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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1906

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 1 May 1906
Mrs. Mary Yule returned to her home Friday after spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Gerry in Waukegan.

Lester Moody and L. J. Wilmot of Waukegan came out Sunday to make arrangements for the C. E. convention to be held May 26 in Millburn. They met at the home of Miss Lucy Spafford.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorham of Waukegan were visiting Mrs. Gorham's sister, Mrs. John Bonner Sunday.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart returned Friday from her visit to Lily Lake and Chicago.

Mrs. Josephine Phillips of Magnolia, Ill., returned home last Friday accompanied by her niece, Mary Eichanger.

Mrs. Bertha Wedge Bootham of Minneapolis who was shot last week will recover. The man who shot her shot himself and died.

Don't forget the C. E. convention to be held here May 26.

Clarence Wedge is going to move.

C. E. topic "Home Missions Among Foreigners in America." Bertha White, Leader.

The Hockaday school held their annual election Saturday and elected A. H. Stewart director.

The missionary meeting will meet with Mrs. Robert Strang Wednesday 2 p. m.

Carrie Bater, of Millburn, is sewing in Antioch.

Antioch News17 May 1906
Mrs. Etta Wiencke and daughter Frieda are very sick with the measles.

Mrs. Trotter and daughter Lucy of Evanston are visiting with Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Mr. Clarence Bonner spent Sunday in Millburn.

Mr. Leslie Kemper of Rochester, Wis., spent Sunday at Mrs. Dodge's home.

Arthur Spafford and family visited one day last week with his uncle John Spafford.

Mrs. Bertha Boothman of Minneapolis has been brought home to stay with her mother, Mrs. John Wedge for a short time.

The C. E. society will give a paper social on Friday evening, May 18, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart. Come adorned in some article of dress made of paper or pay your fine. Ice cream and cake will be served. Corn planting will soon be a thing of the past around here.

Antioch News24 May 1906
Bert Trotter of Evanston, visited over Sunday with A. K. Bain.

Mrs. A. K. Bain was a Chicago visitor last Saturday.

The Hockaday school closed last Thursday.

Mrs. Branstedder of Grayslake was a visitor here last Thursday.

Mrs. Wm. Esty of Gurnee, visited from Wednesday till Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Wm. McGuire.

C. E. Topic, May 27, John Williams and missions to the south. Vivien Bonner, leader.

Several from the Endeavor society here attended the Epworth League Rally at Hickory M. E. church last Sunday afternoon and evening.

On Saturday May 26 the annual County convention will be held in Millburn. Dinner and supper will be furnished free by the Millburn society. Come and attend all day.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 28 May 1906
Ethel Ames visited last Tuesday in Antioch and Miss Lenora Ames returned home with her.

Clarence Bonner of Chicago was home over Sunday.

Mr. Lester Kamper of Rochester spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Sarah Dodge.

Mrs. Trotter and daughter Lucy of Evanston are visiting Mrs. A. K. Bain and John Trotter.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart attended the funeral of Mrs. Oliver of Rosecrans.

The Eastern Star accepted an invitation last Wednesday night by the Eastern Star of Antioch.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower and Mr. and Mrs. James Jamieson attended the Eastern Star in Waukegan last Friday night.

Arthur Spafford and family visited last Thursday with his uncle in Pikeville.

Wm. Niel died last Wednesday morning of heart disease, buried Saturday at Millburn cemetery.

Sheriff Powell and Deputy Alvin Griffen passed through Millburn with Wm. Young who killed his son James last Monday.

Word was received Monday of the death of Chas. Ames father of Atkinson, Nebraska.

Mrs. Winnecke and daughter Frieda have the __________. Mrs. Winnecke is quite sick.

The C. E. topic Lessons from the lives of Elijah and John the Baptist. Jesse Denman, leader.

The C. E. society will give a paper social Friday evening, May 18th at the home of A. H. Stewart. Each person must wear some article of dress made of paper or fines will be imposed. Everybody welcome. Everybody come. Ladies bring cake.

The Hockaday school will close this Thursday.

Mrs. Herbert Mathews and Mrs. Nettie Mattews returned Tuesday from Kenosha.

Antioch News31 May 1906
Patrons of Routes are Required to Display Signals on Mail Boxes. The following in regard to the rural delivery service have been received by Postmaster Williams:
1. On and after July 1, 1906, persons of the rural delivery service will be required to display signal on their boxes when they leave mail in them for the carrier to collect, as, after that date, carriers, when serving their routes, will not be required to open and examine any mail boxes except those to which they have mail to deliver and those on which signals are displayed to indicate there is mail for carriers to collect.
2. Those patrons whose boxes are not provided with signals must attach there to some device which, when displayed, will plainly show passing carriers there is mail to be collected. It is not necessary that such devices shall be either complicated or costly; a very simple arrangement will answer the purpose.
3. Carriers must lower the signals on boxes after making collections, provided no mail is left therein; and must display the signals when they deposit mail for the patrons, unless the patrons have made request to the contrary.

Supt. F. N. Gaggin, of Waukegan, visited at the Dodge school last Friday.

Mrs. Mary Bater will entertain the Ladies Aid on Thursday afternoon May 31.

George Gerrity was a Chicago visitor Monday.

Mrs. Mary Lake, of Warren, spent a few days last week with Miss Ella McCredie.

R. L. Hughes, of Chicago, visited over Sunday at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Boothman, of Minneapolis, are back to this part of the country again. They are going to reside in Waukegan.

Little Johnny Shepardson, of Lake Villa, spent last week with his grandfather John Rowling.

The C. E. convention was well attended by several of the C. E. societies throughout the county.

Miss Annie McCredie entertained her friend Miss Katy Hole, of Deerfield, last Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Elmer Cannon and Edith Van Alstine were shopping in Chicago last Friday.

C. E. topic, June 3--"Faith; What is it; What it does." Consecration meeting. Lucy Spafford, leader.

George Safford and a friend of his from Bowmanville spent Saturday and Sunday at home and attended the C. E. convention.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart and Vivien Bonner were on the sick list last week. Miss Bonner is still unable to teach at present writing and Miss Edith Van Alstine has kindly filled her place.

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