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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1907

Antioch News03 October 1907
G. H. Harris spent last Tuesday in Janesville, Wis.

George Safford of Bowmansville was home over Sunday.

The Ladies Aid will meet on Thursday Oct. 3, at the church.

Mrs. Robert Strang had another quite bad week but at present writing is some better.

Mrs. Trotter and her sister, Miss Ames, have taken possession of Mrs. Matthew's cottage.

Mrs. Emma Hughes of Chicago came Saturday to visit with her mother, Mrs. Spafford.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton and son of Wheaton visited over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Safford.

The Missionary tea which was held at the home of Miss Nellie McDougall last Wednesday was very well attended.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 3 October 1907
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheaton of Wheaton, came Saturday to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Safford. Mr. Wheaton went home Monday. Mrs. Wheaton remaining for a few days.

Rev. Safford spent last Wednesday and Thursday in Chicago, while there he attended the funeral of a very dear friend Mr. J. G. Norris.

Mrs. I. L. Holmes visited in Chicago Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. C. E. Denman accompanied her mother, Mrs. Stewart to Highland Park Tuesday to visit with Mrs. Fred Denman.

Helen Saffod was home from Rochester over Sunday.

Rev. and Mrs. Safford have been entertaining their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey from St. Paul.

The Peterson ditching machine crew were here a few days the first of the week digging a ditch to drain a swamp on Mrs. Geo. Mitchell's farm.

Miss Watson of Chicago was here visiting with her mother and sister.

Mrs. P. L. Hughes of Chicago visited over Sunday with her mother.

George Safford of Chicago was home over Sunday.

Mr. Lee and daughter, Grace of Zion City were here Monday visiting with Wm. McGuire.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 7 October 1907
Mr. and Mrs. Humphery, of St. Paul, Minn., are visiting heir nieces, Mrs. Safford and Miss Foote.

J. Hughes, of Libertyville, was a Millburn caller.

Rev. Safford attended the funeral of his friend, Rev. Norris in Chicago last Thursday. Mr. Norris preached in Millburn in July and visited with Mr. Safford.

The Missionary tea at the "Oaks" was well attended last Wednesday and nearly $25 raised.

Mrs. I. L. Holmes went to Chicago Monday returning Tuesday.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart leaves Tuesday to visit her daughter in Highland Park before going to Washington, D. C.

The Ladies' Aid meets Thursday of this week in the church parlor.

Mrs. F. W. Wentworth and grandson Warren, visited Saturday and Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Brown, of Chicago.

Miss Helen Safford, of Rochester Academy, came home Friday returning Sunday for a short stay with the home folks.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower returned home from Chicago Wednesday of this week. Mrs. Tower has been visiting her son the past two months.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews visited several days with her cousin, Mrs. Menzo Webb.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheaton and George Safford spent Sunday with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. Safford.

A. H. Stewart attended the funeral of his niece's husband, Charles Knott, husband of Ida Bates Knott last Saturday and also visited his son Lyburn.

Messrs. Bain, Martin and Pollock were Chicago callers. Ed Martin attended the Shriners.

Mr. NeaHauser spent several days visiting his daughter in Chicago returning Sunday.

Giles Harris visited in Janesville last Tuesday.

Miss Margaret Watson, of Chicago, came out Monday for a week's vacation.

Mrs. Susie VanAlstine had a severe nervous shock last Thursday but at present writing is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. George Holmes, son of I. L. Homes, have moved to Indianapolis, Ind., where Mr. Holmes is employed by Armour & Co.

Mrs. C. E. Denman spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Fred Denman in Highland Park.

Mrs. Frank Yule, of Somers, came Tuesday to visit her mother and also her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Humphery returned to their home in St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday.

Antioch News10 October 1907
Ralph Miller was home from Rochester over Sunday.

Henry Wedge of Waukegan was a caller here Saturday.

G. B. Stephens was a Chicago visitor last Saturday.

John Trotter returned Saturday night from his trip to Colorado.

William White has gone to Idaho to visit with his son Ernest.

Mrs. C. E. Denman visiting last Tuesday with her sister in Highland Park.

Mrs. R. L. Wheaton and little son returned to their home at Wheaton last Friday.

Rev. A. W. Safford went to Wheaton last Friday to spend a part of his vacation with his daughter.

Miss Kittie Smith of Waukgan has been visiting since Friday with Mrs. John Bonner and other friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathews and son, of Kenosha, visited from Saturday night til Sunday with Mrs. Josephine Mathews.

Mrs. Eugene Clark and her sisters Nellie and Emma McDougall, visited from Friday till Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Taylor, in Waukegan.

The supper for the Ladies Aid society was served last Thursday by Mrs. J. A. Thain, Mrs. W. J. White, Mrs. David White and Mrs. Wentworth. The dining room was prettily decorated with autumn leaves.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 14 October 1907
Mrs. C. E. Denman's mother, Mrs. Stewart, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Denman in Highland Park, Oct. 9.

Mrs. Mary Mavor, of Chicago, came Tuesday and Mrs. Lottie Bain of Racine, came Wednesday to visit their mother, Mrs. Robt. Strang.

A. K. Bain and Miss Lucy Trotter spent Sunday in Evanston. Mrs. Bain and little Dorothy returned with them. Mrs. Bain enjoyed a three week's vacation visiting relatives and friends in Evanston and Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mathew and son, of Racine, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Josephine Mathew.

Mrs. Ralph Wheaton and little son returned to their home Friday accompanied by her father, Rev. Safford, who will take a two week's vacation.

Mrs. Frank Yule returned to Somers last Thursday.

Wm. Thom, Sr., of Libertyville, visited Friday and Saturday with his sons, William and James.

We are glad to note that Mrs. Mary Yule is better and able to be around.

Mrs. Ward Bain returned to Racine last Friday.

Miss Margaret Watson having spent a week with her mother and sisters returned to Chicago Monday.

Mrs. Annie McCreadie, of Waukegan, teacher at North Chicago was home Saturday and Sunday. Miss Annie read the sermon in Mr. Safford's absence.

John Trotter returned from Colorado Saturday.

Misses Emma and Nellie McDougall and Mrs. Agnes Clark visited from Friday until Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Lewis in Waukegan.

Miss K. L. Smith, of Waukegan, spent several days calling on friends and visiting with Mrs. John Bonner.

Miss Vivian and Leslie Bonner visited a few days with relatives at Lake Forest.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young sailed from Scotland, Oct. 5, so we will soon welcome them home.

Notice in the Chicago paper that Frank Wentworth and Miss Cook were married last Wednesday. Mr. Wentworth is a son of F. W. Wentworth.

Miss C. E. Bater has gone to Evanston for a two week's stay.

Mrs. C. E. Denman was called to Highland Park, Monday on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Stewart.

George Huneryager and family will return to Chicago. We are sorry to lose our blacksmith so soon.

The Ladies' Aid Society were entertained by Mrs. David and Mary White, Mrs. Wentworth and Mrs. Thain. Perhaps the next supper in November will be served picnic style.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at the home of J. H. Bonner, Friday evening, Oct. 11. Everybody welcome.

The Lake County Sunday school convention will be held Oct. 24 and 25 at Millburn. Remember the date and come.

There will be a temperance sermon next Sunday and song service.

Hon. Alonzo E. Wilson will speak in the Congregational church at Millburn next Sunday at 10:30. His subject will be "The License Policy and the Commonwealth." Mr. Wilson was a prohibition member of the legislature and is widely known in Lake county. This meeting will introduce the local option movement in the country districts of Lake county and it is thought there will be a widespread movement in many townships to vote on the license question next spring under the new local option law. This matter will be fully explained at the meeting. A large hearing is anticipated for Mr. Wilson who is one of the most celebrated temperance speakers in the west. Mr. Wilson will also speak in the evening.

Antioch News17 October 1907
Mrs. Frank Seevey of Silver Lake, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Mrs. Mathews entertained relatives from Kenosha from Friday till Sunday.

There will be a diamond medal contest at the church Friday evening, Oct. 18.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Spafford of Burlington have been here visiting with relatives.

Miss Vivien Bonner and her brother Leslie were visiting in Lake Forest Sunday week.

Mrs. J. L. Hughes and Miss Vera Tucker, of Libertyville, were callers here last Thursday.

Mrs. Bowden and children of Washington, D. C., visited from Saturday till Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Denman.

The C. E. business meeting was postponed from Friday till Tuesday evening at the home of Miss Vivien Bonner.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman and family attended the funeral of Mrs. Denman's mother, Mrs. Anna E. Stewart, at Highland Park, Saturday.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 18 October 1907
In view of the many references which have been made to "blind pigs" in the lake region of Lake county, the following, showing the origin of the term blind-pig will be of interest, an exchange saying:
"The incident dates back to 1851 the date of the enactment of the first Maine law. When the law went into effect there were many ingenuous efforts to evade its provisions. A saloon keeper in one of the small villages in Maine rented a small building adjoining his saloon, which connected by a door cut through the walls. In an adjoining room he had a small pig which he asserts was blind.
Whether the animal was totally blind I do not know, but there was no expression about the eyes that indicted that he might be blind. The saloon keeper posted a large plat card over the door announcing that a blind pig was on exhibition within, admission 10 cents. Each visitor then passed into the adjacent barroom where he was treated to a drink without charge. Thus the saloon-keeper could not be found guilty of selling liquor but to see blind pig. From this incident an evasion of the liquor law had become to known as keeping a "blind pig".
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 19 October 1907
John Trotter who has been on a trip through Colorado, returned to his home last Saturday.

Mr. Safford is taking his vacation now, he went to Wheaton to visit with his daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young were to sail October 5, on their return from Scotland we will soon see them back.

Mrs. C. E. Denman was called to Highland Park Monday by the ____________.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 21 October 1907
Miss K. L. Smith returned to her home in Waukegan last Tuesday.

Mortie Cannon has been on the sick list the past week with inflammatory rheumatism.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Huneryager and family left Saturday for Chicago where they will make their home in the future. Sorry to lose them.

Mrs. C. Mathews entertained Mesdames Chaffer and Bresin, of Kenosha, from Friday until Sunday.

Hon. Alonzo E. Wilson had charge of the services Sunday morning and evening. Subject: "Temperance."

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Odett moved last week to Strang's Corners on Grand avenue road.

Mr. Weed will soon occupy Wm. Chope's house recently vacated by Marshall Odett.

James Thom and family expect to leave soon for Washington state where he has accepted a state position.

Mrs. Richard Pantall is entertaining her niece, Mrs. Wolfe, of Missouri.

Mrs. Mattie Jamison, Miss Lucy Trotter and Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner have gone to Peoria to attend a meeting of the Eastern Star.

Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Ames, at Hickory Tuesday.

Mrs. Fletcher Bowden and two children of Washington, D. C. visited several days with her sister, Mrs. Denman.

The C. E. business meeting was postponed last Friday and was held Tuesday night, Oct. 15, at the home of J. H. Bonner.

The Lake County Sunday school will hold its annual convention Thursday and Friday, Oct. 24 and 25, at the Congregational church in Millburn. Everybody welcome.

Rev. Safford will return home from his two week's vacation Friday evening.

Mrs. C. E. Denman returned home Saturday having spent the week at Highland Park.

There will be a Diamond Medal Contest Friday night at Millburn church, Oct. 18.

C. E. Denman and family and Rev. A. W. Safford attended the funeral of Mrs. A. E. Stewart, Mrs. Denman's mother, Saturday. Interment at Graceland, Chicago.

Miss Vera Tucker and Mrs. John Hughes, of Libertyville, were Millburn callers last Thursday.

Antioch News24 October 1907
Miss Annie McCredie was home over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young returned from Scotland last Monday.

Mr. Quayle filled the pulpit Sunday both morning and evening.

Mrs. Spafford, who has been visiting in Waukegan, returned home Monday.

Cora Wolfe of Missouri is here visiting with her cousin, Mrs. Richard Pantall.

Rev. A. W. Safford returned home Friday night after a two weeks vacation.

Mrs. John Bonner returned the first of the week from Peoria where she has been visiting relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thom of Libertyville visited the later part of the week with children here.

A. E. Hendee will have an auction sale on the Moore farm near Fox Lake on Saturday, Nov. 2.

At the diamond medal contest here Friday night the medal was awarded to Miss Margaret Mason of Lake Bluff.

William McCredie and C. E. Denman had the misfortune to each hurt one of their hands in the corn binder the past week.

Mrs. Fletcher Bowden and children, who have been visiting with Mrs. C. E. Denman, returned to Highland Park Wednesday, and started Saturday for her home in Washington, D. C.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 27 October 1907
Mrs. Nettie Stewart Bowden and children returned to her sister, Mrs. Denman at Highland Park, Wednesday and expects to return to her home in Washington, D. C. Saturday.

Leroy James, of Chicago, visited H. B. Tower for several days.

Mrs. R. Pantall's niece, Mrs. Woulf returned to the city last Saturday.

C. E. Denman had part of his thumb taken off in a corn binder last Wednesday also Willie McCreadie and Elmer Cannon were hurt the same week with corn binders.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of Waukegan were enjoying a pleasure trip through Millburn last Saturday.

Mr. Dippie, of Chicago, who spent a few days with his daughter, Mrs. George Gerrity, returning to the city Sunday.

Eugene Hawkins and Bert Burns, sorghum makers, from Lake Villa were working the past week in this vicinity.

Miss Florence Anderson, of Lake Forest was the guest of Mrs. W. B. Stewart and also Miss Mason and Miss Vida Taylor last Friday.

Chas. Tucker, of Libertyville, was a Millburn caller last Saturday. Mr. Tucker has just returned from his trip to Montana.

Mrs. John Bonner and Miss Lucy Trotter are expected home from Peoria this week.

Mrs. Dr. Jamison returned from Peoria last Thursday night.

Rev. Quayle, of Lake Forest, had charge of the service last Sunday.

Rev. Safford returned from his two weeks vacation Friday evening.

The diamond medal contest which was held Friday, Oct. 18, was well attended and the speaking was good. The prize was awarded to Miss Marguerite Mason, of Lake Bluff.

The Lake county Sunday school convention will be held here Thursday and Friday of this week.

Many in this vicinity saw the balloon Tuesday 6:40 a. m.

We are glad to welcome Mr. and Mrs. David Young back from Scotland where they have been gone the past three months.

Mrs. Anna E. Stewart, wife of Jackson F. Stewart deceased, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Denman, Highland Park, Oct. 9, '07. Deceased was born in Northumberland, Penn., July 9, 1831, aged 76 years and 3 months. The deceased came to Chicago in 1856 and has made her home in Cook and Lake county also living in Highland Park and Deerfield a number of years but for the past sixteen years has lived with her three daughters. She leaves to mourn her loss Mrs. Cora Denman, of Millburn; Mrs. Kate Denman, of Highland Park and Mrs. Nettie Bowden, of Washington, D. C. Funeral Saturday, Oct. 12, interment at Graceland.

Antioch News31 October 1907
Mrs. David White has been very ill the past week.

James Thom and family are soon to leave us for Washington.

Miss Carrie Bater returned home from Evanston last Wednesday.

Mrs. John Bonner returned Saturday from her visit in Peoria.

Mrs. Frank Clark of Michigan is here visiting with her son, Eugene Clark.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Chicago visited over Sunday with Mrs. George Jamieson.

Miss Zera Sherman of Warrenton attended the Sunday school convention here.

The Sunday school convention was well attended by people from different parts of the county.

Lester Mitchell of Waukegan spent a week here with his grandmother, Mrs. Spafford.

Mrs. Wright and little son of Evanston visited with Miss Carrie Bater the latter part of the week.

The people of the church wish to thank Mr. N. D. Pratt and Mrs. Charles of Evanston, and Mrs. Mary Bater and Mrs. A. W. Safford of Millburn, for the beautiful communion table recently presented by them to the church.

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