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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1908

Antioch News02 July 1908
C. E. Bonner of Chicago came home Saturday.

Mrs. Richard Pantall has been visiting in Chicago for a few days.

Miss Lucie Trotter is ill at the home of her sister Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Miss Lewis of Russell visited last week with Miss Carrie Bater here.

Mrs. Porter of Chicago has been the guest of Mrs. Elmer Cannon for the past two weeks.

Charles Ames and daughter Miss Ethel Ames are visiting with relation in Atkinson, Nebraska.

Mrs. Hughes of Libertyville and Mrs. Bain of Wisconsin spent Monday with Mrs. Robert Strang.

Mrs. A. K. Bain and Dorothy returned last Wednesday from a weeks visit with Miss Mamie Trotter in Evanston.

The Ladies aid society will meet at the church on Thursday, July 9, a picnic supper will be served. Every one come.

Mrs. William Mitchell and children and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spafford and children returned to Waukegan last Friday.

Miss Edith VanAlstine started Wednesday for Academy, South Dakota, where she will visit with her uncle Mr. John Gellings.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 06 July 1908

Chas. Ames and daughter, Ethel, went last Wednesday to Atkinson, Neb. where they will visit with his parents and other relatives.

Miss Edith Van Alstine started Wednesday in company with her uncle, Ed. Gillings of Waukegan to Academy, S. D., where they will visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Gillings.

The Ladies' Aid Society will meet on Thursday afternoon at the church and a picnic supper will be served.

Mrs. Ward Bain and Mrs. Eliza Hughes visited last Monday with their mother, Mrs. Robert Strang.

Mr. Clarence Bonner of Chicago was home over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson will be entertained on the fourth by Mr. and Mrs. John Buss at Rochester, Wis.

Lost---between Gurnee and Millburn, June 24, lady's flat brown purse containing $5 bill and change. Reward is offered for its return to Vivien L. Bonner, P. O. Wadsworth, Ill.

Mr. Foster was out from Saturday till Monday.

Mr. Eugene Strang of Waukegan spent Tuesday with his mother, Mrs. Eliza Strang.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 06 July 1908
Mrs. A. K. Bain and daughter, Dorothy, returned from Evanston last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Thom and children spent day the last Friday with their parents at Libertyville.

Mrs. Watson has had her house painted. Another good improvement.

The foundation for Ed Martin's new house was commenced Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jamieson visited several days among relatives in Chicago last week.

Mrs. Richard Pantall returned Friday from Chicago Lawn accompanied by her granddaughter, Bae Adams.

Miss Edith Van Alstine leaves Tuesday of this week for Academy, S. D., to visit her uncle, John Gillings. Ed Gillings of Waukegan will also go with her.

J. H. Bonner and family and Leon and Victor Strang attended the commencement exercises at Waukegan last Wednesday.

Mrs. Wm. Mitchell returned to her home in Waukegan last Friday. Her brother, Arthur Spafford and family returned with her for a few days' visit.

Thompson Bros., of Grayslake are busy putting up lightning rods in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson leave Wednesday of this week for Rochester to spend the Fourth with Mrs. Helen Buss.

Several from here attended the commencement exercises at Gurnee last Friday.

Mrs. Hughes, of Libertyville, and Mrs. Ward Bain, of Racine, visited their mother, Mrs. Robt. Strang, Monday.

Mr. Adams has been busy putting up fixtures for lighting houses in this neighborhood. We will soon have all the conveniences we can get. Now for an electric railroad.

The Ladies' Aid Society was postponed until July 9. Picnic supper. Note the change and bring something good.

C. E. topic, July 5, "Songs of the Heart," Consecration meeting, Ruby Cleveland, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Thom and daughter, of Bristol, spent Sunday with Wm. Thom.

Miss Lucy Trotter is ill with nervous prostration at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. K. Bain.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 07 July 1908

Miss Ruby Gillings visited in Waukegan from Friday till Sunday.

Mabel and Bae Adams of Chicago have been visiting with Mrs. Pantall.

Mrs. Peter Fendick of Waukegan and her daughter Mrs. Snyder of DeKalb visited over Sunday with Mrs. David Young.

Clarence Bonner of Chicago was home for the fourth.

Mrs. Pember of Ohio is here visiting with her father A. H. Stewart.

Mrs. Trotter and two sons Fred and Bert of Evanston spent the fourth with Mrs. Bain.

Miss Welch of Bowmanville and R. L. Wheaton and George Safford spent the fourth with Mr. and Mrs. Safford.

Wm. Spooner of Oak Park is spending the summer with Alford Spafford.

The. C. E. Business meeting will meet with Mrs. Bater on Friday evening July 10.

Mrs. A. O. Nelson and niece visited the first of the week with friends in Chicago.

LOST--Between Gurnee and Millburn, June 24, lady`s flat brown purse containing five dollar bill and change. Reward is offered for its return to Vivien L. Bonner, P. O. Wadsworth, Ill.

Antioch News09 July 1908
At his home in Newport township Friday morning occurred the death of Henry Lewin, one of the best known residents of that locality. He was about 80 years of age and had lived in the locality for years. He was a brother to Dr. Lewin, the well known veterinary. The funeral was held Sunday, burial at Milburn.

F. K. Bumstead, compiler of the Waukegan and many other city directories, gave out the following particulars in regard to populations of cities and villages of the country, Zion City and Highland Park are shown to be equal in size, and Lake Forest is discovered to be the fourth ranking City in the county as to population, the multiple of 2 1/4 being used for every name:

.2 years
North Chicago8451,1152,520
Lake Bluff200260585
Lake Forest8201,1452,576
Highland Park1,7622,0014,502
Zion City------2,0164,536
Winthrop Harbor119142320
Buffalo Grove233477
Diamond Lake3749110

Fred and Bert Trotter of Evanston spent the fourth in Millburn.

Wm. Spooner of Oak Park is staying with Alford Spafford for the summer.

Miss Inez Pallock spent the fourth at home she returned to Chicago Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams of Chicago visited over the fourth with Mrs. Richard Pantall.

Mrs. Trotter from Evanston visited Friday till Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Bain.

Mrs. Nelson and nice Lettie Cunningham went to Chicago Sunday for a few days visit.

Mrs. W. G. McGuire and brother Jess Denman spent the fourth in highland Park.

Miss Rose Welch of Bowmanville visited from Friday till Monday with the Saffords.

Miss Carrie Bater will have the C. E. business meeting at her home on Friday evening July.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jameson visited from Wednesday till Monday with Mr. and Mrs. John Buss in Rochester, Wis.

Mr. R. L. Wheaton of Wheaton Ill, and George Safford of Bowmanville celebrated the fourth at Rev. B. W. Safford's.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 11 July 1908
Lyburn Stewart, wife and children and Mrs. Stewart's mother came Monday to spend some time with A. H. Stewart.

C. E. business meeting will be held at the home of Miss C. E. Bater Friday, July 10.

Echo meeting of the C. E. society at Highland Park July 14. Remember the date.

The township Sunday school convention will be held at the Millburn church, Sunday, July 19.

The funeral of Henry Lewin, of Newport, was held at the Millburn Congregational church, Sunday, July 5, at 2 p. m. Mr. Lewin is well known in this vicinity and leaves several children, grandchildren and many other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. Interment in Millburn cemetery. The community extend their sympathies.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jamison transacted business in Chicago last Thursday.

A.H. Stewart was a Chicago visitor Thursday and Friday of last week.

Everybody is going where? To the dance at Amann's hall Saturday evening, July 11.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster entertained the latter's sister and a lady friend from Chicago from Friday until Monday.

J. S. Denman and sister Mrs. McGuire, spent the Fourth at their aunt's, Mrs. Webster, of Highland Park, and Ravinia Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson returned Monday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Buss, of Rochester.

The many friends of Miss Lucy Trotter will be glad to hear she is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thom and son spent Saturday and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom, at Libertyville.

Bruce Stephens spent the Fourth with the home folks.

Clarence Bonner, of Chicago, visited the home folks the Fourth.

Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, of Lake Villa, called on friends Sunday.

Geo. Jamieson and Wm. McGuire took in the sights at Waukegan the Fourth.

O. A. Nelson and niece, Electa Cummingham, went to Chicago Sunday to visit friends until Wednesday when Electa will return to her home in Indiana accompanied by her cousin, Alice Nelson, who will visit there for a month.

Antioch News16 July 1908
H. D. Hughes of Gurnee, was a caller here one day last week.

Mrs. Florence Gray and son of Dakota, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyburn Stewart and children of Chicago, are visiting with A. H. Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. McKrohn of Chicago, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Chope.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain spent Sunday at Woodworth.

Curtis Wells of Waukegan, was home over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Hollenbeck and children of Hickory, spent Sunday with Mr. Ed Wells.

Mrs. Trotter and daughter Lucy returned to Evanston Friday.

Mr. Harris of Chicago, has been visiting with Mr. Niehouse.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner visited Saturday night with Mr. David Murrie in Russell.

Miss Alice Nelson went last week to Indiana to visit with her aunt, Mrs. Cunningham.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 16 July 1908

Esther Gillings of Waukegan is here visiting with her Uncle, Mr. Ed. Wells.

Curtis Wells of Waukegan was home Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. McKrohn of Waukegan visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Chope.

Mrs. Gray and son Kenneth from the North are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.

The C. E. society will have an ice cream social at the church on Thursday evening, July 16.

Lyburn Stewart and family of Chicago are visiting with his father, A. H. Stewart.

Miss Lucie Trotter went to Evanston Friday to visit for a week with her mother.

Miss Lettie Cunningham who has been visiting with Mrs. Nelson for the past three months returned to her home in Indiana last Wednesday accompanied by her cousin, Miss Alice Nelson.

Mrs. Trotter, who has been visiting here since the fourth returned to Evanston last Friday.

Miss Mabel Anderson is visiting in Lake Forest.

Antioch News23 July 1908
Clarence Bonner of Chicago spent Sunday at home.

Mr. J. L. Holmes fell Sunday morning and hurt himself quite badly.

Miss Belle Watson visited from Friday till Sunday with relatives in Chicago.

The Sunday School convention which was held her Sunday was well attended.

Mr. and Mrs. William Thow of Libertyville and Mr. Ed Taylor were callers here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and son Whitlock of Chicago have been spending a few days with Mr. John Trotter.

Mrs. Yule of Somers and Mrs. Hughes of Libertyville visited Sunday with their mother Mrs. Robert Strang.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and two children of Minneapolis, Minn., came Saturday to visited Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Holmes.

The Ladies of the Milburn Missionary Society are expecting to hold their 8th Annual Missionary Tea at the church, Wednesday Afternoon, July 29th, and extend the heartest of invitation to their Lake county friends, to come help them make it the very best meeting they have ever held. An interesting program is promised after which the tea will be served in the church dinning room. Mrs. A. H. Remington of Chicago, state secretary of young peoples missionary work, is to address the meeting; our young people are especially invited to come and hear her. Come one come all and enjoy a pleasant and profitable afternoon together.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 23 July 1908

C. E. Bonner of Chicago spent Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Bonner.

Mrs. J. M. Strang has been entertaining a friend Mrs. Chittan for the past week.

The annual thank offering tea for the ladies missionary society will meet at the church on Wednesday July 29. Everyone welcome.

Mrs. Eliza Hughes and Mrs. Frank Yule spent Sunday here with their mother Mrs. Robert Strang.

Whitlock Johnson of Chicago is visiting at John Trotters.

Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Safford and daughter, Helen, and Miss Clara Foote attended the marriage of Geo. Safford and Miss Rose Welch at Brownville, which occurred the middle of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Holmes and two children of Minneapolis are here visiting with Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Holmes.

Miss Kittie Smith of Waukegan was a visitor here Sunday.

Mrs. Underwood of Highland Park and Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Yager of Waukegan attended the S. S. Convention which was held here last Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. Roemer and children of Waukegan were callers here Sunday.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 25 July 1908
Mrs. Elizabeth Tower has returned from a two weeks visit with Mrs. Gullidge, of Antioch.

Miss Belle Watson spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago visiting relatives.

Clarence Bonner, of Chicago, spent Sunday with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, of Chicago, visited the latter part of the week, at Mr. and Mrs. John Trotter's.

Lyburn Stewart returned to Chicago after a two week vacation. His wife and children will remain a while longer.

Mrs. Mary Mavor, of Chicago, and Mrs. Eliza Hughes, of Libertyville, visited Saturday and Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Robt. Strang.

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Holmes are entertaining their daughter and children from Indianapolis. Mr. Holmes will follow later.

Ten automobiles from Waukegan all gaily decorated passed through here Monday advertising Waukegan Day.

Victor Rossbach and family, of Evanston, called on friends and relatives Sunday.

Ed Taylor, of Chicago, formerly of this place, stopped at Libertyville Sunday and brought Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom to the Sunday school convention in his auto.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower visited with Mrs. Frank Shepard, of Gurnee, Saturday.

Miss K. L. Smith and Dr. Roemer and family, of Waukegan, visited at W. J. White's Sunday.

Mrs. A. J. Cheetham, of Chicago, has been spending the week with Mrs. J. M. Strang.

Eugene Strang, of Waukegan, called on the home folks Monday.

The Sunday school convention held here Sunday was well attended. Lunch was served at the church.

I. L. Holmes fell from the hay mow Sunday and fractured a rib. At present writing he is getting along as well as might be expected.

Fred Doolittle, of Waukegan, our genial coffee man, is rejoicing over the arrival of a little daughter, July 16.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford, Miss Helen and Miss Foote attended the wedding of their son, George, and Miss Rosa Welch, of Bowmanville, Ill.

C. E. topic: July 26, Home Missions. "The Home Mission School House and What It Does." Helen Safford, leader.

The Missionary Society will give their annual meeting and tea at the church, Wednesday, July 29. A good program prepared. Everybody welcome.

Antioch News30 July 1908
Mrs. Bater is entertaining a friend from Waukegan.

Mrs. Florence Grey returned to Waukegan last Wednesday.

Mrs. Adams of Chicago has been visiting with Mrs. Pantall.

Miss Madge Carlwies of Chicago is visiting with Miss Alice Nelson.

Mr. Roberts of Chicago spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Jamieson.

Miss Helen Lagord and Miss Mabel Bonner visited from Friday till Wednesday in Wheaton.

Mrs. Padgett and daughter Helen of Charleston, Ill., are visiting with Mrs. Jas. Jamieson.

Mr. Lyburn Stewart returned to Chicago last Monday after spending two weeks with his father here.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford and daughter Helen and Clara Foote attended the marriage of George Safford which occurred last Tuesday at Bowmanville.

The Ladies Aid society will meet at the church on Thursday afternoon, August 6. Ice cream will be served at supper time and during the evening. Everybody come.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 31 July 1908
Offer Them $1.50 a Day with Board and Are Turned Down
Still Hundreds Are Out of Employment
While there are hundreds of men out of work in Waukegan, and while nearly all of the factories that are running, are running but a few days a week, it is declared on good authority that farmers are unable to secure farm hands at any price. Offers of a $1.50 a day with board have been turned down with impunity. This is the farmers' busy season and still he is unable to get help.
This condition of affairs is hard to understand, especially when there are so many men who claim that they are anxious to get work, and yet when it is offered to them they turn it aside. Is it because they think that the life of a farmer is a hard one?
It seems impossible that it should be thus as the farmers offered the best possible inducements and the work certainly would be no harder than that which some of the men have been accustomed in the mills. Some of the men seem to hope against hope that they will be put back to steady work in the near future and dislike to go into the country because they think that they would thus miss the opportunity of being one of the first on the scene.
Then, too, there are many of the men that are married and they feel that a dollar and a half a day is not enough to support a family and thus the clause that they will receive their board free is no inducement to them to leave the city.
The large amount of hay that has been grown this year and the haste to get it in barns before rains sets in causes the farmer to be especially anxious to secure men at this time.
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