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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1906

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 1 February 1906
There will be a grand gold medal contest in the Millburn Congregational church Feb 10th. Mrs. Henry Shepherd is desirious that all should attend and try for the medal.

The Ladies Aid society meets at Mrs. Geo. Strang's Thursday of this week.

Emma Spafford has been spending a few days in the city.

Will Strang has gone to spend a week or two at "Deer Lodge" on his hundred acres of hunting ground in southern Wisconsin.

Geo. Duncan will have a sale the 7th of February. He is going to move to Highland Park.

James Ohare has rented the Tom Reiley farm that Geo. Duncan leaves.

E. A. Martin was in the city Tuesday on business.

Antioch News2 February 1906
Percy Bock of Libertyville visited over Sunday with his brother Clarence Bock.

Ed Holloway spent Sunday with his sister Mrs. Minto.

Clarence Bonner of Chicago spent Sunday with his father, John Bonner.

Mrs. George Strang entertained the Ladies Aid on Thursday afternoon.

There will be a gold medal contest at the church on Saturday evening Feb. 10. An invitation is extended to all.

C. E. Topic - New work we may do for Christ and the church. Harold Minto, leader.

George Safford of Bowmanville spent Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Safford.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheaton returned on Tuesday of last week to Wheaton after spending a few days their parents since their return from St. Louis.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 4 February 1906
The little daughter of Lyburn Stewart has been very sick but at present writing is better.

The Dodge School was closed last Tuesday on account of illness of the teacher, Miss Bonner.

Mrs. Horton went to Chicago last Monday and brought her boy home from the hospital.

Mr. Will Strang has gone north into the woods. The snow was so deep that it took them 9 hours to go 12 miles.

The C. E. Business meeting will meet Friday evening, Feb. 9, 1906, at Mrs. Bater's. Every one come.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower will celebrate her eightieth birthday tomorrow Feb. 7. We all wish her many returns of the day.

Mr. John Levoy will be 84 years old Thursday, Feb. He is real well and hearty.

Mr. and Mrs. Tilletson, of Pikeville, were Millburn callers Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young went to Chicago Friday and will stay a few days visiting friends and relatives.

Geo. Harbarker shot a 22 cartridge into his hand Saturday morning at the home of his uncle, F. G. Deitmeyer. Dr. Jamieson took him to the hospital to have it extracted.

The Ladies Aid society met with Mrs. Geo. Strang last Thursday. The members have decided to see what they can earn by next December, the time of their annual bazaar. Each lady takes five cents of her own and will see what she can make it earn by that time.

The Ladies' Missionary society met with Mrs. Robt. Strang last Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bock have gone to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

L. G. Kamper, of Rochester, spent Sunday at the home of Miss Worden.

Mrs. Bain was a Chicago visitor last Thursday.

Miss Lucy Trotter returned to Evanston last Friday.

Leon Strang gave a party to about 25 of his friends last Friday night. They spent the evening playing games one in particular was unwinding the spiders web and at the end of each string they found a bag of popcorn. A fine repast was served and all report a good time and wonder who will have the next party.

Mrs. Safford and Miss Foote went to Chicago last Wednesday and remained until Friday. Mrs. Safford will return soon as she will have another operation on her face.

The C. E. topic "How to Conquer Temptation" Vera Worden leader.

Geo. And Joe Eichinger gave a progressive euchre party to their friends last Wednesday. About 60 were there. Thirteen tables and the following won the prizes. Several gentlemen took their ladies places so all the prizes were taken by men. 1st ladies, Chas. Ames, 2nd prize Will Reily, 1st gents John Eichanger, 2nd John Thain. A fine supper was served and a good time reported.

The present cold spell has made the ice men smile. The Millburn creamery will fill their ice house this week.

Mrs. Wm. McGuire is on the sick list at present writing.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 7 February 1906
Mrs. Geo. Dodge and Mrs. Wm. Thom Jr. were Chicago visitors the past week.

Mr. Percy Bock of Libertyville was visiting his brother Clarence Bock Sunday.

Gev. Stafford spent Sunday with his parents.

Clarence Bonner of Chicago spent Sunday with the home folks.

Mr. Wm. Thom Sr., has bought H. L. Emmert place and it is rumored that his son James is to occupy it.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Matthews gave a progressive euchre party last Friday night at Mason Hall. 13 tables were played. A fine time reported by all.

Mr. James and Geo. Jamieson and Mary Eichinger won prizes.

Miss Edith Vanalstine attended Teachers Institute at Libertyville last Saturday.

Fred Doolittle of Waukegan made his usual trip last week.

The W. C. T. U. will hold a grand Gold Medal Contest Saturday eve. Feb. 10th, at the Millburn Church. Mrs. Henry Shpard has charge.

C. E. Topic, Feb. 4th. New Work we may do "For Christ and the Church". Horald Minto Leader.

The southside Amity Club gave a surprise party last Friday night on Guy McGuire.

They always have a good time.

Look for the announcement of the C. E. business meeting next week.

Antioch News8 February 1906
Miss Vivien Bonner was unable to teach school last Tuesday.

Will Strang has gone to his "deer farm" in northern Wisconsin.

Leslie Kamper of Rochester, Wis., Sundayed at Mrs. Dodge's.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bock have gone for a visit to Grand Rapids, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young spent a few days in Chicago the last of the week.

Mrs. A. K. Bain, Geo. Gerity and E. A. Martin were Chicago visitors last week.

The C. E. business meeting will be held at Mrs. Bater's on Friday evening, Feb. 9.

Remember the W. C. T. U. grand gold medal contest at the church on Saturday evening, Feb. 10.

Mrs. Horton's boy, who has been at a hospital in Chicago, was brought home last Monday night.

Geo. Harberger, nephew of Fid Dietmeyer, shot a bullet through his hand last Saturday morning.

John and Joe Eichinger gave a progressive euchre party in the Masonic hall last Wednesday night.

Mrs. A. W. Safford and her sister, Miss Foote, were Chicago visitors from Wednesday till Friday of last week.

Miss Lucie Trotter, who has been staying with Mrs. Bain for some time, went home last Thursday to live with her mother at Evanston.

We are proud to make note of the ages Mrs. Elizabeth Tower, who is 86 years on Wednesday, and Mrs. Leroy who is 84 on Thursday of this week. Both are enjoying good health.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang gave a party on Friday evening, Feb. 2, in honor of their son Leon. There were about twenty-two boys and girls present who all reported an enjoyable time.

Antioch News15 February 1906
R. L. Hughes spent Sunday at home.

Miss Carrie Bater returned home Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Young returned from Chicago the first of the week.

Will Bonner had his hand hurt with a pike pole while working at the Lake Villa ice house one day last week.

Miss Cora Hook of Lamb's Corners has been spending a few days with her cousin Ethel McGuire.

Mr. LaFayette Ames who has been visiting with his brother Chas. Ames left last Wednesday for a trip in the state of Michigan.

Mrs. A. K. Bain gave a dinner party last Sunday to a few of her relatives and friends. The out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cummings of Waukegan and Mr. and Mrs. Cremin of Rollins.

The Grand Gold Medal contest was well attended and the contestants all did well. The medal was awarded to Mrs. Susie Lucas Brown of Loon Lake. The other contestants were Sidney Vant Wood of Druces Lake, Leroy Slater of Waukegan, Mrs. Mary B. Lake and Vera Metcalf of Gurnee.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 16 February 1906
Mr. Geo. Duncan had a sale last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Cummings of Waukegan spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bain.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Lewin gave a card party in Mason hall last Tuesday night. The following received prizes. 1st, Gents, Geo. Vogel, 2nd gents, John Crawford; first lady, Ed. Cunningham and second lady, Miss Edith Canalstine.

Miss Ethel McGuire has been entertaining her cousin, Miss Cora Hook, of Gurnee last week.

Lafayette Ames left last Monday for Michigan.

Roy Hughes was home over Sunday from Chicago.

Lloyd White, of Michigan City, is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. White.

Miss Sadie Irving has gone to Chicago to be operated on for appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower, Mrs. Gerrite and Marie Popp attended the Colonial supper last Tuesday at Grange hall.

Will Strang has returned from the north.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hook spent Sunday with Mrs. Hook's sister, Mrs. McGuire.

The C. E. topic, Feb. 18: Christ's Life 11. His Life Work and What we may learn of our own work. C. Bock, leader.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 17 February 1906
If the facts in the case are any evidence Lake county men were never very enthusiastic about the affairs of their own county, as only four and at the most liberal estimate six histories of Lake county have been printed.
Some time ago the Gazette presented the list of two included in the bibliography of the state's historical library.
There are four others.
The first history of Lake County is a small affair of a few pages bound in paper covers, the compilation of that famous political figure, E. M. Haines. It was printed about 1852.
A few years later Mr. Haines amplified the same work and brought it out again from the Bradbury press. This was in the seventies.
In later years Col. C. A. Partridge has assisted in the compilation of two exhaustive works on the county in connection with state history.
These, as far as is known, complete the list.
Perhaps the most exhaustive history is the Gazette file, which extends back for half a century and which is the most valuable document historically in the county.

Antioch News22 February 1906
The undersigned, having decided to move to Canada, will sell at public auction on the old Murrie farm, one mile west of Millburn and four miles east of Loon Lake on Friday, Feb. 23, a 10 o'clock the following: Thirty head of cattle, 15 choice Holstein springers, 1 cow with calf by side, balance new milkers and springers, 1 short horn bull 2 years old, 3 head of horses, 1 black mare 6 years old, 1 bay mare 12 years old, 1 dark bay horse 12 years old, 6 shoats, brood sow, 2 riding cultivators, walking cultivator, 2 walking plows, Scientific feed grinder, drag, hay rake, Moline hay loader, 2 hay racks, pulverizer, 2 pair bob sleighs, 2-hole Badger corn sheller, nearly new Deer & Mansor check-rower corn planter, about 200 baskets of corn, 20 tons of slough hay in barn, 15 tons of tame hay in barn, 12-foor extension table, wood heater, bed stead, and other articles. Free lunch at noon. Terms 8 months 6 per ct.
J. W. Widger, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer.

John McCredie is able to be out again.

Mrs. John Wedge's brother, Mr. Dewey, is here for visit from the west.

C. E. topic--Nessima and missions in Japan. Lucy Spafford, leader.

George Dodge visited last Saturday at Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. Bock returned Friday from a two weeks visit at Grand Rapids, Mich.

Herbert Mathews was taken ill with pneumonia last Monday, we all hope for his speedy recovery.

Miss Marie Popp of Barrington returned home last Sunday after an extended visit with Mrs. Geo. Gerrity.

Several friends of Edd Cunningham walked in and surprised him last Friday evening.

John Trotter has been on the sick list for a few days and the latter part of the week he sawed the end of his thumb off with his buzz saw.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 27 February 1906
Mrs. Axtell, of Rochester, was the guest of Mrs. Sarah Dodge the past week.

Simeon Ames has returned to Atkinson, Neb., to remain this summer with his grandfather.

John McCredie who has been sick is better at present writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Bock have returned from Grand Rapids, Mich.

Mr. Herbert Mathews is sick with pneumonia.

Mr. Dewey who has not been in this vicinity for twenty- four years, is the guest of his sister, Mrs. John Wedge.

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hook visited with the latter's sister, Mrs. McGuire last Sunday.

A. H. Stewart attended the Dairymen's convention this week.

George Dodge went to Rochester Saturday morning.

Mrs. Etta Wineckie gave a party in honor of her son and daughter, Bert and Frieda, last Friday night, 25 present. The evening was spent in games and a fine luncheon was enjoyed by all the young folks.

The many friends of Er. Cunningham gave him a surprise Feb. 16.

Mrs. Starkweather, of Rockford, was staying for a few days at her hold home, Mr. Cremmin's will soon move there.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stewart gave two dinners the past week. The one on Thursday to relatives and the other Saturday to neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart are royal entertainers.

C. E. Topic Neesima and mission in Japan. Lucy Spafford leader.

John Trotter had his thumb badly cut with the machine, while sawing wood at John Irving.

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