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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1906

Antioch News5 April 1906
George Stephens, candidate for the republican nomination for treasurer, subject to the will of the coming republican primaries, which take place April 28, is a native born Illinoison. He was born at Homer, Will county, November 15, 1848, and since 1853 has always lived in Lake county.
Mr. Stephens served several terms as president of the Millburn Mutual Fire Insurance Co., which was organized in 1855 and which is a strong local insurance concern.
He received his education in Lake county schools and since 1871 has been engaged in farming in Newport township. He has always been prominent in republican politics and served three terms on the board of supervisors, being elected chairman of that organization twice, serving as well as chairman of the Lake county board of review.

Victor Strang returned to Beloit on Tuesday.

Clarence Yule has been visiting with his cousin Victor Strang.

Miss Mamie Trotter of Evanston is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Mrs. A. W. Safford came home Friday for a few days.

Mrs. J. A. Strang was a Chicago visitor Sunday and Monday.

C. E. Topic--Our pledge and how to keep it. Alice Bock leader.

A girl and a boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Gerry on Thursday March 29.

Mrs. Jessie Thom and Mrs. George Dodge and children are visiting with their mother, Mrs. Harris at Peoria, Ill.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Sarah Dodge on Friday evening, April 6.

Mr. and Mrs. George Jamieson entertained their son Edd over Sunday. He is soon to start for Portland, Oregon, where he is to take up land.

Antioch News12 April 1906
Those having colts or young cattle to be pastured, see William Thom, or W. G. Thom.

Mrs. Wentworth is able to be out again.

Miss Jennie Jamieson has been a Chicago visitor for a few days.

Mr. Kidd, who bought Willie Thom's farm, finished moving there last week.

Mrs. A. W. Safford returned to Chicago last week.

Mrs. Libbie Padgett and little child returned last Saturday to their home in Charleston, Ill.

The annual Lake County C. E. convention will be held at the Millburn church on Saturday, May 26.

Miss Jennie Schryver returned Sunday from a few days' visit with her parents at Lambs' Corners.

C. E. Topic, April 15--"Christ's Life" Lesson from his resurrection miracles. Easter meeting. Leader, Minnetta McGuire.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McGuire and Jessie Denman were sent as delegates to the third annual banquet of Lake county division of Chicago Christian Endeavor Union, April 4, at the Waukegan Baptist church.

Antioch News19 April 1906
Standing in Merchant's Store Waiting for Car
Death Comes to Mrs. Garrity. Standing in Merchant Brothers' grocery store, in Waukegan, where she was waiting for the street car that was to take her to Millburn to visit her son, Friday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, Mrs. James Garrity, of St. John street, dropped dead.
Mrs. Garrity was starting for Millburn, where her only son resides, and was waiting in the store for the car that she would take her to Libertyville and there transfer to Millburn.
While she was waiting she purchased a few things of Mr. Merchant, among them a little candy to take with her, and he was just handing her the change when she toppled and fell.
He immediately lifted her, while one of the clerks ran across the street and called Mr. McKee, but before he got there she had died. She was carried into Drew's undertaking establishment, where an inquest was held and the coroner's jury rendered a verdict of death from heart disease.
Mrs. Garrity was an old resident of Waukegan, having lived there many years. She way 62 years of age. Her husband has been dead many years. She leaves two children, George Garrity of Millburn and a daughter, Kathryine, with whom she lived.

Mrs. Safford is home for a few days.

A. K. Bain was a Chicago visitor Monday.

Mr. Odum moved back to Waukegan Tuesday.

Annie McCredie of Deerfield was home over Sunday.

Mrs. Mary Yule is expected home on Friday.

Miss Carrie Bater has returned from Evanston.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart is visiting at Lake forest, Chicago and Lillie Lake.

C. E. Topic April 22, The Lord's Day How to keep It Holy. Carrie Bater, leader.

Mrs. Bertha Cory, of New Jersey, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. James Pollock.

Mrs. W. G. Thom and Mrs. Geo. Dodge and children returned last Thursday from their visit to Peoria.

Mrs. Geo. Dodge and children and Mrs. Clarence Bock started Tuesday night for their new home in Canada.

The Easter exercises were well attended and the children all did very nicely. The choir needs a word of praise for its help.

Mrs. Josephine Philips, of Magnolia, Ill. is here visiting relatives after attending the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Gerrity at Waukegan.

Miss Mamie Trotter returned to her home in Evanston, on Monday after visiting for the past two weeks with her sister, Mrs. A. K. Bain.

On Wednesday of last week, Carl Hughes was taken to a Chicago hospital and on Friday was operated on for appenpicitis. At present he is getting along nicely.

Mr. George Gerrity received word last Friday of the death of his mother, Mrs. Teressa Gerrity who dropped dead in Merchants store in Waukegan, on that day. She was a sister of Mrs. Geo. Yocum, Miss Rose Eichinger, Joe, John and George Eichinger of this place. Many from here attended the funeral.

The Masonic lodge of this place met on Saturday evening. Their secretary, James Jamieson, and treasurer, Richard Pantall were each presented with a gold watch as a token of appreciation of their services, for they have held these offices a number of years. Other lodges were invited but on account of bad roads could not be present. After the business was concluded a fine supper was served by the Masons wives.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 23 April 1906
Mrs. A. W. Safford returned to the city Monday. She is still taking treatments.

Mr. Geo. Odom moved back to Waukegan this week.

Mrs. Wm. Thorn and son Harris and Mrs. Geo Dodge and children returned last Thursday from Peoria, where they have been visiting their mother, Mrs. Harris.

Mrs. Eichanger returned from Chicago Saturday where she has been visiting for two weeks.

Miss Mamie Trotter returned to her home in Evanston Monday.

Bert Wineckie spent a few days with his uncle, Newton Levoy, of Wisconsin.

Mrs. Bertha Cory of New Jersey is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Pollock.

Carl Hughes went to the hospital last Wednesday in Chicago and was operated on for appendicitis on Friday. He is getting along nicely at present writing.

Geo. Gerrity was called to Waukegan last Friday by the sudden death of his mother who dropped dead in Merchant's store.

Mrs. Josephine Phillip of Magnolia, Ill., is the guest of her brother, John Eichanger, Mrs. Phillip also came to attend her sister's funeral, Mrs. Teresa Gerrity.

Clarence Wedge has been very sick with the mumps the past week, also the little baby is quite sick.

Mrs. Clarence Bock, nee Dodge and Mrs. Geo. Dodge and children leave Tuesday of this week for Canada, their future home.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart goes to the city Tuesday to visit a few days with her relatives in Lake Forest and Chicago.

A number from this vicinity attended Mrs. Gerrity's funeral Monday.

The Masons had a special meeting last Saturday night, some taking the 3rd degree. There were two presentations given: Gold watches to Mr. James Jamieson for his faithfulness as secretary for a number of years; also Mr. Richard Pantell for being treasurer for a long time. The ladies prepared a sumptuous repast in honor of the occasion.

Mrs. Teresa Gerrity, who died last Friday, April 13th, in Waukegan, of heart failure, was an old resident of this vicinity. She leaves to mourn her loss one son, Geo. Gerrity of Millburn, and a daughter, Miss Kate of Waukegan; two sisters, Mrs. Geo. Yoecum and Mrs. J. Phillips and three brothers, Geo. J., Joseph and John Eichanger of this vicinity.

Word was received here that Bertha, Mrs. Wedge's daughter, was shot in the head at her boarding house and that she was in the hospital in a precarious condition.

Mrs. A. E. Stewart came Tuesday from Highland Park to stay with her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Denman.

C. E. Topic: "The Lord's day; how to keep it holy." Miss E. Bater, leader.

The church was beautifully decorated for Easter with palms, ferns, and flowers and the singing was fine.

Wm. White, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McGuire, Mrs. Tower and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner were all passengers to Waukegan Monday.

Antioch News26 April 1906
L. J. Wilmot and Lester Moody were callers in Millburn Sunday.

J. A. Strang was in Chicago on business the fore part of the week.

L. S. Bonner was an Evanston caller Saturday.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart returned Friday from her visit with relatives at Riverside, Chicago and Lillie Lake.

Mrs. Josephine Philips returned to her home in Magnolia last Saturday accompanied by her niece Mrs. Mary Eichinger.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorham of Waukegan spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner.

Mrs. Clarence Bock, Mrs. Geo. Dodge and children arrived at Davidson, Canada, last Friday evening all O. K.

Mrs. A. C. Stewart of Washington, D. C. came here last Tuesday to make her home for the summer with her daughter Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Mrs. John Wedge has rented a part of her farm to Edd Wells and a part to John ONiel. Her son Clarence expects to move soon.

Mrs. Beriba Wedge Boothman, of Minneapolis, was shot in the face by one of her roomers, a man who was under the influence of liquor. After shooting her he shot himself and died immediately. She was taken to the hospital and is reported to be gaining.

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