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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1906

Antioch News7 June 1906
Dr. Taylor's old office was moved to the Jessie Mitchell farm.

Miss Lizzie Haggerty visited a couple of days last week in Chicago.

Mrs. Lawrence returned from Tabor, Iowa, last Thursday.

Mrs. James Thom entertained company the latter part of the week.

Miss Etta Alexander was visiting with Miss Carrie Bater over Sunday.

The C. E. business meeting has been postponed till the following week.

Mrs. Geo. Gerrity has been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Popp at Barrington.

Edd Wells had his barn raised last week and is now putting a basement under it.

Mrs. Mary Bater's society was well attended, over sixty persons being present.

Mr. C. E. Denman accompanied Mr. McGuire back to Chicago Monday evening.

Mrs. Geo. Martin, of Waukegan, visited a few days with her mother Mrs. Cunningham.

Mrs. Scott LeVoy, of St. Johns, Ind., was visiting a few days of this week with Mrs. Wienecke.

The Dodge School will close this week. Miss Van Alstine is still teaching for Miss Bonner, who is reported some better.

Miss Carrie Bater and Etta Alexander returned to Evanston Sunday night, where Miss Carrie will remain for three weeks.

Miss Hazel Thain went to a Chicago hospital last Wednesday to have a growth removed from her nose. She is able to go back and forth to Chicago every few days to have it dressed.

Antioch News14 June 1906
Miss Vivien Bonner is convalescent.

Olin Cleveland returned from Rochester last Saturday.

Mrs. Bain was a Chicago visitor the first of last week.

Mr. Starkweather, of Rockford, was here on business last week.

Miss Mary Eichinger returned from Chicago last Tuesday.

Mr. Dippie, of Chicago, has been visiting with his daughter, Mrs.Geo. Gerrity, a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Strang, of Pasadena, Cal., returned home last Saturday night for the summer.

The Missionary Society ladies were invited to Antioch Wednesday to a thank-offering tea.

Rev. A. W. Safford preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. Marie Harris Erb at Lambs Corners last Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Denman and son, of Highland Park, were visiting with Mrs. C. E. Denman last week.

Mrs. H. B. Tower will entertain the Warren Cemetery Association on Friday afternoon, June 15.

Misses Helen Safford, Pearl Cleveland, Margaret and Bertha White are home from Rochester Academy for their summer vacation.

The remains of Mrs. Wm. McGuire were intered in Warren Cemetery last Wednesday. The funeral services preceeding the burial were held in the Millburn Church, Rev. Safford officiating. The funeral was largely attended and many and beautiful were the flowers.

Antioch News21 June 1906
Warren Brown of Chicago is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Wentworth.

Miss Rubie Cleveland returned home the latter part of the week.

The Childrens Day exercises which were held Sunday were a success.

Lester Mitchell of Waukegan is spending the summer with his grandmother, Mrs. Spafford.

Mr. C. B. Cummings and Miss Kittie Smith of Waukegan were Millburn callers last Wednesday.

Miss Mabel Bonner graduated from the Gurnee High School Tuesday evening, June 19.

H. D. Hughes and family have moved into the house just vacated by Wm. McGuire.

Mrs. Geo. Gerrity, Mrs. H. E. Jameison, Mrs. W. G. McGuire, Mrs. C. E. Denman, Mrs. Elmer Cannon, Mrs. T. Vanalstine, Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Parks visited the R. N. A. Camp at Antioch last Tuesday.

Antioch News28 June 1906
At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hancock, on Wednesday, June 20, occurred the marriage of their daughter Lillian to Mr. R. W. Spafford of Millburn. Rev. F. R. McNamer officiating.

Mrs. Geo. Strang returned from her visit to Waukegan.

Millburn's lose is Antioch's gain as Ralph Spafford is married.

Miss Carrie Bater returned home from Evanston last Thursday evening.

Miss Careece Brooks of Oak Park is at John Trotter's for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart attended the Graduation Exercises at Gurnee.

R. L. Hughes and Emma Spafford were quietly married in Chicago last Saturday.

Mrs. Henry Kimball and son Mareston of Oak Park are boarding at John Trotter's.

Mr. Wm. McGuire has bought Mrs. Elsie Lawrence's home and will move there in September.

Maud Cleveland and Frieda Wienecke received their diplomas at Gurnee last Friday night.

An ice cream social has been planned for Thursday evening by the Christian Endeavors on Mrs. Baters lawn.

Rev. A. W. Safford delivered an address to the High School graduates at Gurnee last Tuesday evening, June 19.

Mrs. Cora Anderson and children of Kansas are expected Thursday at the home of her mother, Mrs. Geo. Strang.

Mrs. Sarah Dodge and niece Vera Worden are going to move to Rochester, Wis., shortly after the 4th of July. Miss Worden is going to teach there next fall.

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