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Newspaper Clippings for
July, 1906

Antioch News5 July 1906
Dr. H. E. Jamieson has sold the stage to C. E. Denman.

Mr. Ruddles of Chicago is here visiting with Mr. H. B. Tower.

Miss Clara Nelson will teach the Hockaday school next term.

Mr. George Anderson of Lake Forest was here on business last Saturday.

Rev. A. W. Safford will exchange pulpits with the minister from Rochester, Wis. next Sunday.

Mrs. Charles Anderson and children of Kansas are here visiting with her mother Mrs. George Strang.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at the home Mr. and Mrs. Harold Minto on Friday evening, July 6.

Misses Annie McCredie, Clara Nelson and Edith Van Alstine attended the teachers institute at Waukegan last week.

On Saturday June 23, at Maywood occurred the marriage of Miss Emma May Spafford to Roy L. Hughes, who has been employed in Chicago for some time. The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. T. Lee formerly of this place. They are both well known in this vicinity. We understand that they will make their home in Chicago.

Antioch News12 July 1906
Hughes-Slagel Nuptials
Lyle Hughes, a Lake County Boy,
Weds In California.
A very pretty home wedding was celebrated on Monday evening, June 25, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Will Copley, 1324 Lime street, when Miss Ida Slagel and Lyle R. Hughes joined hands for life. The parlors had been made beautiful in decorations of green and white, while in the dining room, pink and green were the prevailing colors. Promptly at nine o'clock without music or attendants the young people took their places and Rev. E. F. Goff pronounced the words that made them man and wife, using the ring ceremony. The bride was gowned in a beautiful creation of pale blue albatross, and carried a boquet of white carnations. Her going away gown was of blue panama cloth. Immediately after the ceremony the friends of the bride and groom, about twenty of whom were present, showered them with congratulations and best wishes. Delicious refreshments were then served. The bride's boquet was caught by Miss Emma Thomas of Canada, a cousin of Mr. Copley. The young people were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents, betokening the high esteem in which they are held by their many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes will spend a week at coast points on a pleasure trip, and will then go east on a three month's visit to friends in Wabash, Ind., Chicago and other points. They expect to make their home at Riverside.
The bride came to this city two years ago from Wabash, Ind., and during that time has endeared herself to the circle of friends who were fortunate enough to make her acquaintance. The groom is a young man of fine character and has been a trusted employee of the Arlington Heights Fruit Company for the last five years. They have the best wishes of their many friends for a long and happy sojourn together. --Riverside Daily Press.
The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes of Lake Villa, and is well known about here especially at Millburn and Lake Villa, at which places he had always lived until eight years ago when he went to Riverside, Cal., where he has resided every since. They expect to visit his parents and other relatives in this vicinity while on their wedding tour.

Mr. Adams returned home last Friday.

Mr. Abott of Cincinnati, Ohio, is spending a couple of weeks at John Thain's.

Whitlock Jahnson of Oak Park is out at for the summer at John Trotter's.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Chicago spent the fourth at Mr. Wentworth's.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Thom spent the fourth with relatives here.

Bruce Stephens of Waukegan spent the fourth with his parents here.

Leslie Kamper of Rochester spent the fourth around Millburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Odett visited over the fourth in Milwaukee.

Rev. Loomis of Rochester, Wis., filled the pulpit last Sunday.

Miss Helen Safford is entertaining a friend from Bowmanville.

Mr. Holmes of Chicago spent the fourth with his father here.

Many from here attended the M. W. A. picnic at Grayslake the fourth.

Mabel and Bae Adams are spending their vacation with their grandmother, Mrs. R. Pantall.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheaton of Wheaton, Ill. spent the fourth with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Safford.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Anderson of Lake Forest visited at W. A. Bonner's over the fourth.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart and Mrs. Ralph Taylor spent Thursday with the Ames Ames family at Antioch last Thursday.

Miss Gladys Stewart of Gurnee visited a few days last week with her aunt Miss Agnes Bonner.

Mrs. A. K. Bain entertained relatives to dinner the fourth, those from Evanston were her sister Mamie and three brothers Bert, Richard and Fred Trotter.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hughes came home Saturday night. Mrs. Hughes will stay with her mother the remainder of the summer, and finish teaching her term of music.

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