success will continue to receive your patronage. I am respectfully. R. Pantall.
Antioch News11 August 1910
Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago, visited the home folks Sunday.

Mrs. Judson of Evanston, is visiting her niece, Mrs. A. K. Bain, for a few weeks.

Clayton Denman of Highland Park, is spending part of his vacation with his cousins.

Misses Hunter and Roundtree of Rochester, Wis., were visitors at David White's.

Prof. E. G. Toan of Rochester, Wis., will speak at the Congregational church Sunday, August 14.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang and daughter are visiting relatives in Iowa City, Iowa, this week.

Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Safford and daughter and Miss Foote spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Mitchell and sons of Waukegan, visited over Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Spafford.

A. H. Stewart was called to Lilly Lake Saturday, by the death of the infant child of his daughter, Mrs. Irene Taylor.

Miss Coral Hucker of Lake Villa, and Miss Caryl Axtell of Rochester, Wis., visited Misses Mabel Bonner and Helen Safford Sunday and Monday.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 16 August 1910
Mr. and Mrs. Safford, Miss Foote and Miss Helen Safford visited friends in Chicago and Wheaton this week.

J. H. Bonner entertained relatives from Lake Forest Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Roll of Wadsworth is dressmaking in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin were Chicago visitors this week.

Miss Ruby Gillings visited friends in Waukegan Saturday and Sunday.

Lesle Cannon of Chicago was home for a short time.

Victor Strang returned from Champaign Friday.

Miss Margaret Gilbert returned Friday to her home at Round Lake.

The missionary meeting was well represented from the towns around here and a good sum collected.

The Ladies' Aid Society will meet Thursday, Aug. ______ in the church parlor. Ice cream and cake will be served with the usual supper. Members should each bring sandwiches and cake.

Antioch News18 August 1910
Mrs. Wm. Cleveland was a Chicago visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. Guy Hughes spent several days with relatives in Kenosha.

Mrs. Ray Hughes of Chicago visited the home folk the past week.

Miss Whoffhart of Chicago spent a few days with Miss Helen Safford.

Dr. and Mrs. Homer Jamison and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin attended the Knights in Chicago Tuesday.

J. C. Chope's bay has been seriously ill the past week with cholera infantum, at present writing is not much better.

Mrs. Mina Gilbert of Round Lake visited the past week with her sister Mrs. Aggie Bonner, returning home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crawford of Russell and Mr. and Mrs. Joe McCrombe of Waukegan spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chope.

Mrs. Jannette Mathews attended the wedding of her neice Miss Tillotson, of Pikeville and Mr. Bishop, of Kenosha, last Thursday, Aug. 11.

Mr. Toan of Rochester Wis., spent Sunday and Monday in this vicinity.

Mr. Wm. McGuire and Miss Ethel spent Friday and Saturday in Waukegan.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 18 August 1910
Great Gathering of Pupils Of Oldest School in County
at School House Near Wadsworth Today
The annual reunion and picnic of the Browe school pupils is held near Wadsworth today in the town of Newport and there are several hundred of all ages from the teachers and pupils of sixty years ago to the little tads of today attending and viewing scenes of interest.
There is the usual picnic program and then some. Old fashioned dances, rambles through the woods elections of officers, reminiscenses and other things are on the program.
The bad boys and the good boys and their girl companions of years agone are all there together with a large representation of old time teachers.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 19 August 1910
Boulder on Site of First Grist Mill in County
Visited At Reunion
"The Oldest Mill" by William Murray
One of the Features Of The Gathering
Yesterday the Browe school reunion was held at the old school house, and a very enjoyable time was had. Most of the people who attended visited the boulder placed by the Historical Society of Lake County on the site of the first grist mill of Lake county. The boulder has not yet been marked, but has been placed in position. After the picnicking dinner was over, the meeting was called to order by C. T. Heydecker, its president, and the following program was rendered: Song-By The sons and daughters of Sophia Wells, now of Kenosha. Address-By Father Foley of Mill Creek parish. Song. "The Oldest Mill," By William Murray, composed by William Murray for the occasion:
There was a new log house, upon the hill
While we listened to the notes of whip-poor-will,
We used to talk about the millers and this mill-
The mill is quite gone but the Millers with us still.
In the valley I see the dam and flume
Where the grass and the wild roses bloom.
Though the mill has long been rotted to the ground.
Today I see the Millers walking round, round, round.
It was an old landmark years ago,
The farmers used to come along, say "Whoa!"
"Is the miller (Saul Miller or Isaac Winter) home today?
If not, I guess I hadn't better stay."
Not so far across the fields, more cabins;
Everybody friends that lived therein.
When any troubled come a knocking
Some one always there to let you in.
Everyone amongst you take your hat off to them.
They are here before you sound in life and limb.
Lead a good honest life just like these millers-
Take this advice and maybe you will get her.
Address-By Arthur Bulkley of Waukegan. Song-By the Wells family. Short Address-By C. T. Heydecker, president. The program was closed by the singing of "Nellie Gray" by all of the old scholars.
The association elected as its president for the coming year, C. T. Heydecker, and the following executive committee: Fidilia Dietmeyer, Emma A. Heydecker, and Edgar Ames.
One of the features of the reunion was produced by Philip Dietmeyer, and consisted of a pair of horses hitched to an old cart with an ox yoke instead of a harness. This was photographed and will be preserved together with a group picture including R. D. Ames, who was a teacher in 1858. The group being teacher and scholars who attended his school.
All sorts of games and pastimes were indulged in, together with dancing, of the old scholars with John Strock and William Wells as fiddler.
It was voted that a reunion be held next year and on future years on the third Thursday of August rain or shine, and that the invitation be extended to all persons who desire to make this one of the grandest reunions in the county.
The boulder will be marked by the Historical Society and the dedication and unveiling of it will be set for some future time under the direction of the Lake County Historical Society.
Everybody voted that this gathering was the most enjoyable that has ever occurred and formed new resolutions to be there next year. Old scholars were there from Evanston and Kenosha, aside from those who reside in Lake county.
Antioch News25 August 1910
Mrs. A. W. Safford spent Friday in Chicago.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower is visiting friends in this vicinity.

Clayton Denman returned to his home in Highland Park Friday.

Miss Erma VanDuzer of Chicago visited Miss Jessie Jamieson.

Mrs. Clark and children of Chicago, are guests of her brother, Dave Young.

I. L. Holmes has bought the farm known as the Stanwood farm east of Wadsworth.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas White of California, visited friends and relatives here the past week.

N. D. Pratt of Evanston, attended church here Sunday and gave an address in the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom of Libertyville, visited their son William and attended the Hickory picnic.

Lawrence Lewis of Waukegan, returned home Friday, having spent several weeks with his aunts, the McDougalls.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Humphries of Waukegan, called on friends in Millburn Wednesday and attended the Hickory picnic.

The Ladies' Aid society will meet at the church Thursday, Sept. 1. Supper will be served by Mrs. Belle Stephens, Mrs. Eva Strang and Mrs. Jessie Thom.

The Misses Nellie and Emma McDougall and their sister, Mrs. Eugene Clark, left Friday for a ten days' visit with their brother Alex at Highland Park.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 26 August 1910
Word from Spokane, Wash., states that Roderick Ames, son of Roderick Ames of Rosecrans, Lake County, is one of the victims of the forest fires at Big Creek, in the Coeur d'Alene district. Some 6 days ago word came that his cabin was burned and now comes word that he was burned to death and has been buried there.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower is visiting in this vicinity.

Many from this vicinity attended the Hickory picnic at Hickory last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Thom of Libertyville visited with their son William last Wednesday.

Mrs. J. A. Strang and Mrs. A. W. Safford were Chicago visitors the past week.

Miss Emma Van Duser of Chicago visited a few days with Miss Jessie Jamison before going to Kenosha.

Mrs. Clark and boys of Chicago are visiting at Dave Young's.

I. L. Holmes has bought a farm east of Wadsworth, known as the Stanwood farm.

Misses Nellie and Emma McDougall and Mrs. E. Clarke are visiting their brother, Alex McDougall of Highland Park.

The Ladies Aid society will meet Thursday at the church. Supper will be served by Madames Belle Stephens, Eva Strang and Jessie Thom.

Mrs. J. C. Denman and children of Waukegan returned home this week.

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